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Live Copy Paste Elementor Addon – 跨網站複製貼上、從本機複製至雲端、複製貼上 Elementor 區段

Live Copy Paste Elementor Addon – 跨網站複製貼上、從本機複製至雲端、複製貼上 Elementor 區段


Are you asking for a way to quickly import web pages from one Elementor website to another cross domain ?
Yes, there is a way. Our LIVE COPY PASTE plugin is the perfect solution where you can import any kind of web page from multiple domains in under 5 seconds. Just copy and paste!

Full Page, Full Post, WooCommerce Product, EDD Product, etc Copy Paste feature coming soon…

This is the Real Deal that you need

The Live Copy Paste is a feature developed to work with Elementor Page Builder. Here, users get to access a secret control over the UI that allows them to import/export live pages, sections, widgets, and any kind of designs (including all modifications) in one click.

This is where it gets interesting.

Live Copy Paste does not only work for live pages but also works for static or dynamic websites. That includes demo pages, section blocks, ready templates, and lots more. Using this addon, you can copy the layout from both the front end and backend.
This gives the users maximum flexibility and is convenient to use anywhere anytime.

Live Copy Paste is a cross-domain feature that only we are selling for free.


Cross Domain Copy Paste-

Live Copy Paste empowers you to import web design from one website built with Elementor to another website instantly. Best for web designers to boost their work output.

Page Duplicator-

Duplicate pages, posts, and templates from your WordPress dashboard with a simple click. The duplicator feature is further enhanced to make copies of designs, product pages, testimonials, and everything that you need on WordPress.

Best Use For

The Live Copy Paste option is designed for our global users who want to work around WordPress to easily design web fronts.
In most cases, the UI designers need to transfer the creative designs from the staging site to the main domain. Using the basic methods (compiling zip files), the layout often breaks as well as bugs happen.

That’s not all, if you need to import any design quickly, you can’t do that here.

But with Live Copy Paste installed on your WordPress site, the problem goes away. There’s no need to wait for a template import/export. You can directly click over any page, section, or widget to copy that and paste it to the target site instantly.

Requirements of Use

To use Live Copy Paste on your website, you need to have

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This section describes how to install the plugin and get it working.


  1. Upload live-copy-paste folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. Start using it by going to elementor editor.


Which page builder supports the Live Copy Paste plugin

  • Nowadays Elementor Page Builder is a powerful page builder for WordPress as a Visual Composer. So it supports only the Elementor Page Builder. But we have planned more in the future.

Is Live Copy Paste compatible with my theme

  • Normally our plugin is compatible with most of the themes and cross-browsers that we have tested. If happen very few changes to your site looking, no problem our strong support team is dedicated to fixing your minor problem.

How should I get updates and support

  • When we release an updated version, then automatically you will get a notification on the WordPress plugin manager, so you can update from there. Thereafter you want to update manually just knock us, we will send you an updated version via mail. You will get our live copy-paste related to all knowledge base from our bdthemes website.


2023 年 3 月 11 日 1 則留言
This plugin works exactly as described. It’s extremely easy to use, incredibly useful, and a perfect gem that saves you a lot of work.This plugin offers the kind of functionality for free that I have only seen in pro versions of plugins. Your work is greatly appreciated, thank you!
2023 年 1 月 20 日 1 則留言
This plugin is underrated – or rather, not rated! I was just looking around for the cross-domain copy feature and came across all the “big players” in the Elementor space when it comes to plugin and widget suites. This one here solves one problem, and one only: Copying sections, widgets & other stuff to other domains/websites. No additional useless bloat features on this one! Especially useful when managing dozens of websites and for me to create a library for myself for reusable components and sections.
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= 1.3.4 [7th May 2024]

  • Fixed: Invisible Button issue fixed

1.3.3 [17th April 2024]

  • Fixed: Nonce issue fixed

1.3.2 [15th April 2024]

  • Updated: Readme file updated

1.3.1 [18th March 2024]

  • Fixed: Magic Copy Button compatibility issue fixed with elementor container
  • Fixed: Magic Copy Button now compatible with Elementor container.

1.3.0 [05 December 2023]

  • Fixed: Deprecated “Live Copy” and “Live Paste” functionality.
  • Fixed: WordPress and Elementor latest version compatibility issue fixed
  • Fixed: Improved overall performance.

1.2.0 [05 December 2023]

  • Fixed: Deprecated “Live Copy” and “Live Paste” functionality.
  • Fixed: WordPress and Elementor latest version compatibility issue fixed
  • Fixed: Improved overall performance.

1.2.0 [23th July 2023]

  • Fixed: Elementor default button paste from other site compatible issue fixed.

1.1.5 [09th March 2023]

  • Fixed: Magic Button disabled in mobile devices.

1.1.4 [08th February 2023]

  • Added: Magic Button shows only for logged in users option added.
  • Added: Magic Button shows only for specific section/container feature added.

1.1.3 [24th January 2023]

  • Fixed: Magic Button doesn’t show in elementor container issue fixed.

1.1.2 [27th November 2022]

  • Fixed: Live Copy Invalid nonce issue fixed.

1.1.1 [19th October 2022]

  • Added: Magic Button disable options added.
  • Added: Duplicator feature enabled by default.
  • Fixed: Fixed frontend live copy button issue. (thanks to @nayeem33)

1.1.0 [21th August 2022]

  • Added: Duplicator feature added. available on (Post, Page & Elementor Template)
  • Added: Live Copy Paste feature Added on Elementor Container (thanks to @ofmarconi)

1.0.1 [13th July 2022]

  • Fixed: Fixed Elementor plugin Loading Issue

1.0.0 [Initial Release]