Controls for Contact Form 7 (Analytics & Tracking)


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This is an addon for the Contact Form 7 plugin with the following features:

  • Track form submissions, errors and completions with Google Analytics, Global Site Tag (gtag.js), Matomo (formerly Piwik) and Facebook Pixel.
  • 聯絡表單成功傳送後重新導向至指定網址
  • 停用聯絡表單 AJAX 傳送功能
  • 停用聯絡表單預設的 CSS
  • 停用自動段落格式化
  • 停用 HTML5 輸入類型或啟用 HTML5 輸入類型後援
  • Specify the Google reCAPTCHA language

Please note that some settings work on the per-page level and will apply to all forms on the same page. For example, disabling AJAX form submissions for one form will disable AJAX submissions on all forms on the same page.


  • 與聯絡表單傳送內容追蹤及重新導向相關的功能,需要 Contact Form 7 4.3 或更新版本。


這個外掛會在 WordPress 管理後台中,為每一份 Contact Form 7 聯絡表單中新增 [自訂] 分頁。


The plugin automatically triggers analytics events for the following services:


  • Contact Form 設定為事件類別
  • submitsenterrorspam 設定為事件動作
  • 將聯絡表單標題設定為事件標題

Facebook 像素

Facebook 像素會使用 聯絡表單的標準事件,並將 content_category 屬性設定為事件類型 (submitsenterrorspam),將聯絡表單標題設定為 content_name



  • Contact Form 7 的進階控制項


在 WordPress 的管理後台 [外掛] 頁面中點擊 [安裝外掛],然後搜尋「Controls for Contact Form 7」進行安裝。

此外,也能透過 Composer 相依性管理套件安裝這個外掛:

composer require kasparsd/contact-form-7-extras


如何將 Contact Form 7 聯絡表單傳送內容儲存至 WordPress 網站資料庫?

安裝 Storage for Contact Form 7 外掛後,便能安全的將全部聯絡表單傳送內容 (包含傳送的附件) 儲存至 WordPress 網站資料庫中,同時還能將聯絡表單內容匯出成 CSV 檔案。


2020 年 3 月 8 日
I spent ages looking for a solution to add a redirect after submission and then found this plugin. Saves a lot of time and no need to add javascript or edit the functions file.
2018 年 9 月 17 日
Very useful plugin! I would love to see an Autocomplete Option to turn Autocomplete OFF for ALL forms. By default fields have Autocomplete ON. Although it's possible to change it by field attribute, I'd found it easier to have a global settings to disable Autocomplete for all forms.
2017 年 12 月 4 日
Following the removal of the on_sent_ok hook from CF7, I've tried several plugins to perform redirection following form submission, and this is the only one I've found that works reliably with all browsers. And it has other useful features. 5 stars.
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