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Yoast SEO:排名#1 的 WordPress SEO 插件

需要一些搜尋引擎優化方面的幫助嗎?需要一個 SEO 插件,可以幫助你成為閃耀的星星嗎?Yoast SEO 是自 2008 年以來,最早的 WordPress SEO 插件。它是數百萬用戶最喜歡的工具,從角落裡的麵包店到地球上一些最受歡迎的網站。使用Yoast SEO,您可以獲得可靠的工具集,來幫助您瞄準搜尋結果中的頭版位置。 Yoast:每個人的 SEO。

Yoast SEO 竭力滿足訪客和搜尋引擎爬蟲的需求。怎麼做到的?您可以從下方找到Yoast SEO 的一小部分能力:

關心您的 WordPress SEO

  • 輕點一下按鈕,即可獲得最先進的 XML網站地圖(Sitemaps) 功能。
  • 完全掌握網站的麵包屑:只需增加一段代碼,便完成了。
  • 設置標準網址(Canonical URLs)以避免重複內容。再也不必擔心 Google 的懲罰了。
  • 標題和 Meta 描述模板,以在搜尋結果中取得更好的品牌和一致的片段。
  • [Premium] 擴展 Yoast SEO 以取得 新聞SEO、影片SEO、本地SEO 和 WooCommerce SEO 的擴充功能。
  • [進階] 需要協助?Yoast SEO 進階版用戶可以免費使用我們一年的團隊支援服務。

注意:部分功能屬於進階功能。這意味著您需要取得 Yoast SEO進階版 來解鎖這些功能。您可以在這裡取得 Yoast SEO進階版

用 Yoast SEO 寫出殺手級內容

  • 內容 & SEO分析:編寫 SEO 合適文字的寶貴工具。
  • 摘要預覽會向您顯示您的文章或網頁,在搜尋結果中顯示的樣式 – 即使在行動裝置上也是如此。Yoast SEO進階版 甚至還有社群媒體的預覽功能!
  • [進階] 洞察工具會向您顯示文章的重點,以便您的文章與關鍵字保持一致。
  • [進階] 同義詞 & 相關的關鍵字:針對同義詞和相關的關鍵字來優化您的文章。
  • [進階] 自動內部連結建議:撰寫您的文章並取得自動連結的建議文章。


  • Yoast SEO 會調整您網站的引擎,以便您可以建立出色的內容。
  • 我們的基石內容和內部連結功能,可幫助您輕鬆優化網站結構。
  • Google Search Console整合:了解您的網站在搜尋引擎中的效果並修復抓取錯誤。
  • 管理SEO權限:讓您的同事存取 Yoast SEO插件 的特定功能。
  • 批次編輯器:對您的網站進行大規模的編輯。
  • [進階]社群預覽,用於管理您在 Facebook 和 Twitter 等社交群網路上分享網頁的方式。
  • [進階]轉址管理器:它可以輕鬆地轉址從 Google Search Console、已刪除的網頁和變更網址而來的錯誤,從而確保您網站的健康。


The Yoast team does not always provide active support for the Yoast SEO plugin on the WordPress.org forums, as we prioritize our email support. One-on-one email support is available to people who bought Yoast SEO Premium only.

Note that the Yoast SEO Premium also has several extra features too, including the option to have synonyms and related keyphrases, internal linking suggestions, cornerstone content checks and a redirect manager, so it is well worth your investment!

You should also check out the Yoast Local SEO, Yoast News SEO and Yoast Video SEO extensions to Yoast SEO. They work with the free version of Yoast SEO already, and these premium extensions of course come with support too.


Bug reports for Yoast SEO are welcomed on GitHub. Please note GitHub is not a support forum, and issues that aren’t properly qualified as bugs will be closed.



從 WordPress 安裝

  1. 瀏覽「外掛 > 安裝外掛」
  2. 搜尋「Yoast SEO」
  3. 從您的外掛頁面啟用「Yoast SEO」。
  4. Go to “after activation” below.


  1. 上傳 wordpress-seo 資料夾至 /wp-content/plugins/ 目錄
  2. 透過 WordPress 中的「外掛」選單來啟用 Yoast SEO 外掛
  3. Go to “after activation” below.

= 啟用外掛後

  1. 請查看Yoast SEO設定精靈來開始您的設定。
  2. 跟著設定精靈並為您的網站設定外掛。
  3. 完成!


  • The Yoast SEO plugin general meta box. You'll see this on edit post pages, for posts, pages and custom post types.
  • SEO分析功能的範例。
  • 可讀性分析功能的範例。
  • Overview of site-wide SEO problems and possible improvements.
  • Control over which features you want to use.
  • 輕鬆匯入其他 SEO 插件的 SEO 資料,如 All In One SEO、HeadSpace2 SEO 和 wpSEO.de。


您可以在 kb.yoast.com 上找到許多問題的答案。


Trying one and again I get it.

After a time using yoast with the only help I found on the internet, I think it´s well explained and you just have to follow the instructions. For me is very good, thank you.

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Yoast SEO 外掛為開源軟體。以下人員為這個外掛做出了重大貢獻。


Yoast SEO 外掛目前已有 37 個本地化語言版本。 感謝所有譯者為這個外掛做出的貢獻。

將 Yoast SEO 外掛本地化為台灣繁體中文版。


任何人均可瀏覽程式碼、查看 SVN 存放庫,或透過 RSS 訂閱開發記錄





  • Improves keyphrase recognition in the first paragraph on texts which start with images and captions.
  • Adds a warning notification to the permalink settings page, linking to a knowledge base article. Props to valtlfelipe
  • Adds the filter wpseo_opengraph_is_valid_image_url that allows custom image URL validation. Props to petenelson
  • Updates the font size of the snippet title measure element to correctly mimic Google desktop snippet title. Props to ol0lll


  • Fixes a bug where the featured image was not recognized in the SEO analysis when using Gutenberg.
  • Fixes an accessibility issue where focus would be lost when removing an uploaded image in the configuration wizard.
  • Fixes a bug where notices were being thrown when quick editing a post and no post type object could be found.
  • Fixes a bug where a dependency wasn’t loaded for the SEO -> Tools page.
  • Fixes a faulty reference to the old SEOAssessor class.
  • Fixes the copy of the date archives help text which contains faulty information. Props to mkronenfeld
  • Fixes the spelling of the words “plug-in” and “set-up”. Props to pedro-mendonca
  • Fixes a bug where a type error is thrown when the posts or terms focus keyword isn’t of the type WP_Post as this can collide with third-party plugins.


  • Changes the reference in the admin bar menu from “AdWords External” to “Google Ads”.
  • Removes non-functioning eye-markers for the link keyphrase assessment.




  • Fixes a bug where the metabox was broken when using the classic editor plugin.
  • Fixes a bug where the Chrome browser tab would crash on Windows when a French or Italian text contains sentences in passive voice, props CarloCannas.
  • Fixes a bug where the Yoast SEO analysis would error if used together with the DelightfulDownloads plugin.




  • 修正了在設定精靈的 Search Console 整合步驟中無法更改設定檔案的錯誤。
  • 修正了Gutenberg (v4.1) 中未顯示主分類選擇器的錯誤。




  • Fixes error with using $ in wp-seo-admin-media.js. Now we use jQuery instead.




  • Fixes a bug where the keyword would not be found in the slug when containing punctuation, for example the keyphrase apples & pears in the slug apples-pears.
  • Fixes a bug where the buttons to change the How-to steps and FAQ questions order would be only partially visible in mobile view.
  • Fixes a bug where an ‘undefined index’ notice would be given when an OpenGraph image URL didn’t have a correct path. Props to @Julian-B90
  • Fixes a bug where the home description can contain HTML, resulting in unexpected characters on the Facebook social settings page.
  • Fixes a bug where author sitemap caches would be attempted to be invalidated despite not all conditions being met.
  • Fixes a bug where a fatal error on Yoast settings pages was thrown because they did not have a dedicated option class.


  • Introduces two new principles for keyword recognition:
    • Makes keyphrase recognition flexible with regards to word order. This means that the keyphrase SEO WordPress plugin will be found in the sentence This is the most popular SEO plugin for WordPress. In order to use exact matches, the keyphrase can be enclosed in quotation marks.
    • When matching keyphrases for the various assessments, the analysis only targets content words and ignores function words (e.g., the or and). This functionality is available in English, German, Dutch, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Russian and Polish.
  • The analysis of the following assessments incorporates the new keyword recognition principles:
    • Image alt attributes: checks whether there’s at least one image with an alt tag that contains words from the keyphrase. An exact match isn’t required anymore.
    • Keyphrase in introduction: checks whether words from the keyphrase are matched within one sentence in the introduction or, if not, whether they are present in the first paragraph at all. An exact match isn’t required anymore.
    • Keyphrase in title: still checks whether an exact match of the keyphrase is found in (the beginning of) the title, but now also recommends improvement if all words from the keyphrase are found in the title.
    • Keyphrase length: has new boundaries to check whether the keyphrase is not too long. For languages that have support for function word stripping (see above), only content words are taken into account.
    • Keyphrase in meta description: checks how often all words from the keyphrase are matched within the meta description.
    • Keyphrase in subheading: now checks whether at least one subheading contains more than half of the words from the keyphrase. An exact match isn’t required anymore.
    • Keyphrase in slug: checks whether a sufficient number of words from the keyphrase is used in the slug. The number of words required depends on the length of the keyphrase.
    • Keyphrase density: checks whether there are enough keyphrase matches; a match is defined as a sentence that contains all words from the keyphrase.
    • Link focus keyphrase: the assessment that checks whether you’re using your keyphrase to link to a different article doesn’t require an exact match anymore.
  • Improves the feedback texts for all SEO and readability assessments.
  • Improves the consistency of the SEO and readability results by showing them in a fixed order.
  • Adds target=”_blank” to the “How to connect to GSC” link to open the link a new tab. Props to @zkan
  • Changes all mentions of ‘keyword’ to ‘keyphrase’. Read more about the transition from ‘keyword’ to ‘keyphrase’.
  • Optimizes and caches WPSEO_Option_Titles::enrich_defaults(). Props to @soulseekah
  • Introduces a Features tab in the network admin, which allows disabling all site-specific features for the entire network.
  • Improves the tab order within the structured data blocks in Gutenberg and make it consistent between the FAQ and How-To block.
  • Improves sitemap performance by disabling the caching by default.
  • Adds target="_blank" to the “How to connect to GSC” link to open a new tab when clicked.
  • Adds an assessment that checks whether your keyword consists only of function words.
  • Changes OpenGraph image handling to always use an image from the media library. This makes the performance of the OpenGraph image handling much better.
  • Improves performance by no longer using images from the content as a fallback for the OpenGraph and Twitter images.


  • Deprecates the WPSEO_Cornerstone class.
  • Deprecates the assessment that checks if stopwords are used within the keyphrase.

Earlier versions

For the changelog of earlier versions, please refer to https://yoa.st/yoast-seo-changelog