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✂ Code Snippets provides an effortless way to enhance your WordPress site.

🚀 Upgrade to Code Snippets Pro for complete CSS, JavaScript, Gutenberg, Elementor and cloud synchronisation integrations. Elevate your snippets experience now!

Say goodbye to the hassle of tweaking your theme’s functions.php file and downloading endless plugins – Code Snippets simplifies the process!

A snippet is like a mini-plugin for your WordPress site, providing added functionality without the clutter.

Unlike other solutions that involve dumping code into your functions.php file, Code Snippets offers an intuitive graphical interface for seamless integration and real-time execution. Managing snippets is as easy as activating and deactivating plugins, only without the bloat and overhead.

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☁️ Each copy of Code Snippets includes full integration with the community-powered Code Snippets Cloud platform, providing easy access to hundreds of tweaks and enhancements ready to power-up any WordPress site.

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  • 管理現有的程式碼片段
  • 新增程式碼片段
  • 編輯程式碼片段
  • 從匯出檔匯入程式碼片段



  1. 登入 WordPress 網站管理後台
  2. 點擊 [外掛]
  3. 點擊 [安裝外掛]
  4. 搜尋「Code Snippets」
  5. 點擊 Code Snippets 外掛中的 [立即安裝]
  6. 啟用外掛


  1. 下載外掛安裝套件 ZIP 壓縮檔
  2. 解壓縮外掛的 ZIP 壓縮檔
  3. 將解壓縮外掛的 ZIP 壓縮檔所得的 code-snippets 資料夾上傳至 WordPress 網站的 wp-content/plugins/ 目錄
  4. 在 [外掛] 頁面中啟用 Code Snippets 外掛

在多站網路控制台中為多站網路啟用 Code Snippets 外掛,會顯示一個特殊介面,用於標示執行於整個多站網路的程式碼片段。


請參考 以取得常見問題集的完整清單。


網站管理員可以啟用 Code Snippets 的安全模式以復原網站。請參考 以了解啟用安全模式的方式。

如果變更佈景主題或升級 WordPress,現有的程式碼片段是否會失效?

不會。在這個外掛中輸入的程式碼片段,均會儲存於資料庫中,既獨立於佈景主題之外,也不受 WordPress 更新的影響。


如果在外掛的設定頁面中啟用 [完整解除安裝] 設定,在 WordPress 的 [外掛] 選單中刪除 Code Snippets 時,並會清除全部資料。請注意,這項設定會清除包含儲存於資料庫中的程式碼片段的全部資料。如需保留之前建立的程式碼片段,請先執行匯出程序。

是否能使用已為其他 WordPress 網站建立的程式碼片段?

可以。在 [全部程式碼片段] 頁面中,網站管理員可以使用程式碼片段名稱下方的 [匯出] 連結匯出個別程式碼片段,或是使用 [批次操作] 功能批次匯出多個程式碼片段。已匯出的程式碼片段稍後可以在其他網站透過 [匯入程式碼片段] 頁面,上傳程式碼片段檔案並匯入。

能將現有的程式碼片段匯出為 PHP 程式碼,以供未採用 Code Snippets 外掛的網站使用嗎?

可以。點擊想要匯出的程式碼片段旁的核取方塊,然後從 [批次操作] 選單中選取 [匯出為 PHP] 並點擊 [套用],這項操作產生的 PHP 檔案會包含匯出的程式碼片段,以及名稱及內容說明。


在多站網路控制台中,可以透過多站網路啟用功能將某份程式碼片段啟用於多站網路中的全部網站;多站網路管理員能將 Code Snippets 外掛啟用於全部網站,也能在個別網站啟用外掛。

程式碼片段都儲存在 WordPress 網站資料庫的哪個位置?

程式碼片段儲存於 WordPress 網站資料庫的 wp_snippets 資料表中。請注意,這個資料表的名稱實際上可能略有不同,主要取決於安裝網站時的資料表前置詞設定。


請在 Code Snippets 外掛的 WordPress 技術支援論壇GitHub 存放庫回報程式碼錯誤、新功能建議及改進意見。

如何參與 Code Snippets 外掛的開發?

先感謝你有這樣的意願。每個人都可以為外掛的 GitHub 存放庫進行版本分支,並提出提取要求。


使用者可以透過 Patchstack 漏洞揭露計畫回報在外掛原始程式碼中發現的任何安全性程式碼錯誤。Patchstack 團隊會協助使用者進行驗證及 CVE 指派,並負責通知外掛的開發者。


2024 年 4 月 18 日 1 則留言
I like this plugin, Since I am not a we developer, I use it in combination with wordpress AI. I find a code that does something similar to what I want mine to do and have AI rewrite it so It will work for my application.
2024 年 4 月 18 日 1 則留言
The plugin is very good and helpful to organise your codes and turn them on and off as you want but since I started using it, I noticed a significate slowed on my website down. I created another copy of my website without the plugin and placed all snippets in the function file and noticed a significant improve in the copied website speed compare to my original website.
2024 年 3 月 12 日
I hate it whenever I need to add a small snippet, a short code or alike. Now I almost feel like a developer.Adding code, snippets, CSS etc. is so easy and it works!I no longer need to add such to weird php-files and fear that things I’ve added are gone when a plugin or theme is updated. It’s a whole new world with opportunities opening up for me/us, making it really easy to add these necessary snippets and alike. I’m a fan!
2024 年 1 月 10 日
Code Snippets deserves my 5 stars. I mean, if you don’t want to get your hands dirty by going into the function.php file, or if you need something that will help you add code that won’t be overwritten during updates, Code Snippets is what to go for.
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任何人均可瀏覽程式碼、查看 SVN 存放庫,或透過 RSS 訂閱開發記錄


3.6.4 (15 Mar 2024)

  • Fixed: Minor type compatability issue with newer versions of PHP.
  • Improvement: Increment the revision number of CSS and JS snippet when using the ‘Reset Caches’ debug action. (PRO)
  • Fixed: Undefined array key issue when initiating cloud sync. (PRO)
  • Fixed: Bug preventing downloading a single snippet from a bundle. (PRO)
  • Added: AI generation for all snippet types: HTML, CSS, JS. (PRO)
  • Fixed: Translations not loading for strings in JavaScript files.
  • Improved: UX in generate dialog, such as allowing ‘Enter’ to submit the form. (PRO)
  • Added: Button to create a cloud connection directly from the Snippets menu when disconnected. (PRO)

3.6.3 (13 Nov 2023)

  • Fixed: Import error when initialising cloud sync configuration. (PRO)
  • Improved: Added debug action for resetting snippets caches.

3.6.2 (11 Nov 2023)

  • Fixed: Error when attempting to save shared network snippets marked as active.
  • Fixed: Type error when rendering checkbox fields without a stored or default value.
  • Fixed: Removed automatic encoding of code content.
  • Fixed: Label for snippet sharing input incorrectly linked to input field.
  • Fixed: Error when attempting to download export files from Edit menu.
  • Fixed: Issue loading Freemius string overrides too early. (PRO)
  • Fixed: Fix redirect URL when connecting with OAuth on subdirectory or HTTPS sites. (PRO)
  • Fixed: Import error when attempting to completely uninstall the plugin.

3.6.1 (07 Nov 2023)

  • Fixed: Issue accessing fields on Snippets class.

3.6.0 (07 Nov 2023)

  • Updated minimum PHP requirement to 7.4.

  • Added: Ability to authenticate with Code Snippets Cloud using OAuth. (PRO)

  • Added: Integration with GPT AI for generating snippets. (PRO)
  • Added: Ability to generate line-by-line descriptions of snippet code with GPT AI. (PRO)
  • Added: Ability to generate tags and description text from existing snippet code with GPT AI. (PRO)

  • Improved: Ensure that the URL of the edit snippet page changes when adding a new snippet.

  • Improved: Snippet tags will automatically be added when focus is lost on the tags field.
  • Improved: Added debug settings menu for manually performing problem-solving actions.
  • Fixed: Moved active status border on edit name field to left-hand side.
  • Added: Filter to disable scroll-into-view functionality for edit page notices.
  • Fixed: New notices will not scroll if already at top of page.
  • Fixed: Potential CSRF vulnerability allowing an authenticated user to reset settings.

3.5.1 (15 Sep 2023)

  • Fixed: Undefined array key error when accessing plugin settings page. (PRO)
  • Fixed: Issue registering API endpoints affecting edit post screen. (PRO)

3.5.0 (14 Sep 2023)

  • Added: Support for the Code Snippets Cloud API.
  • Added: Search and download public snippets.
  • Added: Codevault back-up and synchronisation. (PRO)
  • Added: Synchronised local snippets are automatically updated in Cloud. (PRO)
  • Added: Bulk actions – ‘update’ and ‘download’.
  • Added: Download snippets from public and private codevaults. (PRO)
  • Added: Search and download any publicly viewable snippet in Code Snippet Cloud by keyword or name of codevault. (PRO)
  • Added: Deploy snippets to plugin from Code Snippets Cloud app. (PRO)
  • Added: Bundles of Joy! Search and download Snippet Bundles in one go direct from Code Snippets Cloud. (PRO)
  • Fixed: Error when attempting to update network shared snippets after saving. [#]
  • Improved: Redirect to snippets table when deleting snippet from the edit menu.
  • Improved: Scroll new notices into view on edit menu.

3.4.2 (05 Jul 2023)

  • Fixed: Issue causing export process to fail with fatal error. [#]
  • Fixed: Type issue on the_posts filter when no posts available. [#]

3.4.1 (29 Jun 2023)

  • Fixed: Undefined array key error. [#]
  • Fixed: Potential type issue when loading Prism. [#]
  • Improved: Added better debugging when calling REST API methods from the edit menu.
  • Improved: Escape special characters when sending snippet code through AJAX to avoid false-positives from security modules. [#]
  • Improved: Only display the latest update or error notice on the edit page, instead of allowing them to stack.
  • Fixed: Potential type issue when sorting snippets. [#]
  • Fixed: Issue preventing asset revision numbers from updating correctly. (PRO) [#]

3.4.0 (17 May 2023)

  • Added: Proper WordPress REST API support for retrieving and modifying snippets.
  • Improved: Better compatibility with modern versions of PHP (7.0+).
  • Improved: Converted Edit/Add New Snippet page to use React.
    • Converted action buttons to asynchronously use REST API endpoints through AJAX.
    • Load page components dynamically through React.
    • Added action notice queue system.
    • Replaced native alert dialog with proper React modal.
  • Improved: Catch snippet execution errors to prevent site from crashing.
  • Improved: Display recent snippet errors in admin dashboard instead.
  • Improved: Updated editor block to use new REST API endpoints. (PRO)
  • Improved: Change colour of upgrade notice in Pro plugin. (PRO)
  • Improved: All available snippet data is included in export files.
  • Improved: Only import specific fields from export file, even if additional fields specified.
  • Fixed: Issue preventing editor colorpicker from loading correctly. (PRO)
  • Improved: Added help links to content snippet options.
  • Improved: Pass additional attributes specified in [code_snippet] content shortcode to shortcode content.
  • Improved: Make shortcode attributes available as individual variables.
  • Improved: Allow boolean attributes to be passed to code snippets shortcodes without specifying a value.
  • Improved: Replace external links to Pro pricing page with an upgrade modal.
  • Fixed: Issue preventing linting libraries from loading correctly in the code editor.

3.3.0 (09 Mar 2023)

  • Fixed: Do not enqueue CSS or JS snippet file if no snippets exist. (PRO)
  • Improved: Added additional editor shortcuts to list in tooltip.
  • Added: Filter for changing Snippets admin menu position. See this help article for more information.
  • Added: Ability to filter shortcode output. Thanks to contributions from Jack Szwergold.
  • Fixed: Bug causing all snippets to show in site health information instead of those active.
  • Fixed: Unnecessary sanitization of file upload data causing import process to fail on Windows systems.

3.2.2 (17 Nov 2022)

  • Fixed: Plugin lacking a valid header error on activation.

3.2.1 (05 Oct 2022)

  • Fixed: Issue making survey reminder notice not dismissible.
  • Added: Ctrl+/ or Cmd+/ as shortcut for commenting out code in the snippet editor.
  • Added: Additional hooks to various snippet actions, thanks to contributions made by ancient-spirit.
  • Added: Fold markers, additional keyboard shortcuts and keymap options to snippet editor,
    thanks to contributions made by Amaral Krichman.
  • Improved: Removed duplicate tables exist query. (#).
  • Improved: Enabled ‘add paragraphs and formatting’ option by default for newly inserted content snippets.
  • Added: WP-CLI commands for retrieving, activating, deactivating, deleting, creating, updating, exporting and importing snippets.
  • Fixed: Path to iron visible when updating the pro plugin.

3.2.0 (22 Jul 2022)

  • Fixed: Remove default value from SQL columns to improve compatibility with certain versions of MySQL.
  • Fixed: Delay loading snippets in Gutenberg editor blocks. (PRO)
  • Added: Option to show and hide line numbers in Gutenberg source code editor block. (PRO)
  • Added: Support for highlighting HTML, CSS, JS and embedded code in the front-end PrismJS code highlighter.
  • Added: Additional features to front-end PrismJS code highlighter, including automatic links and a copy button.
  • Added: Support for multiple code styles in the source code Gutenberg editor block. (PRO)
  • Added: Admin notice announcing release of Code Snippets Pro.
  • Fixed: Inconsistencies with translations between different plugin versions.
  • Fixed: Issue with Content Snippet shortcode information not displaying.
  • Added: Button for copying shortcode text to clipboard.
  • Improved: Include Code Snippets CSS and JS source code in distributed package.
  • Improved: Don’t delete data from plugin if deleting Code Snippets Free while Code Snippets Pro is active.
  • Improved: Streamlined user interface and experience in Gutenberg editor blocks. (PRO)
  • Added: Option to choose from 44 different themes for the Prism code highlighter in the source editor block and Elementor widget. (PRO)
  • Improved: Compatibility of Elementor widgets with the latest version of Elementor. (PRO)
  • Improved: Replace icon font menu icon with embedded SVG icon.

The full changelog is available on GitHub