The SEO Framework

The SEO Framework plugin provides an automated and adva…

Sybre Waaijer 啟用安裝數: 60,000+ 保證相容版本: 4.9.8 已於 3 個月前更新

Simple Wp Sitemap

An easy sitemap plugin that adds both an xml and an htm…

Webbjocke 啟用安裝數: 30,000+ 保證相容版本: 4.9.8 已於 3 個月前更新

Google XML Sitemap Generator

Improve your websites SEO with a comprehensive, easy to… 啟用安裝數: 30,000+ 保證相容版本: 4.7.11 已於 1 年前更新

Yoast SEO: Search Index Purge

Remove attachment URLs from Google's index as fast…

Team Yoast 啟用安裝數: 10,000+ 保證相容版本: 4.9.8 已於 2 個月前更新