Simple MinMax


This plugin extension for WooCommerce allows for the setting, on a product by product basis, of the minimum and/or maximum quantities that the product can be ordered (added to cart). This information can optionally be displayed on the product page. The minimum and/or maximum quanity per category or value per category can also be set. The plugin also provides the option to hide a product category on the shop page.

The plugin os provided AS IS, with no warranty.


There is only one setting to configure, whether to display the Maximum and/or Minimum Quatities for a product to the user.

In Worpress Admin Console, Select Plugins on the left.

Select Settings under the Simple MinMax Plugin.

If no Settings option appears, this means that WooCommerce is not installed AND activated.

The Option allows to select whether to display the Minimum and/or Maximum quantities on the product page if they are configured for a product.

The Default option is Do Not Display Min/Max – this means nothing will be displayed

Option Above The Add To Cart Button, will display any Minimum and/or Maximum information Above the Add To cart Button

Option Under The Add To Cart Button, will display any Minimum and/or Maximum information Under the Add To cart Button

Setting Min/Max Per Product

To add a Minimum and/or Maximum quantity to a product, go to WooCommerce Products and select inventory.

A box will be displayed to optionally set a Minimum or Maximum add to cart quantity.

Setting Min/Max Per Category

When creating a new category or editing a ctaegory, the Minimum and Maximum order value or quanity can be set. Ideal for limiting the number or value of free samples etc!


There is no Settings Option for the Simple MinMax Plugin.

This means WooCommerce is not installed or not activated. Please install and activate WooCommerce.

Minimum/Maximum Quantity Logic.

The plugin dose not verify that the minimum quantity is less than the maximum quantity and vice versa. This logic is left to the user.

Is there multi-language support for Simple MinMax Plugin.

Unfortunately not at the moment!

How can the style of the Minimum and Maximum input boxes be set

A div of class smm_options_group is used, so this can be styled with CSS.

How can the style of the Minimum and Maximum quantities displayed to the user on the product page be set

A div of class smm_quantity_content is used, so this can be styled with CSS.


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Simple MinMax
* Some minor bug fixes
* More vigorous sanitizing, escaping, and validating
* Dynamic currency symbol, delimiter and precession

2.1.3 2023-08-10

Simple MinMax
* Add – WordPress 6.3

2.1.2 2023-01-23

Simple MinMax

  • Add – WordPress 6.1.1
  • Fix – contact details

2.1.1 2022-10-18

Simple MinMax

  • Add – WordPress 6.0.3

2.1.0 2022-08-26

Simple MinMax


  • Add – Category Do Not Display On Shop Page (for Monique)
  • Add – WordPress 6.0.2

2.0.0 2022-08-26

Simple MinMax

  • Add – Minimum/Maximum Category Value (for Monique)
  • Add – Minimum/Maximum Category Quantity

1.1.0 2022-07-20

Simple MinMax

  • Add – Updated documentation
  • Fix – variable checking

1.0.0 2022-07-10

Simple MinMax
* Initial Release