WP Table Builder – WordPress 表格外掛


WP Table Builder 是適用於 WordPress的拖拉方式的表格建立外掛。使用WP Table Builder 建立回應式表非常容易。

WP Table Builder 非常適合建立比較表格,例如價目表、清單表格或更多。

這個產生器提供 7 種元素,使用者可以新增以下 7 種元素至表格中:

  • 文字
  • 圖片
  • 清單
  • 按鈕
  • 星級評等
  • Custom HTML
  • Shortcode




在安裝完外掛後,你可以看到 表格產生器 的選單。前往 表格產生器 > 新增表格。




你也可以從「表格產生器」中的「所有表格」選單中取得 表格短代碼。

Import Tables

You can import tables from CSV or XML files. You can import both single and multiple CSV or XML files. Multiple files will have to be zipped.

You can also import tables from TablePress plugin.

Export Tables

Just like importing you can import the tables to CSV or XML files.

If you are looking to move tables created with WP Table Builder to another site, XML is the better choice as it will preserve table settings.



  • 在 WP Table Builder 建立新表格。
  • WP Table Builder 的第一個表格。
  • WP Table Builder 中的 文字輸入欄位。
  • WP Table Builder 中的 圖片。
  • WP Table Builder 中的 文字輸入欄位 2。
  • WP Table Builder 支援 條列清單。
  • WP Table Builder 支援 按鈕。
  • WP Table Builder 支援 短代碼。



請注意您必須是 PHP 5.6+ 以上的版本方能使用此外掛。

  1. 從WordPress外掛網頁下載外掛zip檔案。並透過WordPress後台安裝外掛,點選「新增」並從本地端電腦選擇外掛上傳。
  2. 在 WordPress 管理後台的 [外掛] 選單中啟用外掛。



2020 年 10 月 19 日
You can easily create good looking tables with the free version. I've since discovered several limitations that require the paid version. Only reason not to give 5* is this info should have been communicated more clearly prior to download.
2020 年 10 月 15 日
Simple and convenient. A wide variety of settings. The finished tables look great.
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  • NEW: Gutenberg block for table builder. You can select/edit/create tables without leaving editor.
  • NEW: Option to block theme styles per table.
  • NEW: Table tags. You can now create table tags for your tables for better organization and filter them from screen options at table listing. You can add your tags to tables from Settings > Table Tags right from table builder menu.
  • NEW: Full width button option.
  • NEW: Button radius setting.
  • NEW: Border highlight when element Options is active.
  • NEW: Setting for edit table link at frontend display.
  • UPDATE: Freemius account section for plugin.
  • IMPROVE: Better frontend JS file sizes.
  • FIX: Fixed an issue where editing text links not marking table as dirty.
  • FIX: Fixed an issue where saving table is being blocked by firewall plugins.
  • FIX: List elements now have matching styling on frontend and builder.


  • FIX: Fixed an issue affecting some PHP versions to not parse version control manager files.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Sorting functionality.


  • NEW: Version rollback manager to rollback plugin’s version if you are having problems. Can be accessed from plugin settings menu.
  • NEW: Zoom controls for responsive menu for better overall visibility of table at responsive menu.
  • UPDATE: Merged cells will not be repeated if top row as header is not selected at responsive menu.
  • FIX: Fixed an issue affecting multisite, AMP WordPress sites and some themes to not load frontend js/css files.
  • FIX: Fixed an issue where vertical cell alignment is overridden by theme styles.
  • FIX: Empty cells appear correctly at manage cells menu now.
  • FIX: Fixed an issue at inserting a row before second row.
  • FIX: Fixed an error at section change when no table is generated.


  • FIX: Fixed an issue affecting browser caches, forcing them to use old version of js files.


  • NEW: New and improved table generate menu.
  • NEW: Sortable table rows/columns.
  • NEW: Setting for sidebar location.
  • NEW: Accessibility options for table.
  • NEW: Easy to access new location for manage cells operations.
  • FIX: UTF-8 support for export/import operations.
  • FIX: An issue affecting text links to be converted into invalid addresses.
  • FIX: Selected elements will not trigger their text modification functionality at manage cells menu.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Loading of table related css and js files are limited to posts containing table shortcodes.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Amazon affiliate image support for custom html element.


  • NEW: Vertical align option for table cells.
  • NEW: More border customizations.
  • NEW: Target width option for responsive menu.
  • NEW: nofollow option for text links.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Element control show/hide logic updated.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Visibility of main tab buttons updated.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Better suffix display for range sliders.
  • FIX: An issue affecting sub-folder WordPress installations.
  • FIX: An issue targeting usage of YouTube embeds in Custom HTML element.
  • UPDATE: Freemius SDK.


  • NEW: Static Top Row Option for Responsive Builder.
  • FIX: Issue of Some Elements Being Removed from Custom HTML.
  • FIX: Row Color Logic is Updated for Responsive Builder.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Minor Control Related Updates to Both Functionality And Visuals.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Cell Management Operations.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Updates to App Security and Performance.


  • NEW: Option to Change Link Color in Text Element.
  • NEW: Sticky Top Menu Bar.
  • NEW: Freemius SDK.
  • FIX: Issue of Indent on List Element.


  • NEW: Responsive Table System with more controls.
  • NEW: German Translation. Thanks to Stefan Butz.
  • NEW: Option to Control List Item Font Size.
  • NEW: Option to control List Item Spacing.
  • NEW: Option to Toggle Header Inner Border.
  • NEW: Search and Pagination options in Table List.


  • HOTFIX: JavaScript Error that Broke Some Pages and Conflicts with Other Plugin.


  • FIX: Internationalization Fixes for Better Translation Options.
  • ADD: Relative Link Support for Elements with URL Controls.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Better Custom HTML Element Parsing and Rendering.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Responsive Table Events.


  • ADD: Button Hover Settings.
  • ADD: Button Icon Settings.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Builder Interface Redesign for Faster, Better Table Building.


  • ADD: Export Tables to XML Files.
  • ADD: Export Tables to CSV Files.
  • ADD: Import Tables from XML Files.
  • ADD: Option to Control Minimum Width for Columns.
  • IMPROVEMENTS: Minor Security and Code Improvements.


  • FIX: Table Column Missing on Mobile Screens.
  • FIX: Table Row Missing on Mobile Screens.
  • IMPROVEMENT: More Compact Table View.
  • CHANGE: Default Cell Padding Value to 10.


  • ADD: Option to Import Tables from CSV Files.
  • ADD: Option to Import Tables from TablePress.
  • ADD: Option to Choose Which User Roles Have Access to Add, Edit, Manage tables.
  • ADD: ‘Close’ Button in Cell Management Mode.
  • ADD: Table item in ‘Add New’ Menu on Admin bar.
  • FIX: Builder Freezing When Table Has Lots of Columns and Rows.


  • FIX: Table not Showing issue.
  • FIX: Table Responsiveness issue.
  • FIX: Images not showing on mobile tables.
  • FIX: Cell Padding Settings Value not going under 0.
  • ADD: Getting Started Page with Video.
  • UPDATE: Translation Files.


  • ADD: Option to set max width for table container.
  • FIX: Table Alignment setting issue.
  • FIX: PHP errors.
  • FIX: Table editing issue.
  • FIX: Table Settings not showing issue.
  • FIX: Table duplicaton issue.


  • ADD: Custom HTML Element
  • ADD: Shortcode Element
  • ADD: Double Click On Cell to Add Text Element.
  • ADD: Option to Change/Replace Image in Image Element.
  • ADD: Option to Change Button Text Size.
  • ADD: Frontend Link to Edit Table When Logged in.
  • FIX: Image Height Issue / Image getting stretched.
  • FIX: Bug in Cell Width Change function.


  • FIX: Multiple Table Responsiveness issue.
  • IMPROVEMENTS: Major Code improvements. Restructured table settings, element settings.


  • FIX: Table not showing in some cases.


  • NEW: Option to add images from URL.
  • NEW: Icons for alignment settings instead of Select box.


  • NEW: Alignment Settings for Star Rating.
  • NEW: Back button in Element options title to get back to main panel easily.
  • FIX: Issue with Undo-Redo functionality.
  • FIX: Default text size not matching the settings.


  • NEW: Star Rating Element.


  • FIX: Image alignment setting not working.
  • NEW: Increased maximum number of Rows and Columns.
  • IMPROVE: Performance improvement by loading assets only where necessary.


  • FIX: Image Element not being added between Text and List element.
  • FIX: Accidental Closing of the editor. Gives warning before closing.


  • NEW: Undo/Redo options for the builder.
  • FIX: Element Actions getting saved with the table.
  • IMPROVE: Element Actions and Border marker.


  • NEW – Option to choose whether to make the table responsive or not.
  • FIX – Table Preview issue.
  • FIX – Preview button not working in the editor.
  • FIX – Words breaking for Text element.


  • FIX: PHP function not declared issue.
  • NEW: Preview button in the builder.


  • NEW: Duplicate table functionality.
  • NEW: Preview table on the frontend.
  • NEW: Prevent one click deletion of table.


  • NEW: Column Width Setting.
  • NEW: Row Height Setting.


  • First Release.