Notification – Custom Notifications and Alerts for WordPress


Custom Notifications and Alerts without a hassle. Notify anyone about any action in your WordPress. With powerful Merge Tags, you can endlessly customize your messages. Set unlimited Notifications in your WordPress Admin via the beautiful and intuitive interface within 5 minutes.


Now, with this plugin, you can easily disable default WordPress emails and replace them with your own. To do that you can use our awesome Wizard which will guide you through the process.


The Notification plugin is built with three main components:

  • Trigger – a WordPress action, ie. User registration or Post publication
  • Carrier – the thing which is being sent, ie. Email or Push
  • Merge Tag – dynamic content, ie. {user_email} or {post_permalink}

You can use them in any combination, adding as many Notifications as you want. They can be sent to multiple Recipients with the content you write.

The process is simple:

  • You select the Trigger
  • Compose your message with Merge Tags
  • Set Recipients
  • Save the Notification

From now on the Notification is working. Test it out and add more!


The Notification plugin is easy to set in the WordPress Admin, but it’s even easier to extend with some sweet API.

You can create your own Triggers with any WordPress action. If you do in your code do_action( 'my_plugin_doing_awesome_thing' ) you can create a Trigger out of it.

This allows you to use the Notification plugin as a notification system in your own plugin or theme. How? Well, because of two things:

  • You can easily load it by copying the plugin files and including load.php file. A function known from Advanced Custom Fields plugin.
  • You can white label the plugin with just one function which is shipped in the plugin’s core. For free.

How easy extending the Notification plugin is? Let’s see:

  • Adding another Merge Tag to existing trigger – 1 line of code
  • Creating custom Trigger – one intuitive class definition and registration with a single function call
  • Defining Global Merge Tag – 1 line of code
  • Creating new Extension – we have a Boilerplate ready for you to start hacking

See the developer documentation if you don’t believe us.


  • Email
  • Webhook


The plugin comes with few registered by default recipient types for Email Carrier:

  • Email address or Merge Tag – free type email address or a Merge Tag
  • Administrator – takes an email from General Settings page
  • User – takes an email from WordPress user profile
  • Role – notify all Users having selected role at once


These are already defined in plugin’s core and are ready to use. You can enable or disable them on the Settings page.


  • Available updates – sent as often as you set them, ie. every week

Post Type:

  • Published post notification
  • Post added to database notification
  • Post drafted (saved as a draft) notification
  • Updated post notification
  • Post send for review (pending post) notification
  • Post approved (pending to publish) notification
  • Post moved to trash notification

The Notification plugin supports any Custom Post Type out of the box.

Taxonomy terms:

  • Taxonomy term created notification
  • Taxonomy term updated notification
  • Taxonomy term deleted notification

The Notification plugin supports any Taxonomy out of the box.

Comment / Pingback / Trackback:

  • New comment notification
  • Comment replied notification
  • Comment approved notification
  • Comment unapproved notification
  • Comment marked as spam notification
  • Comment moved to trash notification


  • User registered notification
  • User profile updated notification
  • User logged in notification
  • User failed to log in notification
  • User logged out notification
  • User password reset request notification
  • User password changed notification
  • User deleted notification


  • Media added notification
  • Media updated notification
  • Media deleted notification


  • Plugin activated notification
  • Plugin deactivated notification
  • Plugin installed notification
  • Plugin removed notification
  • Plugin updated notification


  • Theme installed notification
  • Theme switched notification
  • Theme updated notification


  • Available updates notification


  • Personal Data erased notification
  • Personal Data erase request notification
  • Personal Data exported notification
  • Personal Data export request notification

Feel free to suggest new core triggers in the support forum.

Each Trigger has own set of Merge Tags but you can use the Global Merge Tags anywhere.


Along the Trigger specific Merge Tags, you can use the below anywhere:

  • Site homepage URL – {home_url}
  • Site title – {site_title}
  • Site tagline – {site_tagline}
  • Site theme name – {site_theme_name}
  • Site theme version – {site_theme_version}
  • Current WordPress version – {wordpress_version}
  • Admin email – {admin_email}
  • Trigger name – {trigger_name}
  • Trigger slug – {trigger_slug}


  • Conditionals – send Notifications in certain conditions
  • Custom Fields – use any meta value in your Notifications
  • Review Queue – catch your Notifications into queue for a manual review
  • Scheduled Triggers – schedule your notifications based on events time
  • Discord – post messages on Discord channel
  • Slack – post messages on Slack channel
  • Pushbullet – send Push and SMS Notifications via your phone
  • SendGrid – send emails using SendGrid service
  • Mailgun – send emails using Mailgun service
  • File Log – save Notifications as file logs on the server
  • Signature – add a signature to all your emails automatically
  • WooCommerce – triggers specific to WooCommerce

Coming soon – vote for the extensions


  • Overwriting default WordPress Emails
  • Post publication notification to the post author
  • Custom comment approved notification to post author and administrator
  • User logged in notification to the administrator
  • Notification about removed user account



  • Trigger edit screen
  • All triggers
  • Settings
  • Extensions
  • Help tab with global Merge Tags
  • Wizard
  • Default email disabler



This plugin require at least PHP 7.0.

Plugin install

Download and install this plugin from Plugins -> Add New admin screen.

Distributing in a plugin or theme

Notification can be loaded also as a part of any plugin or theme. To do it just include plugins’s load.php file. It will figure out if it’s loaded from theme or from plugin.

See the detailed guide


How is this plugin different from Better Notifications for WordPress (BNFW)?

The Notification plugin works very similar to BNFW but it has better codebase and interface. You can read the full comparison in the Notification vs Better Notifications for WordPress article.

How can I test my notifications?

It’s not needed to install 3rd-party plugins to catch your emails or other notifications. The Notification plugin comes with a logger which you can activate in the settings and see all the notification configuration parameters.

Why I’m not receiving any emails?

Is your WordPress sending any emails at all? The best way to test it is to try to reset your password. If you don’t get any email than there’s something wrong with your server configuration. You could use any SMTP plugin to fix that.

You can also try to activate the debug log in plugin settings to see if the email is triggered.

Is this plugin for regular users?

Ofcourse it is! We are trying to make both parties happy – the Users and Developers. Users got their intuitive and beautiful panel in WordPress Admin and Developers got an awesome API by which they can extend the Notification plugin.

So it doesn’t matter if you don’t have any coding skills, they are not required to setup the notifications with this plugin.

How to register my own triggers?

With register_trigger() function. See the detailed guide

How to include a custom field in the notification?

You can write a merge tag by yourself or go with a no-brainer Custom Fields extension.

How to target only specific post / category / user etc?

You can control when exactly the notification is sending with the Conditionals extension.

Can I send to a custom recipient list based on my own plugin or theme logic?

Yes, just include filter-id:some-value in the Recipient value (using the Email/Merge tag type with the Email carrier), then return your recipient list from the notification/recipient/email/some-value filter.

Can I bundle the plugin with my plugin or theme?

Yes, you can. See the detailed guide

Is this plugin capable of sending high volume emails?

The plugin is capable and it can send milions of emails, but probably your server is not. To send thousands of emails at once we’d suggest using SendGrid or Mailgun extensions which were designed to support high volume emails in a single API call.

When using SMTP it’s nearly impossible to send more than a dozen emails at once due to timeouts.

Can I test my notifications before sending?

Yes, just activate the debug log in the DEBUGGING section of the plugin settings. All notifications will be catched into log visible only to you.


2021 年 10 月 11 日
This plugin is excellent!!! Thank you so much. I have been looking for a plugin like this for many days. Easy to use, lots of options...
2021 年 9 月 2 日
This plugin allows for great control over every aspect of notification creation, testing, delivery and more. Years ahead of any competition in terms of stability and implementation. The developer is very very nice, responsive, helpful to beginners and insightful. A very well organized code base allows for very reliable and clean extension possibilities that control every aspect the notification content, conditions, recipient... Custom Carriers allow for unlimited possibilities to add new types of notifications unavailable anywhere else. Take the time needed to read the docs, learn the basics first, might take some effort the first time, but once done it's very worth the effort.
2021 年 8 月 28 日
Бесплатно тут только реклама. Я нормально отношусь к платным плагинам и сама покупаю таковые. Но меня очень "Бесит" когда в описании сказано что плагин УМЕЕТ делать что-то. И на деле оказывается что, он это умеет если заплатить еще 200$
2021 年 6 月 16 日
Besides being way too complicated to set up and make it work, most (if not all) extensions are behind a very tall paywall, so it's pretty much useless for small websites without a budget. It also seems to have been abandoned, so there's that.
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  • [Fixed] Fix Post published trigger which was triggered even if the post was just updated.


  • [Fixed] Merge Tag cleaning regex which could lead in some cases to wiping entire Carrier field.
  • [Fixed] Parent Comment ID Merge Tag returning reply ID not the parent.
  • [Changed] A check for activation nag if the user can manage options. Otherwise the useless notice is printed when a paid extension is not activated with license key, thanks to @mircobabini.
  • [Changed] Post published action to generic “publish_{post_type}” action which allows to trigger the notification when publishing from custom statuses.
  • [Changed] Import process which now allows to import singular notification instead of always requireing a collection.
  • [Added] Filter for Background Processing which can be used to enable or disable particular trigger queueing.


  • [Fixed] Wrong implementation of permission_callback while defining REST endpoints, thanks to @jphorn.
  • [Fixed] REST endpoints authentication.
  • [Fixed] PHP 8 compatibility, thanks to @g-kanoufi.


  • [Fixed] Composer dev dependency causing platform requirements to go up all the way to PHP 7.3, thanks to @saowp.


  • [Fixed] DB Upgrade running on every admin request, thanks to @pewu-dev.
  • [Fixed] Missing permission_callback argument in REST endpoints.
  • [Fixed] UserPasswordResetLink Merge Tag property names, thanks to @mircobabini.
  • [Fixed] Uninstall process.
  • [Fixed] TinyMCE plugin error.
  • [Fixed] Notice when Suppressing is active and Debug log is inactive.
  • [Fixed] Cache refreshing while running under WP CLI, thanks to @mircobabini.
  • [Added] User avatar url to comment trigger and comment replied trigger.
  • [Added] Privacy Triggers for User erase/export data request and user erased/exported data.


  • [Fixed] License keys not being passed to the Updater class.
  • [Fixed] Cache refreshing on front-end.
  • [Fixed] {comment_datetime} merge tag being not rendered, thanks to @jphorn.
  • [Fixed] Repeater field values being incorrectly parsed.
  • [Changed] Non-public Post Types are cached too in case someone want’s to unlock them.
  • [Changed] Plugin settings are registered on front-end as well to ensure enough data is provided for the cache.
  • [Added] Option in the Settings to log the Notification and still send it. Previously it was always suppressed.
  • [Added] User role merge tag to all the Post triggers, thanks to Steven N.


  • [Fixed] Carrier Recipients using the explicit slug, now it’s configurable.
  • [Added] Field class property multiple_section.
  • [Added] Post approved Trigger.
  • [Added] Revision link for updated post.
  • [Added] Enable/Disable bulk actions for Notifications.
  • [Changed] Fields usage validation in Section Repeater Vue component now checks Field properties to determine if field can be used in the same row.
  • [Changed] Repeater/Recipients Carrier field based on Vue now displays an error when REST API endpoint is not reachable.


  • [Fixed] Cache refresh process causing no Triggers and Carriers to display.
  • [Added] Webhook error logging, thanks to @callum-veloxcommerce.
  • [Added] Fallback for PRO extensions having a version number in the directory name. They are now properly recognized.
  • [Changed] The Filesystem method is now set to direct when using this plugin.


  • [Fixed] Wizard notifications trigger slugs.
  • [Fixed] Logging dates, now the notification and error log displays the dates properly and respects the timezone.
  • [Fixed] Logger now displays the extras key properly.
  • [Fixed] Notification bulk delete confirmation message.
  • [Fixed] Uninstallation process not fireing.


  • [Fixed] Extensions screen error with premium extension.


  • [Fixed] Param accessor causing PHP notices.
  • [Fixed] TinyMCE error when using unfiltered HTML email body.
  • [Changed] Updated Composer and NPM dependencies.
  • [Changed] When using unfiltered HTML email body, the field is now an HTML editor.


Breaking changes

  1. All trigger’s slugs has been changed to unify them. Compare the old slugs and new slugs.
  2. Settings section notifications has been changed to carriers. Pay attention while registering the Carrier settings and update all notification_get_setting( 'notifications/{$group}/{$option}' ) to notification_get_setting( 'carriers/{$group}/{$option}' )
  3. Changed the plugin file structure and many internal classes which might be used by other plugins.
  4. The plugin initializes now on init 5 action and no functions/classes are available until then. You may use notifiation/init action to init the extensions and notification/elements to register custom Triggers and Carriers.
  5. The Date and Time Merge Tags now require the Unix timestamp which shouldn’t have the timezone offset. Use GMT timezone.
  6. The notification_runtime function has been deprecated in favor of new \Notification static class.
  7. Repeater and recipients fields on the front-end has been rewriten to use vue.js. Hooks for actions in js scripts for this fields provide now access to vue.js instance. Each repeater and recipient field, are now separate vue.js instances.

Full changelog

  • [Changed] Added PUT, PATCH, DELETE http request methods to Webhook. Combined all http requests methods into one class method.
  • [Changed] Webhook class methods http_request and parse_args move to trait.
  • [Changed] Requirements utility to micropackage/requirements.
  • [Changed] DocHooks utility to micropackage/dochooks.
  • [Changed] Files utility to micropackage/filesystem. Now the plugin has few filesystems which can be accessed easily from outside the plugin.
  • [Changed] View utility to micropackage/templates.
  • [Changed] Ajax utility to micropackage/ajax.
  • [Changed] Loading stack, now the plugin initializes on init 5 (or 4 if bundled).
  • [Changed] Merge Tags don’t need the requirements now and throwable resolver errors are caught and changed to notices.
  • [Changed] Date and Time Merge Tags now expect Unix timestaps (GMT) without offset.
  • [Changed] All Trigger’s slugs.
  • [Changed] Settings section notifiations to proper carriers to follow the standard established in version 6.
  • [Changed] Repeater and recipient fields are now using vue.js on the front-end.
  • [Changed] Pretty select fields in the repeater and recipient fields are now handled by vue.js lifecycle hooks.
  • [Changed] NOTIFICATION_VERSION constant to \Notification::version() method.
  • [Changed] User ID Email recipient now support the comma-separated value, thanks to Robert P.
  • [Changed] The Recipients section in Carrier box now displays Type column even if a single recipient type is registered.
  • [Added] Webhook and Cache trait.
  • [Added] Webhook JSON Carrier with plain JSON input code field.
  • [Added] Composer imposter package to aviod package conflicts.
  • [Added] notification_filesystem function to get plugin filesystem(s).
  • [Added] Scheduling user Merge Tags for Post Scheduled trigger.
  • [Added] Last updated by user Merge Tags for Post triggers.
  • [Added] Image field for settings page.
  • [Added] Notification runtime cache with notification_cache() function wrapper.
  • [Added] Two Factor plugin integration.
  • [Added] Possibility to nest one level repeater field in another repeater field. Nested repeater field must have nested_repeater name.
  • [Added] Rest API class to handle internal requests.
  • [Added] notification/settings/saved action.
  • [Fixed] Merge Tag used as anchor href now is not prefixed with protocol while adding the link.
  • [Fixed] Selectize script breaking description field in select input.
  • [Fixed] Bulk removing Notifications.
  • [Removed] NOTIFICATION_DIR and NOTIFICATION_URL constants.
  • [Removed] Ajax action ajax_get_recipient_input