Order Splitter for WooCommerce


WooCommerce is an awesome eCommerce plugin that allows you to sell anything and if you want to sell products that are not on stock yet, but you’re sure that you’ll have them soon in stock again? So Order Splitter for WooCommerce is a solution for you as you can create a rule for those items. All of the upcoming items can go in a separate orders section/status. It enables you to split, consolidate, clone, your crowd/combined/bulk orders using intelligent rules.

After activation there will be a Split icon in wp-admin > WooCommerce > orders list page within the order actions. Splits all order metadata and product data across into the new order ID. Order is created and a note is left in the new order of the older order ID for future reference. Order status is then set on hold awaiting admin to confirm payment.


woocommerce, pending payments, failed, processing, completed, cancelled, refunded

How to use this plugin?


This WordPress plugin is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation, either version 2 of the License, or any later version. This WordPress plugin is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. See the GNU General Public License for more details. You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License along with this WordPress plugin. If not, see http://www.gnu.org/licenses/gpl-2.0.html.


  • Compatibility List
  • Default Mode - Explanation
  • Exclusive Mode - Explanation
  • Inclusive Mode - Explanation
  • Shredder Mode - Explanation
  • In Stock / Out of Stock Mode - Explanation
  • Quantity Split Mode - Explanation
  • Category Based Mode - Explanation
  • Grouped Categories Mode - Explanation
  • Grouped Products Mode - Explanation
  • Group by Attributes - Explanation
  • Category Based Quantity Split
  • Order Page
  • WooCommerce Orders List
  • WooCommerce Orders List > Split & Clone Icons
  • Order Page > Selective Products
  • WooCommerce Orders List > "Split From" column added [Premium Feature]
  • Settings page > "Automatic Settings" [New Feature]
  • Settings page > Rules [Premium Feature]
  • Automatic Settings > Illustration [Visual Aid]
  • Manual Split Option
  • Consolidate/Merge/Combine
  • PPOM compatibility - Quantity Split Mode
  • Notices and Customization
  • Labels and Automatic Settings
  • Emails Tab - Child Page Labels - SMTP - Test Email
  • Email Logs
  • Troubleshoot Tab
  • Import/Export Settings
  • Group by Attributes - At a Glance
  • Screen Options
  • Group by Attributes Values - At a Glance [Visual Aid Explained]
  • Split Overview on Checkout Page [New Feature]
  • Compatibility List
  • Settings page
  • press "Save Changes" to proceed with new selected method
  • Different ways to apply shipping charges
  • Order total based shipping charges criteria
  • Custom Order Statuses (New Feature)
  • Compatibility with WooCommerce PDF Invoices & Packing Slips > PDF Invoice
  • Compatibility with WooCommerce PDF Invoices & Packing Slips > PDF Slip
  • Compatibility with WooCommerce Product Vendors
  • Split by Vendors (Terms)
  • Group by Vendors - Explanation
  • Change status of every parcel.
  • Screen options for split methods.
  • Group by ACF Field Values.
  • Empty parent order status & rules for parent order in single order case.
  • Group items by date and payment type.
  • Backorder Automation > change status of back-order status upon stock updating.
  • Coupon without restrictions.
  • Coupon with restrictions like order minimum 3 items to get this coupon work.
  • Subscription Split (This option will split all items with single quantity in each order with selected delivery date.)
  • Update status for WCFM Front-end Manager.
  • Subscription date will be updated accordingly
  • Subscription split > Settings Page
  • New Split Method Introduced: Group by Order Item Meta Values (Example: Stock Locations for WooCommerce)
  • Group by Order Item Meta Values
  • Assign a shipping class to a product under shipping section using Edit Product page.
  • Assign a shipping class to a category using Edit Category page.
  • Set status to hide parent order from admin and vendors.
  • Gravity Forms - Fields Selection
  • Gravity Forms - Group by metadata collected from product page during order
  • Grouped Categories Mode + WooCommerce Ship to Multiple Addresses
  • Order statuses with Background + Text color selection


  1. Upload the plugin files to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory, or install the plugin through the WordPress plugins screen directly.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ screen in WordPress
  3. There will now be a Split icon in the to WooCommerce order overview page within the order actions.


General Queries

👉 1. Does coupon work with child orders?

Yes, coupons work with child orders. There are three options to manage coupons. Default, Equal and Ratio.
With default option selected, coupon will not be cloned or distributed among child orders.
Clone option allows you to apply the same coupon amount to child orders as parent order.
Ratio option will calculate child order totals and distribute discounted amount accordingly.

Coupons without restrictions (e.g. order minimum 3 items or minimum amount etc.) will work absolutely fine. Order Splitter will split the coupon using Ratio option among all child orders. But coupons with restrictions will not be entertained. As if coupon restriction is “order minimum 3 items” and after splitting there is only one item or two items in child order, it will not be applicable for that child order.
To keep coupon history, you can turn off “Remove items from parent order after splitting”.

👉 2. What is Single Order Case and how will rules work in this case?

In case there is no split and parent order remains as it is. You can select a different status of the order. If you tick the checkbox for rules based status, rules will take priority and status will be changed according to the product based rule defined.

👉 3. What is an Empty Order Case?

When “Remove items from parent order on split” is checked and after splitting parent order left with no items then order status will be changed according to this dropdown selection.

👉 4. How to add custom order status?

In Order Status tab click “Add New”. Define status name, select payment status of this order status and click “Add New”. A success message will appear. Now you can proceed with custom order status for splitting.

👉 5. Is there a way to manually split an order?

Please check the settings page right sidebar with optional checkbox items. Uncheck the first option, auto split. It will resolve the issue.
Then on orders list page, you will see an icon against each order row item, under actions column. If actions aren’t visible, make it visible from screen options, right top of the page.

👉 6. I upgraded the plugin, now it is no longer a premium version. How do I fix this?

You are requested to see the first email in which you received a method to update plugin automatically so it will remain premium version.

👉 7. Will it work with multi-currency plugin?

It must deal with orders, regardless of currencies or exchange rates. It will simply split the items into multiple orders according to the split rules you will choose. So, answer is yes.

Deposit & Partial Payments Based Splitting

📌 1. Is it compatible with the “Advanced – Deposit & Partial Payments for WooCommerce”?

Yes, it is compatible with the “Advanced – Deposit & Partial Payments for WooCommerce” and also “Advanced Partial/Deposit Payment For Woocommerce PRO”.

Follow these steps:

📎 1. Select the split method “Group by Attributes Values”

📎 2. Select sub-attributes under select “Available, In Stock, Special Offer”

That’s it.

How does it work?

It will simply group the due_payment related products in a separate order and other products separate. It also handles the partially paid order status for those orders which have “Due Payment” related products in them. Customer can pay for that splitted/child order later.

Stock Based Splitting

📌 1. How it splits an order multiple times upon stock update?

📌 2. How it works with 3PL (Warehouse Management System) upon stock update?

Order Splitter can set different status for the orders of in-stock and out-stock items. For example, if in-stock order status is set to processing and out-stock orders status is set to pending payment.

There is a button for Backorder Automation that can change order status upon stock update.

📌 3. What is Backorder Automation?

In short, on stock availability split the order again and set backorder status to in stock status accordingly.

Some warehouse management software (e.g. 3PL WHM ) process only orders with specific status like processing. When user use stock based splitting backorders can be set to different status from the in-stock order. When stock is updated user must change order status of backorders manually so that warehouse manager software can process the order. When Backorder Automation is turned on Order Splitter will change backorder status to the parent order status upon stock update. It will work fine even if you don’t use any warehouse management software.

📌 4. YITH Pre-Order Compatibility

📌 5. We add meta values to the product through Stock Locations for WooComemrce from product page/cart page and I want to grouped items on basis of this meta. This is not an attribute or attribute value. Will items be grouped on basis of these meta values?

Order Splitter can group items based on meta values those are not attributes or attributes values. There is a split method to Group by Order Item Meta Values to achieve these results.

Booking | Shipping | Rules | ACF

📎 1. How it works with Booking & Appointment Plugin for WooCommerce?

It works with an addon of Booking & Appointment Plugin for WooCommerce plugin. It can group items by date, so you can group items by day (same date), month and year. It can group items by payment type as well. For example, items with partial payments will be grouped in a parcel and other items will be grouped in another parcel.

Video Tutorial:

📎 2. How does it work with shipping?

📎 3. How automatic settings work?

📎 4. How order rules work?

📎 5. ACF | Advanced Custom fields

How Taxes are being splitted?

**📎 Tax Settings – I/O Method Example **

Subscription Split

📎 1. Video Tutorial

**📎 2. We deliver items multiple times with specific days interval in a subscription. Charges are deducted when first order is placed. Does this plugin split all items with single quantity in each order with selected delivery date? **

Yes, this plugin will split all items with single quantity in each order with selected delivery date. There are many options to set delivery interval types between first order and remaining deliveries. For example, if an item with 4 quantity is ordered and interval type “Order Delivery Date selected by Customer (Checkout Page)” is set for the first order and interval type “Progressive Order Delivery Date + Interval” is set for remaining deliveries. This order will be splitted into 4 orders with 1 item in each order. Interval between will be set as per settings.

**📎 3. What will happen to subscription date related to the order? **
Subscription delivery date will be updated according to the splitted order as delivery date will come.

**📎 4. When subscription will renew, will order be splitted again for next tier of deliveries automatically? **
On every renewal of subscription, the plugin will split the orders according to the criteria set on the settings page and update the subscription date too.


🔅 1. How to Combine WooCommerce Orders?

🔅 2. How to Merge WooCommerce Orders?

Different Suppliers | Vendors

🔗 1. How does it work for split by Vendors?

🔗 2. Products with various suppliers, does this plugin offer purchase request feature?

This plugin can split orders to the different suppliers, but this will not send any purchase order request to suppliers. That part would require some actions.
For example: Person A orders 100 dozen banana and 10 crates of red apples, both items are from different suppliers like Supplier A and Supplier B.
So, this plugin will split this one order into two different orders like this:
100 dozen banana
10 crates of red apples

That’s it.

These items are separated in your WooCommerce system, but nothing happens further. It will not send any purchase request to the supplier A and Supplier B.

🔗 3. How can I achieve Vendor based split with Exclusive (Free) split method?

Question: I want to ask, for example I order 2 products from vendor A and B, can I just make this order into 2 seperate order id without making the parent order? I already tried the exclusive but it didnt work, it always show the parent order.

Answer: Yes, it is possible by using vendor based split. Vendor based split is a PREMIUM feature.

To achieve the same results with exclusive method you have to select items differently but there should be only two types of products in your order always.

Vendor A and Vendor B

So exclusive will consider one of these as selected and others unselected. Like this you will be able to achieve the same results. But it will only work if only two vendors are involved. Multiple vendors products will not work with exclusive method. Group by Vendors is a recommended split method for this requirement.

🔗 4. Can I hide parent order form my vendors after split?

Question: How parent/original orders can be filtered from orders list and my account area after split?

Answer: Go to Order Statuses tab, on settings page, add new status. Select paid status “Orders are paid but hidden, if you want to keep but do not want to show.” Select newly created order status for the parent order on settings page. As a result parent order will not be visible to admin, customers and vendors as well in orders list.

Quantity Split

🔘 1. How default option in quantity split works?

Default option is compatible with WooCommerce PPOM (Personalized Product Option Manager) by N-Media. This plugin supports its Custom product fields so these will not get lost on order split and all custom product fields will get transferred into new splitted order. It can split variation of one product as well.

🔘 2. How does quantity split work?

1) Default:

This method will simply split all quantities into x1 in separate orders.

2) Custom & Eric Logic:

These methods will take the proportional value from item meta key “split”.

A) 3:4 means keep 3 items in parent order and split 4 items in new order when 7 qty. was ordered
B) 1:1 means keep 1 item in parent order and split 1 item in new order when 2 qty. was ordered
C) 2 means keep remaining items in parent order and split 2 items in new order

Note: Difference between custom and Eric Logic is, selection of the items in order. You can make selection while splitting, so you can exclude a few from split.

How Eric Logic works?

i) Turn off auto split and original order removal first from settings page.
ii) From order list edit order you want to split with Eric Logic.
iii) On order edit page, hover on items under item box. There will appear a pencil icon after total amount of item. Click the pencil icon to edit item then click “Add meta” and two fields will appear.

iv) Fill the first field with “split” and the second with ratio as you want to split items and save it.

e.g. 4:4 for parent:child order when total qty of that item was 8 in order or simply enter the desired value without colon.

v) After these steps, get back to order list and split the order you have added split ratio to it.

vi) Now you can split from actions dropdown or split icon in orders list against the order number in row.

Emails | Payments

❀ 1. Will the split have happened after the payment is made?

Split has nothing to do with paid or unpaid orders. It will obey your rules, if you will set rules for processing, on-hold or even completed orders, it will trigger split action on time. It has to split only; it has nothing to do with stripe or PayPal difference. It will clone the payment records form parent order to child orders.

❀ 2. Will splitting run the hooks too to send out the emails to my warehouses?

If you are already triggering something with WooCommerce order status updated hooks, your hooks will remain intact. This plugin will simply trigger it’s own functions, so you can say, an order processed and moved from on-hold to processing status. Your custom hooks and this plugin’s hooks will work together according to the priorities set. About emails to your warehouse, you need to check if your emails related hooks are there, yes it will be working automatically.

❀ 3. Using WCFM, when email and PDF attachment sent, how does it work?

This plugin will split your parent order into multiple child orders. Each order will have separate vendor or group of vendors products together. According to that splitted order, PDF invoice can be regenerated and emails can be sent.

i) You can leave selection of vendors so it will consider all vendors to be in separate orders with their products

ii) If selection made, then vendors can be grouped together


Vendor A & Vendor B = Group #1
Vendor C & Vendor D = Group #2

iii) After split emails can be sent to users, admin and even vendors. There is a checkbox available on emails tab, you can check that so instead of admin, vendors will receive the emails.

iv) Easily create custom order statuses and trigger custom emails when order status changes.


2024 年 1 月 27 日
Fahad is a very talented developer with great customer service. He is constantly updating the plugin with new features and bug fixes. This plugin is a workforce. It does much more than I expected and continues to get better. If you need to split orders, merge orders or clone, this is the plugin for you.
2023 年 12 月 17 日
The genius of this plugin lies in its simplicity and effectiveness. Integrating seamlessly with WooCommerce, it allows for effortless splitting of orders based on various parameters. This level of customization and control over order management has streamlined our operations, reducing both time and effort significantly. What truly impressed me was Fahad's dedication to his clients. I had the opportunity to meet him twice over Google Meet to discuss the plugin's integration with my website. Both times, Fahad was incredibly accommodating, demonstrating not only his profound technical expertise but also his commitment to customer satisfaction. His ability to understand and cater to specific needs is a rare quality that sets him apart in the tech world. Investing in this plugin has been one of the best decisions for my business. The value it adds in terms of efficiency and organization is immeasurable. Fahad's Order Splitter for Woocommerce is a testament to how a well-designed tool can transform an e-commerce platform. In conclusion, I cannot recommend this plugin enough. If you want to elevate your WooCommerce store, Fahad's Order Splitter for Woocommerce is the way to go. It's a brilliant product backed by a developer passionate about improving e-commerce for everyone.
2023 年 7 月 11 日 1 則留言
This plug in is faulty and causes widespread damage for a small business that is very costly. Once an order is split it creates a new sale which results in a false income duplication. This requires hours of work on the accounting end to fix. Your product does not perform as described and has caused side issues not disclosed. You hide behind your "No bugs" reported and you won't fix the problem.
2023 年 3 月 10 日
The settings are little bit confusing and it took a while to figure out that you need to check the "auto spilt" option or the checkbox at the bottom on the secound settings tab, but then it works like a charm.I dont like the german translation, its often wrong, so I deleted the german language files.But all in all, I paid for the premium version. Good job.EDITED:Upgraded to 5 stars. Very fast response and help from the author himself.
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  • Merge order feature beefed up with more meta keys which should not be dealt as an array anymore. [28/02/2024]


  • Clone order feature tested and refined. [26/02/2024]


  • Improved: Updated the split orders limit in queue to 24 from 6. [28/01/2024]
  • Fix: I/O split method improved from the backorder split again on stock availability. [30/01/2024][Steve Senella]
  • Emails section tested and revised. [18/02/2024][Ido Kobelkowsky]
  • Emails section improved and troubleshooting made easy. [23/02/2024][Andrew / leiamoon.com]
  • Parent order without taxes will produce the child orders without taxes too. [23/02/2024][Jonathan Kraft]


  • Revised: Updated the split orders limit in queue to six from one. [28/01/2024]


  • Updated the split orders limit in queue to six from one. [28/01/2024]


  • Fix: I/O split method improved and tested with the autorize.net and COD as well. [23/01/2024][Steve Senella]
  • Backorder limit reached tested on a single product page. [23/01/2024]
  • Reduce stock thing tested for the parent and the child pre-order items. [23/01/2024]


  • New: A few improvements to the code for the results of accuracy and the memory cleanup. Statistics tab added to the logs area. [21/01/2024]


  • Fix: I/O method default status to original order status instead of an empty string. [31/12/2023]
  • New: Cron job related improvements. [31/12/2023][Thanks to Cheuk Hin Chan]
  • Fix: Bulk action order split warning message for default split method. [01/01/2024]
  • Fix: Function used for normal stock reduction as the basic version and manual split wc_maybe_reduce_stock_levels. [18/01/2024]
  • Fix: Order change trigger activated for the child orders so appropriate ripple effects can take place. [19/01/2024]


  • Fix: Uncaught Error: Call to a member function is_empty() on null for WC()->cart. [09/12/2023][Thanks to hallcrash]


  • Fix: In stock/Out stock related improvement for customer permission for split (Checkout Page). [09/11/2023][Thanks to Daniel Petrovski]


  • Fix: Change status of split orders not working. [10/07/2023][Thanks to @jgmdom]
  • Fix: Combine order functionality refined for WooCommerce Order meta data “_order_version” aka version_compare() thing. [29/12/2021][Thanks to Russ & Chandirasekaran Senniyappan]


  • Fix: Manual split option on edit page improved with the CSS selector refinement. [02/07/2023][Thanks to Mo Hassan]
  • New: Orders list, split order filter added in the order status row as “Split Order” text to filter all to-split orders. [09/07/2023][Thanks to Mo Hassan]


  • Fix: Combine function revised and improved for the variations. [15/06/2023][Thanks to Urban Islander / Hideto Yoshida]


  • Fix: Grouped Categories Mode refined for WooCommerce Ship to Multiple Addresses. [12/06/2023][Thanks to Philsiong]


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  • Fix: Woo Vendors split method improved. [20/05/2023][Thanks to Marta / Jacobo Casanovas]


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  • Fix: Emails delivery function improved for the DENIED BY RULES thing. [18/05/2023][Thanks to Ronny]


  • New: In-stock / out-stock split method improved with a new option to split pre-order items into multiple orders. [13/05/2023][Thanks to Steve Senella]


  • Fix: Thank you page text improved with addition of another filter hook and split status meta key. [13/04/2023][Thanks to Georg Szeless]
  • Fix: Split threshold value for each child order using grouped categories split method revised. [14/04/2023][Thanks to Benjamin Hugueño]
  • Fix: Grouped categories split method refind without threshold value. [22/04/2023][Thanks to Jason Medeiros & Patryk Dziabas]


  • Split threshold value for each item in child orders for grouped categories split method refined. [21/03/2023][Thanks to Patryk Dziabas]


  • New: Split threshold value for each item in child orders for grouped categories split method improved. [21/03/2023][Thanks to Patryk Dziabas]


  • Fix: Parent order email option under emails tab has been refined.[14/03/2023][Thanks to Kevin Nakada]
  • New: Split threshold value for each item in child orders for grouped categories split method introduced.[17/03/2023][Thanks to Benjamin Hugueño]


  • New: Quantity split ability added to the Grouped Categories split method using the WordPress plugin “WooCommerce Ship to Multiple Addresses”. [01/12/2022][Thanks to Leslie / Gifts from Colorado]
  • New: Subscription split added for only default split method.[07/12/2022][Thanks to Davide Masserini]
  • Fix: Group by Vendors split method improved for the single vendor items case with and without remove items from parent option checked.[06/01/2022][Thanks to Venu Arethoti]
  • New: Subscription split improved with qty. split possibility.[09/03/2023][Thanks to Wojciech Surma]
  • Fix: Emails section revised with the object instead of an array from WC()->mailer()->get_emails().[10/03/2023][Thanks to Tobias Derksen]


  • New: Many to one relationship managed for child orders related to shipping address section using the WordPress plugin “WooCommerce Ship to Multiple Addresses”. [18/11/2022][Thanks to Leslie / Gifts from Colorado]
  • New: Trash option added to original order section after split action. [21/11/2022]


  • Fix: In-stock/Out-of-stock related split method improvements. [06/11/2022][Thanks to Simon Rigg]
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  • New: Order item meta cloning refined. [10/04/2022][Thanks to Tara Collins / Jalil Hassan]


  • Fix: array_key_exists function related issue. [15/09/2022][Thanks to Leslie Johnson / Gifts from Colorado]


  • Fix: CSS and JS minified files are updated. [07/09/2022]
  • New: Compatibility ensured “WooCommerce Product Vendors” and Group by Vendors (User Role or Taxonomy). [07/09/2022][Thanks to Nurit & Yaniv Bar-Or]


  • New: Order statuses with background and text color selection. [01/09/2022]


  • New: Compatibility ensured “WooCommerce Product Vendors” and Group by Vendors (User Terms). [29/08/2022][Thanks to Ido Kobelkowsky]


  • New: Compatibility ensured with “WooCommerce Product Vendors”. [23/08/2022][Thanks to Ido Kobelkowsky]


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  • Fix: Merge option refined. [02/08/2022][Thanks to Mathias]
  • Fix: Shipped orders won’t be considered for split. [04/08/2022][Thanks to Matthew & Alex]
  • New: Last split ID based condition implemented for the orders to split so old orders can be ignored. [04/08/2022][Thanks to Matthew & Alex]
  • New: Shipping class method under shipping tab, tested with the placeholder [qty] with arithmetic operators as well. [17/08/2022][Thanks to Ido Kobelkowsky]
  • Fix: Defined by rules related condition has been refined and exception added for Gravity Forms. [16/08/2022][Thanks to Nurit & Yaniv bar-or]


  • Fix: Stock reduce notes for child orders individually and split for default method. [22/07/2022][Thanks to Walter]


  • Fix: Stock reduce notes for child orders individually and split for default method. [22/07/2022][Thanks to Walter & Jason]


  • New: Compatibility added for WooCommerce Addon “Integration for WooCommerce and Zoho Pro”. [19/07/2022][Thanks to Yuhi Nakano]


  • New: Stock reduction for default split method revised. [21/06/2022][Thanks to Marcel Strunk]
  • Fix: wc_os_order_status_hooks.php file write permissions issue handled. [22/06/2022][Thanks to Joseph Ramkishun]
  • New: Items per order, a new feature added for the split method “Default”. [17/07/2022][Thanks to Walter & Andrea Della Penna]


  • New: Stock reduction for default split method added. [18/06/2022][Thanks to Marcel Strunk]


  • Fix: Database queries optimized for vendor based split method on product page and rules section as well. [28/05/2022][Thanks to Garima Garg]
  • New: New Split method added as Grouped Products by metadata (If this option is selected, plugin will separate items or group of items having same metadata/values.). [30/05/2022][Thanks to Dirk Martens]
  • New: Another option under after split section added as “Reduce stock from all orders including child orders”. [06/06/2022][Thanks to Justus]
  • New: Child orders will get the status from settings page on priority and then will check parent order status if found empty/default. [06/06/2022][Thanks to Riley Leung]
  • New: Parent order will get the basic status from the settings page initially and then will proceed further. [07/06/2022][Thanks to Riley Leung]
  • New: Compatibility ensured for “Advanced – Deposit & Partial Payments for WooCommerce”. [08/06/2022][Thanks to Riley Leung]
  • New: Compatibility ensured for “Advanced Partial/Deposit Payment For Woocommerce PRO”. [08/06/2022][Thanks to Riley Leung]


  • Fix: Summary, split and default emails are refined. [17/05/2022][Thanks to Mathias]
  • New: Group by Attributes Value split method improved with exceptions. [18/05/2022][Thanks to Riley Leung]
  • New: Subscription based shop orders should not take the change status effect. [21/05/2022][Thanks to Brady Becker]
  • Fix: Multiple admin recipients as CSV should receive the new order email just once. [21/05/2022][Thanks to Christopher Smith]
  • Fix: meta_key split_status to false if the original order did not split. [27/05/2022][Thanks to Ward McMillen]
  • Fix: Meta rules under advanced settings is improved. [08/06/2022][Thanks to Riley Leung]
  • Fix: Custom order statuses slug to 20 characters including wc- prefix. [08/06/2022][Thanks to Riley Leung]
  • Fix: Split overview items without line_tax for cart_identities. [08/06/2022][Thanks to Dirk Martens]


  • Fix: Split Order option was not working under the actions dropdown on edit order page. [12/05/2022][Thanks to Ronny Adsetts]


  • Fix: Split Order option was not working under the actions dropdown on edit order page. [11/05/2022][Thanks to Ronny Adsetts]


  • Fix: Stock reduction related issue resolved on edit-order items action trigger. [08/05/2022][Thanks reznik123]


  • Fix: Split Order option was not appearing under the actions dropdown on edit order page. [06/05/2022][Thanks to Ronny Adsetts]


  • Fix: PHP function count() related Fatal error. [28/04/2022][Thanks to Pierre Méchentel, Darren Cain]


  • Fix: Made the PHP function wc_os_is_order_ready_for_processing() dependent on is_admin(). [27/04/2022][Thanks to Riley Leung]


  • Fix: Multiple admin recipients as CSV should receive the new order email just once. [08/04/2022][Thanks to Christopher Smith]


  • Fix: I/O split method refined with re-split to unlimited tiers bypassing the backorder status split lock. [13/04/2022][Thanks to Diego Perin & Viktor Eriksson]
  • Fix: Group cats split method, add to cart was returning with an error regarding insufficient stock. It has been fixed. [20/04/2022][Thanks to Jason Mederios]
  • Fix: Remove items from parent should work even when the exact number of items are in the parent order which are set to removal after split. [20/04/2022][Thanks to Jason Mederios]
  • Fix: Equal shipping for parcels option improved, shipping selection radio box will refresh the checkout page for updated shipping cost, parcel shipment and shipment adjustment fees are removed from the child orders, default order status transition improved for default and Group by Attributes Values split methods. [22/04/2022][Thanks to Riley Leung]


  • Fix: Product search on split settings page improved. [05/04/2022][Thanks to Ward McMillen]
  • Fix: I/O split method refined with re-split to unlimited tiers and order status transition. [07/04/2022][Thanks to Simon Rigg]
  • New: Customer permission for split (Checkout Page) revised. [08/04/2022][Thanks to Hudson O’Brien]
  • New: Separate shipping for each parcel can be charged upfront before split. [08/04/2022][Thanks to Hudson O’Brien]
  • New: Action hook “wc_os_products_list_name_column” added under advanced settings > documentation for product name column under split settings tab. [08/04/2022][Thanks to Ward McMillen]


  • Fix: I/O split method refined with re-split order status transition. [31/03/2022][Thanks to Julien Fontbonne]
  • New: Group by Attributes Values / split method refined with slug based indexed array. [31/03/2022][Thanks to Angel Colon]


  • Fix: I/O split method refined with re-split order status transition. [16/03/2022][Thanks to Simon Rigg]
  • Fix: Email tab, submit button was being overlapped by the alert message. [15/03/2022][Thanks to Rajib Naskar]
  • Fix: Cloning shipping information to child orders. [15/02/2022][Thanks to EJ Mina]
  • Fix: Grouped Products split method revised. [22/03/2022][Thanks Jonathan Kraft]
  • New: Status lock icon on edit order page to disable auto status change. [30/03/2022][Thanks Bertjan Hopster]


  • Group by order item meta split method refined. [14/03/2022][Thanks to Rajib Naskar]
  • Default split method refined with delete_order_item function. [15/03/2022][Thanks to Shivam Mishra]


  • bulk_actions-edit-shop_order filter hook implemented. [26/01/2021][Thanks to Ronny Adsetts / London]
  • New PHP function wc_os_is_order_ready_for_processing() contribution. [15/02/2022][Thanks to Diego Perin]
  • I/O method refined and made a major change to get recursive split with partial inventory stock level. [19/02/2022][Thanks to Diego Perin & Viktor Eriksson]
  • New: Email section > New order email to customer > trigger binded with order status. [25/02/2022][Thanks to Diego Perin]
  • Fix: Display shipping and billing information options on settings page, refined. [03/02/2022][Thanks to EJ Mina]


  • Product Based Shipping Class refined. [19/01/2022][Thanks to Christopher Augustin]


  • Again calculate order totals on thank you page for taxes and shipping. [14/01/2022][Thanks to cshuhart]


  • Illegal string offset ‘to’ warning fixed. [12/01/2022][Thanks to Garima Garg]


  • Warning: count(): Parameter must be an array or an object that implements Countable – Fixed. [05/01/2022][Thanks to super4tw]


  • Speed optimization selection under Advanced Settings, minified and tested. [04/01/2022][Thanks to Noel Saw]


  • Inclusive split method refined with auto split option. [03/01/2022][Thanks to flexaftale]


  • Fatal error: Uncaught TypeError: array_key_exists() – Fixed. [27/12/2021][Thanks to Christer Hansson]


  • BigBuy related compatibility. [23/12/2021][Thanks to Chiara from BE]


  • Order metadata verified in serialized array form, another compatibility check performed for Order Combination Plugin. [20/12/2021]


  • Combined orders information under parent order page. [17/12/2021][Thanks to Russ]
  • Debug logger added under logs. [18/12/2021]
  • Settings page sub tabs selection refined for page reload.


  • Cart items prices are reviewed on order received page. [14/12/2021][Thanks to EJ Mina]


  • Default Split method reviewed. [11/12/2021][Thanks to garimagarg]


  • Split method “Grouped Categories” with “Order Delivery Date Pro for WooCommerce” revised. [08/12/2021]
  • Child and Parent Order Status update function reviewed. [11/12/2021][Thanks to Christer Hansson]


  • Assets updated. [07/12/2021]


  • Compatibility added for Gravity Forms. [13/11/2021][Thanks to Joseph Djemal]
  • Compatibility added for split method “Grouped Categories” with “Order Delivery Date Pro for WooCommerce”. [28/11/2021][Thanks to Christer Hansson]
  • Manual split method improved with selection and grouping option. [30/11/2021][Thanks to Nicolas Savignac]
  • Inclusive split method improved with shipping cost involvement. [05/12/2021][Thanks to thehorsebc / The Horse BackStreet Choppers]
  • Coupons tab added with default, clone and ratio options. [06/12/2021][Thanks to wj2354504303]


  • Split method “Group by Attributes Values” revised for wc_get_product_terms() with product ID instead of variation ID. [12/11/2021][Thanks to Bhumika Maniya]


  • Split method “Group by Attributes Values” revised. [12/11/2021][Thanks to Jan Feiler, Alexine Schmidt & Bhumika Maniya]
  • Child order status should be same as parent order status by default instead of publish.


  • Compatibility added for Custom Order Status for WooCommerce by Tyche Softwares. [11/11/2021][Thanks to Niels]


  • Notice resolved for is_account_page() called too early. [08/11/2021][Thanks to loxlie]


  • WooCommerce Order Status Manager compatibility revised. [05/11/2021]


  • WooCommerce Order Status Manager compatibility added. [05/11/2021][Thanks to Bertjan Hopster]


  • Consolidation option revised. [04/11/2021][Thanks to tierarepro]


  • Consolidation reviewed. [01/11/2021][Thanks to tierarepro]


  • esc_attr revised. [24/10/2021]


  • Undefined index etc. fixed. [23/10/2021]


  • Light cron refined for IO.


  • An easy mantra here is this: Sanitize early, Escape Late, Always Validate.
  • New order status type added to camouflage undesired orders. [13/10/2021][Thanks to Hopagy Hopagy / Abdul Rahman]


  • WooCommerce USPS Shipping compatibility added.


  • WCFM related customer_id and payment_method fields data updated on split. [Thanks to Abdulrahman Albassam / Hopagy Hopagy]


  • Light crons functionality introduced. [Thanks to Keri Cribbs]
  • Consolidate option refined. [Thanks to Russ / Fruitfull Offices]


  • Split by delivery date method introduced. [Thanks to Mark Parsons]
  • Carry customer order notes to split orders. [Thanks to Christopher Smith]


  • Cron Jobs feature provided as an option for Orders List Page. [Thanks to Abdul Wahab Khan / Digital Contact Card]


  • Split Methods based order status settings irrespective of split trigger. [Thanks to Keri Cribbs & Chris Augustin]
  • Parent order should be removed without going to Admin > Orders List. [Thanks to Arnaud Roy – BUROTICA SARL]


  • PHP Warning fixed on checkout page. [Thanks to Keri Cribbs]


  • Category based split and assign different shipping classes to each order. [Thanks to Dylan Lindstrom]


  • Quantity split method improved.
  • Group by Vendors – separate and group all remaining items ensured.


  • In stock, out stock method improved.


  • Emails related improvements are included. [Thanks to Chris Augustin]


  • Item Meta Example: Order number # ORDER_ID – [taxonomy:location,term:_stock_location]. [Thanks to Nick Dill]


  • Another array related error for wos-emails, fixed. [Thanks to asarda]


  • Exception related error for wos-emails, fixed. [Thanks to asarda]
  • New Split Method Introduced: Group by Order Item Meta Values (Order items related metadata will be used to group the items in splitted orders.). [Thanks to Camille Hashem]


  • Split overview module refined. [Thanks to Team AndroidBubbles]


  • Manual “Add Order” auto split related bug fixed. [Thanks to Jay Wingrove]


  • Subscription split method is now compatible with woocommerce-subscriptions including automation. [Thanks to Jase]


  • Fatal error: Class “wc_os_bulk_order_splitter” not found, fixed. [Thanks to Adarsh Verma]


  • Product search filter box improved under split settings tab. [Thanks to Chris-Off Grid Circuits]
  • Child order emails for multiple Administrators refined. [Thanks to Romann Emery]
  • New split method, subscription split improved. [Thanks to Jase]
  • Group by Vendors (User Role) – child emails are refined. [EJ Mina and Vanessa Kroeker]


  • Fatal error on settings pgae got fixed. [Thanks to asarda]


  • Emails module revisited.


  • Fatal error fixed on checkout page due to function pre(). [Thanks to David Trinidad]
  • Group by ACF Field Values split method revised. [EJ Mina, Vanessa Kroeker]


  • Emails section has been revised. [Thanks to angelokjana]


  • Quantity split revised. [Thanks to swerlz / Bhupinder Gill]
  • Inventory not being reduced after order, issue resolved. [EJ Mina, Vanessa Kroeker & Christopher Augustin]


  • Fatal error on set_status got fixed. [Thanks to Vijay Hardaha]


  • Order status rules based on product meta_key are refined. [Thanks to Daniel Hills / Tessellate Design Studio Ltd.]
  • Compatibility with WooCommerce Order Status Manager ensured. [Thanks to Tessellate Design Studio]
  • Fatal error on WC session got fixed. [Thanks to Vijay Hardaha]


  • WCFM Marketplace order_status synchronization ensured. [Thanks to E.J. Mina / GoodLocal]
  • Default split method with split lock option, revised. [Thanks to Alexander Schillemans / LHS Global ]


  • wc_os_status_change_cron added to manage status change activities. [Thanks to kristofdvbe]


  • Compatibility added for Booster Plus for WooCommerce. [Thanks to Christopher Smith]


  • New/Child Order emails to shop managers, ensured. [Thanks to Christopher Smith]
  • Quantity Split > Custom > Compatibility added for another plugin woocommerce-wholesale-prices-premium. [Thanks to Bertjan Hopster]


  • Remove Price from Child Order, new option added on settings page. [Thanks to Jase]


  • New split method, subscription split introduced. [Thanks to Jase]


  • Optional message to display child order number on thank you page refined.


  • Splitting method shredder revised for order item meta values. [Thanks to Diana Vlastuin | Designer StudioDV]


  • Tracking order page shortcode compatibility ensured. [Thanks to shaheed013]
  • Optional message to display child order number on thank you page. [Thanks to Shama Jay]


  • Vendor emails related improvements included in this build. [Thanks to Aidan Graf]


  • Tax calculation revised for child orders. [Thanks to Shama Jay]
  • Group by Vendors (User Terms) revised. [Thanks to Aidan Graf]
  • Group by Vendors (User Roles) revised.


  • SMTP credentials are tested with a new input field SMTP port.


  • Assets updated and ACF guidelines provides.


  • Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Call to a member function calculate_totals() on null fixed. [Thanks to Monica]


  • A few improvements in default split method. [Thanks to molly12]


  • Assets updated.


  • Emails logger revised. [Thanks to Severine Hamal]
  • WCML_Emails compatibility added. [Thanks to Severine Hamal]


  • Assets updated with minified versions.


  • In stock/Out stock split method improved same product item in the order alone, a new feature added. [Thanks to YOW Internet]
  • In stock/Out stock split method improved with Backorder Automation functionality. Whenever stock will be available, it will change order status to in stock order status selected. [Thanks to YOW Internet]
  • Emails section improved by using cart session to guess expected number of parcels. [Thanks to Severine Hamal]


  • VAT will not be calculated on clone trigger. [Thanks to Mike Taylor / mtaylord2]


  • All settings are available in FREE version from now on. Implementation is conditional for the premium features. [Thanks to Team Ibulb Work]
  • Partial deposit meta managed with a new split method. [Thanks to fred_neau & Team Ibulb Work]
  • Compatibility added for Booking & Appointment Plugin for WooCommerce. [Thanks to Team Ibulb Work]
  • Compatibility added for Addon Partial Deposits Addon for the WooCommerce Booking and Appointment Plugin. [Thanks to Team Ibulb Work]
  • Searchbox feature added for product based split methods on settings page. [Thanks to Christopher Augustin]


  • Backorder limit feature added. [Thanks to Yuhi Nakano]
  • Coupon discounts stability ensured in child orders. [Thanks to Austin Mathis]
  • Customer name column available on orders list, parent order flag and hyphen sign for the orders with no parent ID anymore. [Thanks to Chris Augusitn]


  • Single Item case order status for parent order linked with rules. [Thanks to Marc Gielen]


  • Assets updated. [Thanks to Team AndroidBubbles]
  • Group name inserted in order meta. [Thanks to Hogr Omer]
  • Extend group list with more alphabets. [Thanks to Team Ibulb Work]
  • Split method radio buttons replaced with dropdowns. [Thanks to Team Ibulb Work]
  • Inclusive split method has two possible output parcel statuses. [Thanks to Christopher Augustin]
  • Child order statuses added for all possible split methods. [Thanks to Team We The Brains]
  • WooCommerce Customer/Order/Coupon Export by skyverge compatibility added. [Thanks to Christopher Augustin]
  • Order statuses tab related critical error resolved. [Thanks to Christopher Augustin]


  • In stock / out stock orders payment made optional, new feature added. 23/12/2020 [Thanks to Web Thread]
  • Group by Vendors refined again. 25/12/2020 [Thanks to Tomche Mihajlov]
  • ACF | Advanced Custom Fields compatibility added. 18/01/2021 [Thanks to Todd Zaroban]


  • In stock Out stock split method refinement. [Thanks to Marc Gielen]


  • Group by Vendors refined. [Thanks to Tomche Mihajlov]


  • Group by Vendors related JavaScript issue fixed. [Thanks to Tomche Mihajlov]


  • Manual split option refined and a fatal error fixed. [Thanks to Team AndroidBubbles]


  • Manual split selection will make update button disappear. [Thanks to Olga]


  • Manual split selection based functionality restored. [Thanks to Olga and Team Ibulb Work]


  • Group by Vendors – Group and Separate remaining order items among vendors. [Thanks to Nathan Smeltzer]
  • YITH Pre-Order for WooCommerce plugin related compatibility revised. [Thanks to Yuhi Nakano]


  • Default split method improved with unique meta and order overview. [Thanks to go6 media /> go6.uk]
  • Multiple split methods implementation (Beta). [Thanks to Meikel Wolter]


  • Font Awesome added for settings page and group by vendor improved with another optional setting. [Thanks to Nathan Smeltzer]


  • Shipping class function updated.


  • A few important updates for better usability. [Thanks to Team Ibulb Work]


  • A few important changes for better usability. [Thanks to Team Ibulb Work]


  • ReportsCache::invalidate() related error fixed. [Thanks to David & Marie]


  • Manual split improved with get_id() instead of get_number(). [Thanks to Team Ibulb Work]


  • Page refresh issue on checkout page fixed and shipping class empty order object. [Thanks to Julian & Team Ibulb Work]


  • Manual split revised. [Thanks to rohanmili & Team Ibulb Work]


  • Settings update functionality refined. [Thanks to Niels & Team Ibulb Work]


  • Child orders masking restored. [Thanks to themightyant & Team Ibulb Work]


  • Shipping related improvements made. [Thanks to vincentchan218 & Team Ibulb Work]


  • Parent shipping amount will be removed from child orders. [Thanks to themightyant]


  • WooCommerce PDF Invoices & Packing Slips compatibility added. [Thanks to Alex from ZitroxBeats]
  • WCFM MARKET PLACE plugin – multi-vendor. [Thanks to vincentchan218]


  • WooCommerce Product Vendors Plugin compatibility added. [Thanks to Team Ibulb Work, divishgupta and alvarogv]


  • Manual split icon link updated with actual order id instead of sequential order id. [Thanks to Niels]


  • Assets updated. [Thanks to Abu Usman]


  • Sequential order number – Notice: Trying to get property ‘ID’ of non-object, fixed. [Thanks to Abu Usman]


  • Sequential order number compatibility added for masking. [Thanks to Kim Karlsen]
  • Custom order statuses functionality added. [Thanks to Nicholas Lorenzi]


  • Confirm to split checkbox enable/disable fixed. [Thanks to Jonathan Kraft]


  • Checkbox added to hide child orders on thank you page. [Thanks to Bruce]


  • Sequential order number compatibility added. [Thanks to Stef]
  • Settings page optimized for a large number or records selected per page. [Thanks to Peter Lofgren]


  • Resend emails for existing orders, reviewed and ensured. [Thanks to Austin Mathis]


  • Emails delivery in case of no split and split. [Thanks to Hogr Omer & Austin Mathis]


  • Emails delivery in case of no split.


  • Group by attribute values split method reviewed. [Thanks to Abu Usman & Peter Lofgren]


  • Tags updated. [Thanks to Abu Usman]


  • Warning: array_keys() expects parameter 1 to be array – fixed. [Thanks to Abu Usman]


  • Multisite compatibility added. [Thanks to Andrew Code]


  • Shipping split methods introduced. [Thanks to Team Ibulb Work & creationaddicted]


  • Multisite compatibility added. [Thanks to Xavier Deysine & Team Ibulb Work]
  • Grouped Categories related default split case reviewed. [Thanks to Austin Mathis]


  • Order total with parent and child accumulation. New option added. [Thanks to dpenne]


  • Split based in stock method revision. [Thanks to Max Clasener & Team Ibulb Work]


  • Orders stats hooked for accurate revenue calculation and sales representation. [Thanks to Team Ibulb Work]


  • switch statement continue to continue 2. Updated. [Thanks to Henrik from Sweden]


  • Split method shredder was creating an extra order where split was not required. Fixed. [Thanks to Austin Mathis]


  • Child orders were missing _billing_address_index and _shipping_address_index. Fixed. [Thanks to Nicholas Lorenzi]
  • Vendor based split method improved, single vendor will not let the order split. [Thanks to Biswa Bikas]


  • New option added – Remove Fees from Child Order. [Thanks to Nicholas Lorenzi]
  • New split method introduced as Category Based Quantity Split. [Thanks to Glyn Tebbutt]
  • In-stock/Out-stock method tested with same product, different variations and stock status. Worked well. [Thanks to Jade Helmich]
  • Split method – attributes values improved with a meta_key “_wos_split_group” to check the attribute value which became to reason to be splitted. [Thanks to Peter Lofgren]
  • Grouped Categories – remove splitted items from parent order. Fixed. [Thanks to Dorian Savage]
  • WooCommerce Emails revised. [Thanks to Hogr Omer]
  • Order notes were deleting, two queries muted to stop this. [Thanks to Jonathan Kraft]
  • Splitting method attributes by values can handle simple products as well. [Thanks to Pierre-Michel RUEL]
  • Trashed orders were not being restored. Fixed. [Thanks to Jonathan Kraft]
  • Splitted Order Titles, improved a new WooCommerce hook. [Thanks to Sean Ireland]
  • Shipping method selection and distribution for child orders. [Thanks to Pierre-Michel RUEL]
  • In-stock/Out-stock method refined with stripe payment and funds management. [Thanks to Marc Gielen & Mukesh]
  • Rules are now compatible with splitting method attributes by values. [Thanks to Pierre-Michel RUEL]
  • Grouped Categories – saving with no action group wasn’t taing effect. Fixed. [Thanks to Dorian Savage]
  • Vendor based splitting method refined, vendor selection on product page improved as well. [Thanks to Jonathan Kraft]
  • Vendor based splitting method, groups selection …