WP Remote WordPress Plugin


WP Remote 這個 WordPress 外掛搭配 WP Remote 服務,便能為 WordPress 網站啟用遠端管理功能,並進行遠端更新。
WP Remote 已由 BlogVault 併購。


  • 可為不限數量的網站進行免費更新。
  • 可在同一處為所有 WordPress 網站進行追蹤及更新。
  • 可在同一處為所有 WordPress 網站上的外掛及佈景主題進行追蹤及更新。
  • 可在同一處安裝及啟用外掛及佈景主題。


如有任何問題,請傳送電子郵件至 support@wpremote.com 以取得技術支援。


  1. 網站管理員可以透過 WordPress.org 外掛目錄安裝 WP Remote WordPress Plugin,或是透過將外掛壓縮檔解壓縮所得的外掛目錄及其所有檔案上傳至 wp-content/plugins 以進行安裝。
  2. 啟用外掛。
  3. 請於 wpremote.com 註冊帳號並將網站新增至帳號中。


2019 年 11 月 20 日
The new owners of WP Remote have released a new version of the plugin and are looking to heavily monetise it. The focus is clearly on selling their other services and not what WPRemote users were using it for. The death nail of this is it will sync your users and there personal data ( email address / user names ) over to their service without a built in ability to disable it. Anyone who cares about GDPR can no longer use WP Remote. It very much seems they saw it as opportunity to convert and monetise WP Remote's existing users and was more of a short term investment then about developing a product around the users needs.
2018 年 8 月 13 日
I've been using WP Remote for years and haven't really had problems until lately. I manage 6 websites on my C-Panel hosting and they've run smoothly until the past week. After some digging, I discovered dozens of PHP Process were still running over the past 24 hours, hogging my CPU Usage, Memory Usage, Number of Processes, I/O Usage. I called my hosting provider and they recommend to turn off every plugin and experiment with each plugin. The first one I tried was the most obvious, WP Remote. I came back after 24 hours and it had half a dozen of processes still in progress and wouldn't auto-terminate. I turned off WP Remote and tried Wordfence. No problem whatsoever. I turned that off and tried a few others, but still - no problem. Turned on WP Remote once more and the same problem happened. This is very frustrating because users can't get to any of my sites and unless I manually go to my C-Panel PHP Processes and kill those in progress. In taking to both my host provider and getting advice from two WP User groups on WP, everyone agreed that there is some kind of faulty code within WP Remote that needs to be fixed.
2018 年 3 月 7 日
This plugin just allows a dashboard to be used for all the domains you want to manage with it. I update everyone's website about once a month. This allows me to do so without going to their site. Once I update using this dashboard provided by WP Remote then I simply click on a button to go to the website to make sure that an update didn't break it. This is not WP Remotes function and occasionally an update will break a WordPress site. Nothing worse than hearing from a client about their broken site. So check it and then simply wait for another 30 days to update all your websites again. 🙂 WP Remote is doing a good Job so far. (y)
2018 年 2 月 26 日
I loved WPremote but since Maekit has taken over it is riddled with flaws and errors. Trying to get support is Worse than pulling teeth as If you are honored with a reponse, and answer back quickly to try and keep the ball rolling, the next reponse will be non-existant. What a shame. Connection to many of the sites often fails and some even fail all the time. Update of various plugins went wrong, no report of this but having to find out the security is not there on a site and having to ftp in to correct. etc etc 2 tickets running, last response from them is weeks ago even thought hey show as online in the chat that was used to ask the questions as well.
2018 年 1 月 3 日
WPRemote allows me to update all of my sites; from the one location. Makes managing sites so much easier and less time consuming. Must have tool for any freelancer.
2018 年 1 月 3 日
This plugin went through a long period of no development, but the recent updates and bug fixes being done have really cleaned things up AND have also added a bunch of free extra features in maekit. The maekit team are very responsive to reported bugs so its great to see them being so proactive while working on the plugin. Really looking forward to see where they take it in the future 🙂
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  • Added Support For Multi Table Callbacks
  • Added Firewall Rule Evaluator
  • Added Activity Logs feature
  • Minor Improvements


  • Block WordPress auto update feature


  • Fetching Mysql Version
  • Robust data fetch APIs
  • Core plugin changes
  • Sanitizing incoming params
  • Update Database after wp-core update
  • Handling Child theme upgrade code
  • FSWrite wing improvements for older PHP versions


  • Handling Premium plugin and themes updates


  • Sending plugname in request to backend servers
  • Firewall in prepend mode
  • Robust Firewall and Login protection
  • Robust write callbacks
  • Without FTP cleanup and restore support


  • Plugin branding fixes


  • Whitelabel fixes


  • Integrating with BlogVault. (11 January 2019)

  • Backport bug fix for theme updates from v3.0.a
  • Plugins will now be re-installed if they vanish and add in user_abort prevention. (9 January 2019)

  • Backport WPEngine bug fix from v3.0.a (3 December 2017)

  • Correct handling of up_to_date error

2.8.4 (3 December 2017)

  • Modify error message response in certain situations

2.8.3 (21 November 2017)

  • Add endpoint to validate plugin update
  • Improved error handling
  • Fix ‘Clear Api’ redirect

2.8.2 (25 October 2017)

  • Change settings page function name for compatibility
  • Allow the WP Remote API key to be updated from CLI

2.8.1 (10 October 2017)

  • Add link to clear API key from the plugin settings page.
  • Prevent WP Remote from clearing the API key on deactivation
  • Clear API key on uninstall