YourChannel: Everything you want in a YouTube plugin.


Do you create or curate YouTube videos? Now turn your website with YouTube links into an engagement platform.
Show your videos and playlists on your own website.

Just enter your YouTube username or channel ID, click Check, Save and copy paste the shortcode – doesn’t even take a minute.

Live Demo

What it displays :

  • All uploaded videos.
  • Playlists (lists videos from that playlist on click).
  • Total videos and views.
  • Single videos.
  • All of above are optional. You can choose what to display.
  • Built-in GDPR overlay

PRO version can display :

  • Videos from a playlist.
  • Videos from a search term.
  • Comments.
  • Custom playlists (by entering video ids).
    And more

Features :

  • Easy visual builder with live preview which generates shortcode that looks like [yourchannel user="user"].
  • Play video in Lightbox or Inline.
  • 7 video thumb styles.
  • RTL support.
  • Beautifully responsive.
  • Font icons.
  • Feature suggestions are implemented quickly.
  • Smooooth transitions.
  • Shortcode works in page, posts or custom fields.
  • Loads files only if shortcode is present.
  • Quick translation form for UI terms (Videos, Playlists, Loading… etc.).
  • Translation ready.
  • Autoplay option.
  • Easy shortcode instructions in post editor.
  • Cache system for fast loading.

Much more features are available in PRO version

Don’t let visitors leave your site for YouTube.


Support : We’ll respond to your issue within 2-18 hours.

Write to us at support [at] Please also include a link to your page with YourChannel shortcode if it’s online.

Note : This plugin cannot list unlisted / private videos/playlists.



Upload YourChannel folder to your wp-content/plugins/ directory.
Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.
Go to Settings > YourChannel.
Fill in the inputs with your API key, (we’ve left our API key for you to get started, but you should get your own) YouTube username and some other preferences.

Put the shortcode generated anywhere in your posts. (Also supports custom fields.)


2022 年 12 月 13 日
One of the things I value the most is Support. In the beginning, the support was instant but I've been waiting for a response to a mail for two weeks now 🙁 Been sending follow up mails and they are also not answered. I will gladly change my Review if I keep getting the support everytime I need it and not just initially when you buy the plugin.
2022 年 7 月 22 日
Même en version gratuite, ce plugin est parfait et fort utile!
2021 年 8 月 10 日
Thank you for taking the time to create such an awesome plugin 🙂 really helped me show my channel easily
2021 年 7 月 7 日 1 則留言
I can't pay for Premium version with PayPal, Could u Please help me ?
2021 年 7 月 4 日 1 則留言
Great plugin and easy to shortcode but are this limited video channel shows and where the youtube chatting room? can you update one.
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  • Escaped error message output.


  • Fixed permission bug.
  • Added alt text to images.


  • Fixed issue that showed black bars around certain-sized thumbs.


  • Fixed an issue with thumb widths on some screen sizes.


  • Added an overlay over player to ask for cookie consent.

  • Fixed the referer error in YouTube API calls.

  • Fixed the banner image error issue. Now image is replaced by the YouTube black color.

  • Fixed an issue related to videos not being refreshed.
  • Created a backup cache function so YourChannel can still show older videos if API Key (created at Google) stops working for crossing daily quota limits etc.

  • Fixed a layout bug in Playlists tab.

  • Fixed a layout bug in Playlists tab.

  • Added shortcode instructions on YourChannel page.
  • Minor updates for latest WordPress release.
  • Fixed bugs that caused conflict with some page builder and SEO plugins.
  • Added button to refresh cache.


  • Implemented cache system to load faster and make less YouTube API calls.


  • Improved grid layout – no ugly margins.
  • Blacklist videos.
  • Improved Prev / Next pagination.
  • Specify grid column numbers.
  • Choose default tab: Videos, Playlists or Search.
  • ** Licensing system: Please update the plugin to receive future updates. **


More iOS issues fixed, and made compatible with new WP release.


Fixed playback issues on iOS devices.


Playlists are optional.
If playlists not shown, menu’ll also be hidden.
Default colors accents is now Black & White.


Now also accepts Channel ID.


Initial version.