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安全性、效能和網站管理:體驗 WordPress 的最佳方式就是使用 Jetpack。

24 小時全年無休的網站安全性

Jetpack 是你網站的安全護衛,可確保你不會遭受暴力破解攻擊及未經授權的登入。基本的防護一律免費,進階級方案則會加入擴充的備份以及自動化修正。Jetpack 的網站安全性工具完整套件包括:

  • Brute-force attack protection, spam filtering, and downtime monitoring.
  • 備份整個網站 (一天一次或即時)。
  • Secure login, with optional two-factor authentication.
  • Malware scanning, code scanning, and automated threat resolution.
  • 記錄網站上的每一項變更,以簡化疑難排解程序。
  • Fast, priority support from WordPress experts.


啟用網站加速工具,減少你的頁面載入次數並降低託管成本;我們會將你的影像最佳化,並透過我們強大的全球網路提供服務,以加速你的行動網站,同時降低頻寬使用量。連結 Jetpack 以善用下列功能:

  • 透過我們的伺服器 (而不是你的伺服器) 提供你圖片和靜態檔案 (如 CSS 和 JavaScript)。
  • Elasticsearch 提供的相關內容和網站搜尋功能,讓你無需窮盡伺服器效能,即可找到相關的搜尋結果。
  • Lazy image loading for a faster mobile experience.
  • Unlimited and high-speed video via our content delivery network.


建立並自訂 WordPress 網站,最佳化訪客體驗以及享受最佳收益,同時坐等統計資料不斷攀升。透過以下功能來打造、分享並觀看網站的成長:

  • 進階網站統計與分析,以瞭解你的對象。
  • 數百種專業佈景主題,不論你的利基為何,都可以滿足專業網站的需求。
  • 強大的直覺式自訂工具,可打造符合品牌的網站。
  • 簡便的 PayPal 付款按鈕,可輕鬆銷售產品和服務。
  • Google、Bing、Twitter、Facebook 及 適用的 SEO 工具,充分發揮觸及成效。
  • An advertising program that includes the best of AdSense, Facebook Ads, AOL, Amazon, Google AdX, and Yahoo.
  • 整合 WordPress 官方行動應用程式,隨時隨地都可以管理你的網站。


我們的全球 Happiness Engineer 團隊都很樂意隨時提供協助。在支援論壇提出你的問題,或者直接聯絡我們




安裝免費、快速又容易。在數分鐘內從我們的網站安裝 Jetpack


  • Keep hackers out with brute force attack protection, malware scanning, spam filtering, and downtime monitoring. Secure your site data with on-demand backups and restores.
  • Load pages faster, and serve your images and static files from our massive global content delivery network.
  • Customize your website with professionally-designed WordPress themes, blocks, and widgets.
  • Promote your newest posts, pages, and products across your social media channels.



安裝免費、快速又容易。在數分鐘內從我們的網站安裝 Jetpack


或者,你也可以透過外掛程式目錄安裝 Jetpack,或手動上傳檔案到你的伺服器並遵循畫面上的指示來安裝。如需其他說明,請參閱我們的詳細指示


Jetpack 是免費的嗎?

是的!Jetpack 的核心功能永久免費。

這些包含:網站統計資料、圖片用的高速 CDN相關文章停機時間監控、、暴力密碼破解攻擊防護自動分享至社交網路、自訂側邊欄等等。


Jetpack 的付費服務包含即時備份、安全性掃描、進階版佈景主題、垃圾訊息篩選、影片託管、從網站獲利、SEO 工具、搜尋、優先支援服務等等。

若要深入瞭解我們提供的必備安全性功能和 WordPress 服務,請造訪我們的方案比較頁面

為什麼我需要一個 帳戶?

由於 Jetpack 及其服務由 提供並代管,Jetpack 運作便需要 帳號。

我已經擁有 WordPress 帳號,但 Jetpack 無法使用。怎麼會這樣? 帳號與你用來登入自助託管 WordPress 的帳號不同。如果你可以登入,代表你已經擁有 帳號。如果不行,你可以在安裝期間輕鬆建立帳號。


安裝了 Jetpack 後,即可在、官方 WordPress 行動應用程式,以及 Jetpack 儀表板上存取你的統計資料。

如何為 Jetpack 貢獻一己之力?

各個階層的開發人員都有機會貢獻一己之力。瞭解如何為 Jetpack 貢獻一己之力,或考慮加入我們的試用計畫


Jetpack is it star

Thank you for such a great multi functional instrument. I'm using security tools daily. Very comfortable and simple.

locked me out

This junk blocked my own IP and thus prevented me from accessing the Admin panel! WTF?! Do NOT install this crap. Luckily, I had a backup of my database.

They stopped Spellcheck

I loved Jetpack because of the spellcheck. I would have paid for it because it was really good. But there is no way to email anyone at their customer service to find out if you get spell check in the paid version. You see, it was always in the free, until they just removed it. Too bad.
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任何人均可瀏覽程式碼、查看 SVN 存放庫,或透過 RSS 訂閱開發記錄



  • Release date: May 14, 2019
  • Release post:

Bug fixes

  • Admin Experience: Correct underline location under a dollar sign.
  • Deprecated Hooks: Do not offer a replacement for jetpack_json_manage_api_enabled since there isn’t an equal replacement.
  • Debugger: Clarify labels in the Site Health Info section.
  • Likes and Sharing: Remove duplicate control in the block editor for Likes/Sharing. We added a native block editor plugin, but left the old fallback.
  • Editor: Redirect to a login page when logging out from the block editor on
  • Toolbar: Add menu icon for smaller screen widths to restore wp-admin navigation menu.


  • Release date: May 07, 2019
  • Release post:

Major Enhancements
* We streamlined the default features of Jetpack to make the “out of the box” experience better.
* WordPress 5.2 will add a new Site Health section to your dashboard. Jetpack already integrates with it, letting you know that your Jetpack features are working!


  • Admin Experience: Improve our “just in time messages” and “Recommended Features” for new sites setting up Jetpack for the first time.
  • Admin Experience: Add an “About Jetpack” page to let folks know more about Automattic, the company behind and Jetpack.
  • Admin Experience: Add a link to the full list of Jetpack features in the footer of Jetpack dashboard pages.
  • Backups: Add SSH CLI command for hosting integration support.
  • Block Editor: Compose posts with the Block Editor posts via for their Jetpack sites!
  • Block Editor: Transform core images to Tiled Galleries or Slideshow blocks and back!
  • Block Editor: Provide an option to disable particular extensions.
  • Contact Form: Add a “grunion_after_message_sent” hook for after a form submission is e-mailed. Thanks Tim Nolte for contributing to Jetpack!
  • Contact Form: Do not prefill for administrators on their own sites.
  • Grammar and Spelling: Remove from Jetpack. We’ve chekced the spelling alot over the years, but now time to retire.
  • Membership Block: Add a new block behind the JETPACK_BETA_BLOCKS constant. Stay tuned!
  • Photon: Remove jQuery dependency for photon.js. Same Image CDN awesomeness with less overhead.
  • Portfolios: Remove the “Portfolio Items” description that would display on some themes.
  • Sharing: Add a “sharing_ajax_action” to to allow other plugins and scripts to render sharing buttons. Thanks Darren Cooney!
  • Social Icons: Add Stack Overflow support. Welcome to the Jetpack contributor ranks Muhammad Osama Arshad!
  • Sync: Report details on what is queued up to sync on the status endpoint.
  • Sync: Improve importer detection so we can better handle cases of imported content.
  • Sync: Add an option to disable sync for an entire network.
  • Sync: Adds new WP-CLI Jetpack Sync commands: settings, enable, disable, reset.
  • Testimonials: Sort by menu order to give site owners more flexibility for display. Thanks Felipe Elia!
  • Tiled Galleries: Add improved layout for when images are in the process of uploading.
  • Tiled Galleries: Add responsive imaging (srcset) support to the Tiled Gallery block.
  • WordAds: Add location id (e.g. under the post) to the ad calls.
  • API: Add behind the scene improvements to support the site management experience.
  • API: Add the public property to the Post Types endpoint response.
  • Menu Bar: Redesign to direct navigation items to instead of duplicating experiences.

Improved compatibility

  • Blocks: Use the Editor’s “BlockIcon” for native placeholder icons instead of custom CSS.
  • Blocks: Drop i18n wrapper, use @wordpress/i18n directly. This means it will be easier and faster to provide translated bits of text.
  • Blocks: Move block development to the Jetpack repo. You shouldn’t see any changes, but this helps us make Jetpack Blocks better faster.
  • Block Editor: Improve the experience of using the Block Editor via the dashboard.
  • Browser Compatibility: Remove legacy code for Internet Explorer 10.
  • Coding Standards: Update our code to match the latest WordPress coding standards in various places.
  • Likes and Sharing: Add Likes and Sharing settings as a Block Editor extension.
  • Related Posts: Improve the internationalization of the “in X category” text.
  • Simple Payments: Easily convert old shortcode-style Simple Payment buttons to a block.

Bug fixes

  • Admin Dashboard: Improve headings when searching for Jetpack features.
  • Admin Dashboard: Remove legacy views no longer used in Jetpack.
  • Blocks: Fix some design oddities in Form and Contact Info blocks.
  • Carousel: Allow any title to be displayed. We used to try to be smart about default file names, but that caused some problems.
  • Development Mode: Display fewer sections of the Admin Dashboard. Some simply don’t apply in Development Mode.
  • Google Plus: Remove from Social Icons and Sharing since the service has retired.
  • Internationalization: Translate various sections missed, such as “just in time messages” and block search keywords.
  • Manage: Remove Manage as an independent module. These features have been fully integrated for a few versions now.
  • Multisite: Restore ability to connect subsites via the Network Admin.
  • Open Graph Tags: Prevent a PHP notice on some author pages.
  • Sharing: Improve accessibility of sharing buttons by increasing contrast ratio. Props
  • Sharing: Fix the alignment of the official buttons for LinkedIn and Pinterest.
  • Shortcodes: Retire the Google Video, Jetpack Subscribe, and Digg shortcodes.
  • Slideshow: Fix a JavaScript error that occurs when block is first added.
  • Slideshow: Add slideshow images to Open Graph tags when using the Slideshow block.
  • Social Icons: Remove Google+, uses the generic Google now.
  • Subscriptions: Correct conflicts that were possible with the checkboxes after a comment submission form.
  • Theme Tools: Ensure Featured Content tag is retained on a post after saving. Thanks Anis Ladram, you’re a Jetpack contributor now!
  • Uninstalling Jetpack: Prevent notice about JETPACK__PLUGIN_DIR already being defined when programmatically uninstalling Jetpack. (But why would you uninstall?)
  • Widgets: Remove the Cookies & Consents Banner (not just hide it) after consenting. Thanks Tony Tettinger!