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WP Search Insights records all searches made on your website. See from which post, page, or product a search originated in a clean and straightforward dashboard. Keep records of most popular searches, with and without results. Rank keywords by popularity and use the search filter to keep out spam.



  • 記錄網站上的搜尋活動
  • Explore results in custom date ranges
  • Keep records of most popular searches, with and without results
  • Rank keywords by popularity
  • Search filter to keep out spam
  • Works with Ajax Search forms
  • 記錄搜尋是源自於哪一篇文章以及隨後的到達網頁
  • Export records in CSV
  • Privacy-friendly search analytics

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  • WP Search Insights 控制台



  1. 下載此外掛
  2. 上傳外掛至 wp-content/plugins 目錄,
  3. 已經開始記錄搜尋字詞!跟著啟動外掛後的通知前往你的 WP Search Insights控制台。



  • WP Search Insights maintains a knowledgebase at https://wpsi.io.


  • 你可以在 [工具]→[WP Search Insights] 選單中找到外掛的控制台與設定。


  • 搜尋表單是 WordPress的標準功能,每個人都應該透過它來改善使用者體驗。記錄使用者的搜尋字詞將能提供你訪客正在搜尋的目標、從哪些頁面操作,以及哪些文章與搜尋最相關的分析資訊。分析這些資料將能讓你的網站更符合未來的訪客!


  • 可以,請務必這麼做!在我們首次發布後,我們仍將繼續新增功能至免費版並開發進階版的附加元件至 WP Search Insights 以便補充記錄的資料。


  • 可以。在設定中你可以清除資料庫中的搜尋字詞,且這是不能復原的。個別搜尋字詞可以從控制台的 [刪除選取的字詞] 進行移除。


2023 年 5 月 20 日
Unfortunately it doesn't work for me, but the developer seems to want to help.
2022 年 12 月 25 日
Es un plugin fantastico, lo tengo instalado en todas mis webs, y en tiendas de clientes. Este plugin me ayuda a comprender y a saber que es lo que buscan los usuarios, y así conocer si estoy dando un resultado correcto, o hacer contenido para esa búsqueda. Sencillamente es genial, esta super bien. Cuando instalas el plugin te hace un recorrido por todas las funciones del mismo algo mágico. Gracias por hacer un plugin tan bueno.
2022 年 12 月 8 日
As stated in the title, 100% recommended to use this plugin, has a nice UX and does nicely what is says it does. Features needed: - table/list of most popular searches (sorted/sortable by different parameters) [Option to Show all by number of searches - this is absolutely essential] - should be able to identify if search was done by user or guest - should identify if user purchased in declared interval after searching [WooCommerce] (and have hooks ready to use for different automations)
2022 年 1 月 28 日
Thanks, Mark. It works perfectly. I have been looking for this kind of solution for a long. I love the work. Keep up the excellent work. Waiting for the spam protection update. I like to suggest you add support for Honeypot to protect spam, rather than the Akismet integration. You can check Spambee; it is a free tool. They are doing great as well in terms of preventing spam.
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  • Added ignore button to all searches table
  • Added option to clear database tables after certain time period
  • Added all time option to search overview
  • Fix: search terms containing multiple words are now correctly filtered
  • Fix: filter is now case-insensitive


  • Updated domain in readme/files


  • Fix: random number one next to delete button


  • Name change


  • Mobile pagination
  • PHP docs update


  • WP 5.5 compatibility


  • Improvement: added support for Toolset search
  • Improvement: added option to provide your own search parameter


  • Fix: remove frequency numbers from overview


  • Changed to date-range picker
  • Load more searches in data range in the background
  • CSV export directly from server, allowing complete database download
  • State saving of order and page
  • Improved mobile and ipad design
  • Improved front-end search tracking
  • Ajax tracking made optional, default enabled when any one of the known ajax search plugins is active


  • Improved review notice dismissal


  • Improved review notice dismissal


  • Changed lay-out


  • Added text filter area to exclude terms from results
  • Added option to select which user roles can view the dashboard
  • Updated tour structure and added native WP buttons
  • Added suggested privacy statement text
  • Updating some strings
  • Fix: when same string is search, the time is now updated as well


  • Initial release