Create Block Theme


– 建立新的佈景主題、空白佈景主題、子佈景主題或樣式變化
– 在目前使用的佈景主題中嵌入 Google Fonts 網頁字型
– 在目前使用的佈景主題中嵌入網站主機字型


步驟 1:設定

安裝並啟用 Create Block Theme 外掛。

在 WordPress 控制台中,[外觀] 下方有 3 個新的功能項目:
– 建立區塊佈景主題
– 在目前使用的佈景主題中嵌入 Google Fonts 網頁字型
– 在目前使用的佈景主題中嵌入網站主機字型

步驟 2:自訂樣式


步驟 3:匯出

在 WordPress 控制台中,前往 [外觀]→[建立區塊佈景主題] 區段,選取其中一項可用功能,並依需要為佈景主題加入詳細資料,style.css 會使用這些詳細資料。點擊 [產生] 按鈕,便能儲存佈景主題。



2022 年 9 月 29 日
I used it to create child theme and it worked. Why is this plugin not so popular? I've been wasting my time in creating child themes manually which used to be pain. I wish I knew this plugin earlier.
2022 年 9 月 23 日
This morning I was diving deeper into FSE and Block themes as a developer when I came across the realisation that you couldn't actually save changes in the site editor to the theme files in core. Annoying! That is until I was shared this plugin which not only enables saving user changes and overriding theme templates (without manually exporting a zip folder and replacing files) but a ton of other cool features like creating new block themes, creating child themes, cloning the current theme and more. Thank you for developing this functionality!
2022 年 7 月 28 日
The direction this plugin is going is fantastic and really empowers no-code/low-code theme designers. Would love to see it integrated in Core at some point, but having this functionality in a separate feature plugin is a great first step.
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Correcting version number


Embed Google fonts and local font files in theme (#113)
Change button text (#112)
Add check and directory creation for template and parts folders. (#110)
Change theme.json schema of blank theme if Gutenberg isn’t installed. (#107)


update links, screenshots of the new changes (#97)
Add $schema and use Gutenberg classes (#99)
Update readme to include latest features (#100)
Generate $schema URL in the same way as core. (#105)


Save a theme variation (#90)
Make UI string ‘Create Block Theme’ can be translatable (#92)


Add option to create blank theme. (#70)
Improve form instructions (#76)
Form cleanup and Theme name check (#77)
Get the correct merged theme.json data (#88)


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