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有了語言套件的架構設計,網站管理員及網站使用者要變更網站介面的主要語言比以往簡單的多;但是在某些情況下,網站介面僅顯示單一地區語言並不夠。當 WordPress 無法找到與使用者瀏覽器語言相符的語言套件時,便會以英文顯示網站介面;這對許多非英語使用者而言,並不是良好的使用者體驗。

這個功能專案能讓可登入管理後台的使用者選擇多種語言以顯示 WordPress 的本地化介面。如此一來,這些使用者便能設定後援鍊結順序,讓 WordPress 依照這項順序設定,嘗試依序載入介面語言套件以顯示本地化介面。



這個外掛的開發工作,目前均於 GitHub 上進行。

如想參與專案,請先查看待解問題,並加入 WordPress 專屬 Slack#core-i18n 頻道。如果尚未註冊 WordPress 專屬 Slack 帳號,請前往 完成註冊。


  • 位於 [設定]→[一般] 的網站新語言設定區段
  • 位於使用者個人資料的網站新語言設定區段


2023 年 1 月 18 日 1 則留言
I honestly think that this should be a core feature of WP. The only thing wrong I notice is that when you are looking at the front end... The language of the admin bar changes into the site language but that's the only issue I have with this plugin at the time of writing. For the rest, it's a dream plugin.
2021 年 3 月 20 日
a very cool plugin. this is a truely great plugin, You can use it for many purposes. It works great right out of the box, but is very easy to customize to suit your needs. my current use-case: i use this plugin to power up my page - which has visitors from several european Countries. I’m using this plugin to manage a small job-site: And i have to say: I love this plugin. And if it comes to support: it is so awesome to see that all is documented so well and good: You can do so much with this plugin: if you need to customize it towards your special use-case: just look at the documentation (and again have a look at the docs) Read those instructions – they are written so well, people. There’s a lot of detail there and alltogehter i have to say: it’s super well documented! Amazing job: i love this plugin, from me 5 stars - (i would give even more if it would be possible) keep up this awesome and outstanding job - it rocks!!!
2022 年 1 月 17 日
I think this should be in Core for websites with several possible languages. I like it very much! Specially I appreciate that each user can also choose languages from the selected languages. (I am developing a translation plugin for my own needs to use Google Translate to translate posts/pages and complement it.)
2020 年 8 月 26 日
An indispensable plugin for sites that use a language with formal/non-formal variant. This should become a WordPress core functionality!
2019 年 10 月 17 日 2 則留言
Sometimes you stumble across plugins and wonder: why is this stuff not in core? I think because languages which have both informal and formal speech are a minority. Either way, this plugin saved my day. Thanks!
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