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Simple URLs is a complete link management system that allows you to create, add new, manage, and track outbound links from your affiliate site or online store by using custom post types and 301 redirects. Designed for all affiliate links, including ones from Amazon Associates.

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Lasso is a WordPress plugin that will help you create beautiful product displays, find new affiliate opportunities, and easily manage all of your important links in an affiliate dashboard. No code required.

We also have our an affiliate program with a premium referral rate and affiliate portal.


No complex setup or API is required with this affiliate manager. It’s just another post type in your WordPress dashboard admin and another button on your Visual editor.

When writing blog posts, you can search for the specific affiliate link you created earlier by name.

You can add affiliate referral links to Simple URLs while you are writing blog posts. Its customizations won’t hurt your SEO either.


You can group your affiliate product links into hierarchical categories. E.g., placing all Amazon product links within an “Amazon” category or all popular links in a “Bestsellers” category.

Managing your links in Simple URLs means there is only one place to change the destination URL if required rather than going back and replacing the link in potentially hundreds of articles.


Uses proper custom post types to avoid link conflicts with your referral URLs that can occur with other solutions.

Keeps its database footprint small to ensure you don’t over bloat your database with useless HTML.


You can choose different templates from 301 (default), 302, or 307 redirects, all of which are safe link redirects.

Link redirects protect your affiliate links from being scraped and replaced by malware in your visitor’s browser.

There is also a smart uncloaking feature, so if the affiliate program you are using (e.g., Amazon affiliate program or another 3rd party) does not like your links behind a redirect, you can still use Simple URLs. Your affiliate id can be conditionally uncloaked on the front end.

And unlike plugins like AAWP and EasyAzon, you can use Simple URLs for both Amazon and non-Amazon products.


This WordPress affiliate plugin adds click tracking to your links (e.g., text links product boxes, and product pages) to track every click.

Comes with built-in reports so you can explore, over time, how much your affiliate links have been clicked and what is popular on your site.

More Features of this Free Plugin:

  • Built-in affiliate link shorter and link cloaking (creates simple URLs like:, giving you a “pretty link”.
  • Affiliate link redirection options (301, 302 & 307) for both regular websites (even membership sites)
  • Click stats tracking & reports.
  • Hierarchical link categorization to easily segment links.
  • Affiliate link picker tool which works just like the WordPress link tool.
  • Insert standard links or add-ons including widgets and shortcodes to customize your site further and extend functionality.
  • Makes it easy for affiliate marketers to insert affiliate links in posts, the sidebars, and landing pages (even e-commerce sites)
  • Simple URLs works with any WordPress editor.
  • Affiliate software lets you easily create new affiliate links inside your posts in real-time without leaving the post edit screen.
  • Customizable link URL prefixes.
  • Choose to show category slugs in link URLs.
  • No Follow option (global or per link).
  • Open in a new tab (global or per link).
  • Full importing and exporting support via standard WordPress tools.
  • Full backup compatibility via standard WordPress backup solutions.
  • Uses WordPress approved storage techniques – doesn’t bloat your database.
  • Detects outdated affiliate links in your content and fixes them automatically.
  • Simple URLs let you easily create, shorten and manage any URL to help you cross-promote your brands & products for lead generation. With a sleek, modern-looking Interface, you can shorten any URL and track any affiliate link to run successful campaigns.
  • Easy-to-use & Simple Link cloaking for affiliate marketing.
  • Create simple URLs instantly regardless of the number of affiliate partners.
  • Safe Redirection URLs and link cloaking capabilities.
  • Enhanced link tracking to Analyze your marketing campaigns.
  • Optimized queries to reduce load time, so your pages and links load fast.
  • Level up your affiliate links.
  • UTM Builder to evaluate marketing campaigns.
  • Instant Gutenberg Redirect to manage links from Gutenberg Editor.
  • Set Link Expiration date & control where users will be redirected.
  • Pricing is $0 with the free version.


Simple URLs give bloggers the tools they need to monetize their WordPress website with affiliate marketing programs.

為了避免基於頁面的重新導向 (這是目前遮蔽聯盟連結的流行方式),我們避免了與永久連結產生衝突的相關問題,因此不會產生效能問題。

We’ve made managing your affiliate links simple with this tutorial:

  1. 將外掛安裝套件解壓縮所得的 simple-urls 資料夾上傳至網站的 /wp-content/plugins/ 目錄。
  2. 不要變更 simple-urls 資料夾的名稱。
  3. 在 WordPress 管理後台的 [外掛] 選單中啟用外掛。
  4. Navigate to Settings > Permalinks and save them. Just clicking save here is necessary to refresh your permalink setup.
  5. 前往 [Simple URLs] 選單。
  6. 建立新網址,或管理現有的網址。
  7. 依據實際需求發佈或使用網址。


  • 管理網址畫面
  • 建立/編輯網址畫面


What is Simple URLs?

Simple URLs is a custom link cloaking, URL redirection tool, and link tracking management plugin for WordPress. It allows you to create link redirects from your website’s domain. Simple URLs gives you complete control over how your links look and where they redirect. It also allows you to group, organize, and automate your link strategy completely.

Can I use Simple URLs with any WordPress theme?

Absolutely! Simple URLs operates mainly in the WordPress admin, but the front-end features are compatible with any WordPress theme.

Can I use Simple URLs on non-WordPress sites?

Simple URLs is a WordPress-only plugin like AffiliateWP, Easy Affiliate, or WooCommerce. As such, it can only be installed on websites or Business domains. However, you can install Simple URLs on any new or existing WordPress website without interrupting your existing content. In addition, the shortened links you create with Simple URLs can be shared anywhere, such as forums, social media, email marketing campaigns, PDF and Word Documents, QR Codes… basically, anywhere you can share a link.

Can I track affiliate links in Google Analytics?

Yes, you can either use the free Google Analytics by Yoast plugin for this or connecting your site to Google Analytics directly. To use the GA plugin by Yoast, You’ll have to enable “Track outbound click and downloads” on its settings page and set the slug you’re using for your affiliate links in the advanced “Set path for internal links to track as outbound links” setting as well.

Can I migrate existing links into Simple URLs?

Yes, as long as you can export your links (either via an .htaccess file, an export script, or the database), you can use the Simple URLs Importer to import your links easily. You can read more about exporting your links here.

試著存取建立的新網址時,發生 404 找不到錯誤

前往 [設定]→[永久連結] 並儲存。不須變更任何設定,直接點擊 [儲存設定] 即可。

是否能變更網址結構,而不使用預設的 /go/?

可以,請使用 simple_urls_slug 篩選器進行變更。

add_filter( 'simple_urls_slug', function(){
return 'redirect-me';

Where can I find more information about growing an affiliate business?

Head to our site at to read the latest updates about successfully monetizing a WordPress website with affiliate links.


2021 年 7 月 10 日
If you have affiliate links, this is a must have plugin. The plugin allows you to group your affiliate links and simplifies the entire process of inserting affiliate links to your posts. You can track outbound links Plenty of options, including no follow and open in a new tab. You can even set link expiration dates with where they will redirect.
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