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Stars, Reactions, Faces, Thumbs Up/Down Rating Widgets by Total Rating WordPress Rating Plugin

Simple Widgets Management
Creating a rating widget with Total Rating is a breeze, thanks to its super intuitive and interactive editor. Get high-quality results in just a few seconds!

Highly Customizable Widgets
Make your rating widget behave exactly the way you want it to. With Total Rating, you have full control over restrictions, limitations, viewing options, and rules of showing.

Responsive Design
Total Rating offers a wide range of customizable skins to choose from, ensuring that your rating widget looks great on any device. Use the design editor provided with Total Rating to further customize your skin to your liking.

Total Rating is optimized for touch, providing your users with the best possible experience. Our WordPress rating widget plugin implements best practices in the industry, ensuring that your rating widget is both intuitive and easy to use.

Analyze Your Results
Make data-driven decisions with Total Rating’s rich analytics dashboard. Gain insights into how your users are rating your content and use that information to improve your site.

Play With Data
Export your results in any format that suits your needs. Use your data to create further insights and make better decisions for your WordPress site.

Ready to take your WordPress site to the next level with a powerful rating widget plugin? Visit totalsuite.net to learn more about Total Rating!

Examples of possible use cases

  • Product reviews: Let customers rate and review products on your eCommerce site.
  • Recipe ratings: Allow users to rate and review recipes on your food blog.
  • Rate a post: Let readers give feedback on your blog posts by rating them.
  • Service ratings: Allow clients to rate the quality of your services on your business website.
  • Book reviews: Let readers rate and review books on your book review website.
  • Hotel ratings: Allow guests to rate and review hotels on your travel website.
  • Restaurant ratings: Allow diners to rate and review restaurants on your foodie website.
  • Course feedback: Allow students to rate and review online courses on your education website.
  • Podcast episode ratings: Let listeners rate and review individual podcast episodes on your podcast website.
  • Event ratings: Let attendees rate and review events on your event management website.

Features list


  • Unlimited rating widgets.
  • Unlimited ratings.
  • Unlimited rating attributes.
  • Reset rating widgets.
  • Presets.


  • Intuitive browser interface.
  • Keyboard shortcuts for navigating through ratings.
  • Filter ratings.
  • Export ratings.
  • Delete ratings.
  • Reset ratings.


  • Display a confirmation before submission.
  • Require authentication.
  • Require a comment (with or without conditions).
  • Limit the number of ratings a user can submit by session, IP, and entity (post, page, etc.).
  • Redirect to a specific URL (with or without conditions).
  • Allow rating takers to change or revoke their ratings.
  • Customize results format (e.g., “Rated {{avg}} out of {{scale}}”).
  • Custom images (PNG, JPG, SVG, GIF) and emojis.
  • Count-based ratings (e.g., thumbs up/down, faces).
  • Average-based ratings (e.g., 5-star).
  • Auto-integration with available posts, pages, and other post types.
  • Hide results.


  • Control colors.
  • Control element sizes.
  • Control spacing between elements.
  • Control roundness.
  • Select tooltip position.
  • Select placement (before or after content).
  • Add custom CSS.


  • Shortcode.
  • PHP code.
  • Popup (modal) with options to control appearance and behavior.


  • Conditional logic.
  • Send email notifications after receiving a rating.
  • Redirect to a specific URL (always or based on conditions).
  • Execute WebHook.
  • Execute WordPress hook.


  • Insights per rating attribute.
  • Export insights.
  • Filter insights.
  • Top-rated posts.
  • Interactive charts.


  • Control who can rate and the frequency through a set of limitation rules.
  • Sort posts by their ratings to know the best performing content.
  • RTL support.
  • Total Rating is available in English and Arabic, and we regularly add and update language files for other languages.
  • One-click integration of your rating widget into your posts and pages.
  • Privacy-enhancement options such as Hash IP Addresses, Hash User Agents, and Honor Do-Not-Track.
  • Customize interface text, including buttons, validation messages, and more.
  • Developer-friendly: API available for developers to integrate Total Rating into their own custom projects.
  • Regularly updated and improved based on customer feedback and market trends.

What are the supported types of rating widget


Star ratings:

Star ratings are a popular and widely recognized type of rating widget. They typically consist of a row of five stars that users can click to indicate a rating. Each star represents a different rating level, with five stars being the highest rating. Star ratings are easy to understand and can be used for a wide range of products and services.

  • Amazon’s product rating system, where users can rate products on a scale of one to five stars.
  • Yelp’s restaurant rating system, where users can rate restaurants on a scale of one to five stars.
  • Goodreads’ book rating system, where users can rate books on a scale of one to five stars.

👎 – 👍

Thumbs up/down ratings:

Thumbs up/down ratings are a simple and straightforward type of rating widget. They consist of two buttons, one with a thumbs up icon and one with a thumbs down icon. Users click the button that represents their opinion. Thumbs up/down ratings are easy to use and can be a good choice when simplicity is important.

  • YouTube’s video rating system, where users can rate videos with a thumbs up or thumbs down.
  • Reddit’s upvote/downvote system, where users can upvote or downvote posts and comments.
  • Uber’s driver rating system, where users can rate their ride experience with a thumbs up or thumbs down.

😕 – 😑 – 😄 – 😍

Smiley face ratings:

Smiley face ratings are a fun and engaging type of rating widget. They typically consist of a row of emoticons or emojis that represent different rating levels. For example, a smiling face might represent a high rating, while a frowning face might represent a low rating. Smiley face ratings can be a good choice when you want to make the rating process more interactive and engaging for users.

  • The feedback forms on the website of the hotel chain Hilton, where users can rate their experience with a series of smiley faces.
  • The customer satisfaction surveys on the website of the online retailer Zappos, where users can rate their experience with a series of smiley faces.
  • The feedback form on the website of the airline JetBlue, where users can rate their experience with a series of emojis that represent different rating levels, including a happy face, a neutral face, and a sad face.



Is Total Rating a self-hosted plugin?

Yes, you have control over all data!

How many rating widget can I add?

There is no feature limit, but it depends on your server capacity.

What methods can I use to integrate a rating widget?

Rating widgets are automatically integrated with WordPress but you can also use shortcodes, REST API, or PHP functions.

What are the minimum requirements to run Total Rating?

You’ll need WordPress 4.8+, PHP 7.0+, and MySQL 5.7+


2023 年 4 月 18 日
We try to creat our platform for our citizen participation projects, this plugin really helps us for collecting the feedbacks and not to mention, the technical support is super helpful and efficient. Thank you Mohamed!
2021 年 10 月 17 日 1 則留言
many thanks, very well done, easy to install and to configure, several possibilities with parallel running
2020 年 9 月 23 日 1 則留言
beautiful plugin which just does it all in the admin side and in the frontend. It seems a bit buggy still and is sometimes unresponsive when voting, but hopefully this will be fixed in the future. With Polylang it gives some errors on taxonomy pages. Doesn't brake anything, but would be nice if this would be fixed.
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