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Sell more through your client opinion thanks to Revi and turn trust into sales. Revi is an online review system that helps companies of all sizes collect and showcase reviews from their customers.


  • With Revi you can easily collect reviews and ratings from your customers about your online store and also your services or products.
  • Increase conversion by showcasing this reviews on your website to help future buyers with purchase decisions.
  • Drive high-intent traffic by displaying ratings in organic search results thanks to Rich Snippets.
  • Online reviews improve the SEO on your site by updated content. And you know how Google loves that.
  • Let your customers share their opinion on their favourite social networks.
  • Revi is a freemium marketing tool, so you can use it for free forever!


Download and install the module. Setup all features such as the request for review email and then you are ready to enjoy all the advantages of your customers reviews. Everything is automated.
The review email will be sent automatically within a few days after your client received the order.
Your customer values separately general aspects of the store such as shipping and customer service and also products individually. They leave their written reviews, their valuation on a stars scale and even can upload images of the product.
Customer reviews will be placed where you have selected in the set up process: on the footer, on the sidebar, on the product page or wherever you want. In addition, they can share their reviews on the main social networks with a single click and you can automate the posting of the best reviews on Facebook and Twitter.


Revi’s Free (forever!) plan is designed to start managing online reviews and specially for small businesses that are just starting out. It includes:

  • 50 automatic request/month. A few days after a purchase, clients receive an email to values their experience.
  • Product reviews. You can start collecting general store reviews and also opinions on your product sheets.
  • Reviews Widget. Showcase reviews and ratings across your homepage, product & category pages. You choose where and how.
  • Customer loyalty. Encourage your customers to leave their opinion by offering a discount coupon for their next purchase in your store.
  • Social Share. Let your customers share their opinion in their favourite social networks.


Revi has other growth plans scale with your business.

PRO Plan (19€/month)
It includes everything in the Free plan plus:
– 150 automatic request/month.
– Rich Snippets.Includes all the meta data needed so that google can show it in your product search results.
– Easy Start. Not matter when you get this plan, with this option you will be able to send requests to all of your previous orders.
– Google My Business. Encourage your customers to leave a rating on your Google My Business card.
– Facebook Tab. Show your customers reviews with an specific tab on your Facebook Fan Page.

PREMIUM Plan (34€/month)
It includes everything in the Pro plan plus:
– 500 automatic request/month.
– Google Shopping Reviews. Take advantage from your competitors by showing your product ratings in your Google Shopping Ads.
– Multi-language. No matter how many languages your website has, under the same subscription fee you can get reviews and display them in your customer’s language.
– Automatic Facebook & Twitter posts. Get the chance to automatically post on your Fanpage your latest best reviews.
– Questions & Answers. Users can ask questions on your product sheets, and you have the chance to help them and turn doubts into sales.


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2021 年 11 月 13 日
De todos los que he probado este es el mejor y el peor es son unos estafadores a mi me obligaron a firmar un año sin ponerlo en marcha.
2020 年 6 月 10 日
Getting easy and fast reviews in all of my ecommmerce never was so easy. Totally recommended solution.


2020 年 2 月 28 日
Very good in achieving customer reviews, easy setup and configuración.
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