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This wordpress plugin is yet another simple plugin to load the MathJax scripts at the bottom of all of your pages. It uses a very all-inclusive mathjax configuration by default, with $’s and $$’s the default delimeters for in-line and displayed equations.

A preference pane is added to the “Settings” group where you can choose whether to use MathJax version 2 or 3, change the MathJax server location (CDN) and the MathJax configuration settings. (See this page for details on the options available.)
You can also specify a LaTeX “preamble” of newcommands which will be loaded in a hidden element near the top of each page.

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2020 年 8 月 20 日
This plugin has been very useful for our website. It simply works, and it works well. We have been able to add some customization (for example to number the equations) without problem. I highly recommended it if you want to have MathJax in your wordpress site!
2020 年 6 月 19 日 1 則留言
Really like this plugin. It's quick and very easy to use; the best Latex plugin I've tried. I initially had a problem where I only wanted to load the Mathjax on certain pages, and I found the solution was to install a separate plugin which lets you toggle all of your other plugins on and off on each page/post. 'Plugin Load Filter' worked for me, but it might not be useful to everyone though.
2020 年 1 月 8 日 1 則留言
For equations that are inline or in separate paragraphs, it worked like a charm. The formatting doesn't show up in editing mode, just on the published page. I didn't use it for anything more complicated, so I'm only giving it 4 stars as things can get a lot more complicated than this, and on that I can't say how it works.
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Bumped the default CDN URL for MathJax 2 to use 2.7.8.


MathJax 3 support, and the default config makes MathJax ignore the new block editor.


update latest mathjax version, load mathjax in footer instead of header


send default url to new cdn


minor code cleanup, allow mathjax in admin screens


use safe mode (prevents evil scripts) by default


use wp_enqueue_script to allow others to use mathjax as a dependency (christianp). removed disqus compatibility due to reports of it no longer working.


added disqus compatibility. enclosed the preamble in a hidden span to
cover a small space created by mathjax v.2


improved loading of the LaTeX preamble so that it appears just
below the body tag, rather than in the header


initial release