Press This (發佈至網站)


[發佈至網站] 書籤小工具能夠輕鬆擷取網頁內容並建立新文章,它還提供選擇頁面上圖片或影片的功能,以便在文章中使用。使用 [發佈至網站] 書籤小工具,就能夠以快速簡便的方式摘錄網路上其他頁面的內容。


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WordPress 從相當早期的版本開始,就提供了擷取其他網站內容片段供網站作者發佈新文章的方式。

在 WordPress 2.5 版移除舊版的 [發佈至網誌] 功能後,隨即在 WordPress 2.6 版加入新版的 [發佈至網誌] 功能。一直到 WordPress 4.2 版這個重大更新前,這個功能幾乎沒有任何改進。

從 WordPress 4.9 版起,[發佈至網站] 成為一個正規外掛,即 的官方外掛。所有的網站都可以安裝及使用這個外掛,同時也簡化了 WordPress 核心之外的重要功能,就如同之前完成的各個匯入程式一樣。



2018 年 12 月 12 日
The only suggestion I'd make is to add a few options, like whether to embed the link as the text of the title or as the actual url. The latter is handy for making printouts usable by not concealing the url. In other words: <a href="http://blah">title of blah</a> vs <a href="http://blah">http://blah</a>
2018 年 2 月 22 日
I tried out this plugin after being reminded about this feature of WordPress. I searched through core and found out its now a plugin. Tried it out, and it worked exactly like I expected! A problem is that, we like this new version of the post edit screen so much we want to come back and edit posts from this screen too... but you can't. 😢 Maybe now that its a plugin you guys can give us a way to add an "edit in press this" button in the wp-admin bar, or on the posts screen?
2018 年 1 月 12 日
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  • Corrects an issue with the packaging of the plugin for SVN.


  • Restores the bookmarklet functionality previously found in WordPress 4.8 and prior verions.


  • Initial release as a plugin. Previously part of WordPress itself.