WorkChat – Live Chat, WhatsApp, Messenger, Skype, Phone…chat widget plugin for WordPress


Want to communicate with customers while they’re browsing your website? With WorkChat’s WordPress plugin, you can connect with them and answer questions as they come in. WorkChat is a Live Chat & Messenger platform which can be integrated into your website via our WordPress WorkChat plugin easily.

With WorkChat plugin, beside the Live Chat Window like Tidio,, Zendesk, Intercom…you can Chat with your website visitors via their favorite channels like WhatsApp chat, Facebook Messenger, SMS phone…and more.

Show a chat button on the bottom of your site and communicate with your customers. Your visitors are already using their favorite chat apps, and most of them prefer to contact you using those chat apps. By using our WorkChat widget for WordPress, you will give your website visitors the option to chat with you even after they leave your website.

Our WordPress Workchat plan is free forever and you is optional to upgrade to Premium Plan if need more Advanced usages.


  • WordChat live chat software is perfect for businesses of all sizes, enabling them to close more sales and improve customer satisfaction scores.
  • Any business of any type and any size of team
  • From Startup to Multi Sub-Business Devision Corporation
  • From Ecommerce Store to Services Agency of all kinds


WorkChat is extensive flexibly designed and developed with a strong customer support and business mindset. Unliked other Pure Live Chat system or Just quickchat shortcut wordpress plugin, we have both the powerfull live chat system with a whole CRM integrated with the live chat feature while we keep a big benefit in giving your visitors the option to use the chat channels they already use.

When you use “regular” live chat alternatives, your visitors must stay on your website and wait for your response.

When you let your visitors chat with you using chat apps like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram, etc, you give them the freedom of chatting with you whenever they go.
A direct click to chat method – show your visitors the chat channels you’re available at, and let them choose the method that suits them. Your website visitors are one click away from chatting with you.

Click to call – show a phone icon and let your visitors click to call you. If you want to show different local phone numbers based on page URL you can use the multi widget pro feature.

Talk with visitors on your website, Answer questions, solve problems, increase conversions
Get more leads and calls
Improve your customer support
Direct customers to your store’s location


Once you install and activate the plugin, it will prompt you to create a WorkChat account instantly and connect to your WordPress. After syncing the two automatically, you’ll begin to setting up your own WorkChat Widget:

  • Create unlimited chat widgets to use for unlimited website, marketing channel
  • Assign different Sales Agent ( or Operator) to each widgets
  • In put your phone number or any hot line to let your customer to call you (optional)
  • In put your Skype nick ID to let your customer start chatting via Skype
  • Input your WhatsApp number to let your customer start contacting via WhatsApp
  • Input your Facebook Page to let your customer to start chatting with your via your Facebook Messenger

The Chat Window will begin to appear and working on your WordPress website while you can Chat with multiple Customer via WordPress Messenger Dashboard or via WorkChat WorkSuite

For different agents which you assign to different chat channels or wordpress websites, they will login to the WorkChat WorkSuite with their own account.

All the chat message history is stored in Amazon Cloud database so you can retrieve it anytime. All the client who chat via Live Chat window will be stored in your own WorkSuite as a CRM forever (but you can export into excel and download them)


You will need to pay 29$ per agent ( or per operator) to explore all premium WorkChat features include

  • Unlimited Client – the Standard Workchat is for maximum 1000 Client
  • Unlimited Message & Chat History
  • WhatsApp Chat CRM Integration

When Upgrade to Premium Account, WorkChat will help you connect with your visitors on WhatsApp or WhatsApp Business with ease. All you have to do is to Scan to integrate WorkChat with your WhatsApp number, and you’re all set.

  • You can chat with your all your WhatsApp contact via WorkChat Messenger
  • All WhatsApp contact will be converted to Client Contact in WorkSuite CRM
  • All the Whatsapp chat history will be kept in the WorkChat Messenger and Sysnced with your CRM
  • Your client still using their own favorite WhatsApp while chatting with you
  • Your agent can also using their own WhatsApp mobile app while their communication and chat history will be sysnced and store in WorkChat and CRM

We are upgrading to add CRM sysnc setting for Facebook Messeneger, Telegram, Slack …

When using WorkChat, you also can have your own company workspace, WorkSuite which has all the important features you need to manage your business. It is especially good for agency startup, from small to large scale business, store management or any other kind of interprise organization


WP Worksuite gives you ultimate visibility into customer interactions across every team in your organization. That means that everyone will be on the same page from marketing to sales to customer service and operation or client deployment project team, all able to help your customers more effectively. In fact this is a universial workspace for any clients’s orientation ogranization.

Lead Management

  • Helps you to manage lead database, lead category, lead sources. Lead is any type of contact which is not yet made any kind of purchase.
  • Add unlimited lead with lead information like name, email, mobile, country, website, company
  • Assign the company sales agent who will have to take the the lead follow up
  • Create custom lead category, add unlimietd any lead custom information for your own organization
  • Add unlimited lead campaign to manage and plan your lead development projects of your company
  • Add unlimited lead follow up activities which is assign to sales agent or any other member inside your company.

Client Management

  • Helps to manage client who did made a purchase even if it is just a pending order.
  • Add unlimited client with client information like name, email, mobile, country, website, company
  • Assign the company sales agent who will have to take care client customer care of follow up for any cross selling, post selling.
  • Create custom client category, add unlimited any client custom information for your own organization with our advanced custome field in each account setting
  • Add unlimited client’s project to manage and plan the development projects of your company.
  • Add unlimited client follow up activities which is assign to sales agent or any other member inside your company.
  • Create unlimited proposal which can be sent to client to accept. The proposal can be visiple via web browser or download pdf and client can sign their digital signature.
  • Proposal then can be converted to officially contract and linked with invoicing module and project milestone to centralize the financial relationship of your clients.

Team Work and Project Management

  • Manage your company projects, your client support in a single system, resulting in empowered teams, satisfied clients, and increased profitability.
  • Keep a track of all your projects in most simple way.
  • Assign tasks to project members and track the status.
  • Add members to your projects and keep them in sync with the progress.
  • Using Task Kanban board and filter project task with different criteria
  • Creat unlimited Project Milestone with deadline and Cost
  • Add unlimited project Documentation, Files, Comment to store and share bewteen project member and client.
  • Create various custom field for your own project to suite with your team/company operation

Ticket Support

  • Create unlimited ticket support
  • Add sales agent


We are adding more and more feature for CRM which is directly developed into the core worksuite modules or via API plugin integration. The world now is API connection and in fact we are open for custom development request:

  • Develop any lead, client, crm integration api plugin for your business
  • Provide custom lead import services as per requested
  • Develop any task, project management UI for your business
  • Please do not hesitate to contact us via


WorkChat is a Standalone Chat & Messenger Platform is developed and support by Cloodo, a universial Workspace platform that providing the workforce connection and management between outsourcing resources with internal company resource to reflect the demand for hybrid business working approach as well as multi-branch business divisions for any global corporate.

The Workspace is for any individuals want a central workspace where they can manage their work in the approach of project management in connection with freelancer and outsourcing resources to fullfill their work’s result. Moreover, they also want to sell their own skills set as a freelancer to gain more income while completely control their own workspace. Creative projects can be publiced as a portfolio to promote their talents.

The Worksuite is for any agency or company want to set up agency profiles to sell their professional services as well as manage their own operation effectively and privately in one workspace customizedlly by their own. That why Cloodo Worksuite is built to help company manage their Deal, Client, HR Payout, Financial, Project, CRM. The data is secured privately managed by each company.

View more of Cloodo Resources:
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Cloodo Top Rate Agency
Cloodo Top Company
Cloodo Software Download
Cloodo BPO Services

Cloodo is for any freelancer, team, agency or corporates office and the workspace account is is freely created easily for lifetime.


  • Dashboard
  • Chat Box
  • Frontend Customer Information Input
  • Frontend Start Chat
  • Frontend Select Employee to chat
  • Frontend Chat Log View
  • Client Hub
  • Agents Setting
  • Theme Setting
  • Widget Setting
  • WhatsApp Connect
  • Get Support


Is API required to run this plugin?

Yes. Plugin will register an account automatic after you see first screen on All your data will be saved here. Your view will show on and

Can I install WorkChat on other website not WordPress?

Yes, your WorkChat widget will have a JS Script so you can installs or intergrate into unlimited WordPress website or any website which is not in WordPress. That why WorkChat can support big scales and multi-channel communication business. If you need to install your WorkChat to any website, please send email to

How much does WorkChat Live Chat cost?

WorkChat is free forever for any usages of team under 4 agents , and you can unlock additional premium features for a small price starting from $29 per agent/operator.

I’ve installed the WorkChat plugin—what happens next?

Click on the new WorkChat live menu that appeared on your WP-admin menu on the left. You’ll be able to create your WorkChat account connected to the plugin. Finish the initial configuration and you can start using the best live chat plugin for WordPress.

Will I have to upgrade my account at some point?

No. You can use your freemium features for as long as you want. Many successful businesses stay on the free plan for years—it has everything they need. That’s why it is one of the most popular WordPress chatting plugins.

Do I need to install any additional tools to use the live chat widget?

No. WorkChat is a fully-integrated WordPress live chat solution. You can start chatting right after you install the WorkChat WP chat plugin and create a free WorkSuite account.

Can several support agents use the free chat at the same time?

Yes. You can also transfer conversations between operators. The free plan has 4 operator seats. It means that 4 operators (and an unlimited number of customers) can use the live chat at once for free. You can also buy extra seats if your support team grows.

Can visitors start chatting without providing their email address?

By default, WorkChat shows a form to request email and name of visitor so that visitors have to fill in before joining a live chat conversation. You should set up some more popular messeneger applications like WhatSapp, Facebook Messeneger…so client does not need to providing their email address buy using their current chat application.

Can I check if I missed any messages from my visitors?

Yes. All messages and live chat conversations are grouped and available in your panel. WorkChat does not delete conversations. You can remove them permanently and clear the live chat history manually if you need.

Can I integrate WorkChat with 3rd party apps?

Yes. You can connect WorkChat to popular eCommerce platforms, Google Analytics, marketing apps, or CRM systems via our WorkChat API. We can provide custom API integration services to help you doing this by sending email to




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  • update cloodo core to fix conflict with worksuite


  • Add Dashboard
  • Add Get Support
  • Add Client Hub
  • Add Agents Setting
  • Add Theme Setting
  • Add Widget Setting
  • Add Whatapps Connect
  • Update verify login for exists email account


  • Change domain chat core system


  • First version