Quicklink for WordPress


Quicklink for WordPress 會試著讓後續頁面的導覽載入速度更快。 安裝這個外掛後,便會在網站內嵌入一個 JavaScript 程式庫,這個 JavaScript 程式庫可以偵測檢視區內的連結、等待瀏覽器閒置時間並預先擷取這些連結的網址。如果網站使用者以慢速連線或行動資費方案存取網站,程式庫也會試著偵測這些連線方式。

這個外掛能夠開發完成,必須歸功於 Google Chrome Labs 令人讚嘆的工作成果。

如需進一步了解相關資訊,請參考 Quicklink 官方網站


  • 偵測檢視區內的連結:採用 Intersection Observer
  • 瀏覽器閒置時開始運作:採用 requestIdleCallback>。
  • 偵測網站訪客是否處於低速連線:採用 navigator.connection.effectiveType 或啟用採用 navigator.connection.saveData 的 data-saver。
  • 預先擷取連結中的網址內容:採用 <link rel=prefetch> 或 XHR。如果支援的話,會提供能切換至 fetch() 的要求順序控制項。

如果你是開發者,非常歡迎你追蹤這個外掛的 GitHub 存放庫參與這個專案的開發。



  1. 前往 [外掛] 頁面,並點擊 [安裝外掛]。
  2. 搜尋「Quicklink for WordPress」。
  3. 在 [外掛] 頁面啟用 Quicklink for WordPress。


  1. quicklink 資料夾上傳至 /wp-content/plugins/ 目錄
  2. 透過 WordPress 管理後台的 [外掛] 選單啟用 Quicklink for WordPress







網站管理員請先檢查網站是否已啟用某些知名快取外掛,如 WP Super Cache、W3 Total Cache 或 WP Rocket 等。如果仍覺得這些效果不顯著,請在這些外掛中透過修改 quicklink_options 篩選器,將 Quicklink 組態加入例外規則。


2021 年 7 月 16 日 1 則留言
where i can see the performance?...i even don't see the performance for the link.It is there have any experience userinterface for that?
2020 年 3 月 1 日 1 則留言
Very pleased with the performance of Quicklink for WP. It works as advertised on WP 5.3.2. 5 stars.
2020 年 1 月 26 日
Thanks for this wordpress plugin!
2019 年 6 月 26 日
This plugin is flawless. Only added it on a couple of sites, but my PageSpeed Insights scores are still the same. The plugin is written by reputable coders who know what they are doing. Definitely worth adding, because prefetching page links is all the rage. That's why the Jamstack websites such as Gatsby are so quick to navigate. If you want your WordPress to be as fast then this is the type of plugin you should be adding, once you've done the basics like W3 Total Cache, Smush and the rest...
2019 年 2 月 27 日 2 則留言
I use this plugin in combination with WP Rocket and lazyloading. It works perfectly together, no issues or what so ever. But I'm not sure if this plugin is supported by all browsers. It works smoothly on Chrome, but on Firefox I don't seem to notice a difference. Got to test it with other browsers. But overall, good plugin. Recommended.
2019 年 2 月 21 日
I was advised by SemRush to use this plugin I thought id try it on an already optimized website. pagespeed went from 1.2sec to 14secs Like WTF, GTmetrix went from 100google 96 yslow to 88google and 76 yslow. Really this pluging is not good and if you are thinking of using this you should check scores before and after activation. For me tho this caused 14sec page load and increased 140kb in page size. Devs if you would like to contact me then feel free. seodevs.com I will welcome you to check the cause so you can improve the Plugin.
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  • General maintenance for the repository
  • Updated Quicklink dependency to version 2.3
  • Tested for WordPress 6.2


  • General maintenance for the repository
  • Updated Quicklink dependency to version 2.2
  • Tested for WordPress 5.8


  • Updated Quicklink dependency to version 2.0


  • Made a function have a less generic name


  • Fix some more deprecations with WooCommerce


  • Changed the defaults to ignore links with get requests to improve compatibility
  • Removed some deprecated functions for WooCommerce


  • Updated Quicklink to version 1.0.1


  • Added rules and compatibility for WooCommerce


  • Updated the script loading to load asynchronously
  • Updated the plugin assets


  • Added compatibility with AMP
  • Added amazing contributors
  • Added the new WordPress filter ‘quicklink_options’ to modify quicklink settings


  • Release for the plugin repository
  • Tuned quicklink ignores for WordPress


  • Initial release