Yasr – Yet Another Stars Rating

通過簡單直覺的 WordPress 評等系統,提升訪客對網站、電子商務或部落格的互動性!

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Site Reviews

Site Reviews allows you to easily receive and display r…

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Rating-Widget: Star Review System

The most popular Five Star Review System on the web. Us…

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Testimonial Basics

Testimonial Basics is an awesome full featured plugin f…

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Thumbs Rating

Thumbs Rating does what you'd expect. It allows yo…

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Comment Rating Field Plugin

Turn your WordPress Comments into a Review System.

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FL3R FeelBox

Adds an one-click real-time mood rating FeelBox to all …

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WordPress Reviews by ReviewPress

WordPress Reviews by ReviewPress is the best WordPress …

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TrustSpot Reviews For Woocommerce

TrustSpot provides brands with a comprehensive solution…

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Rating Plus

A simple and clean rating widget plugin allowing to add…

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