LikeCoin – Decentralize Publishing with Writing NFT & Storage


If you are looking for ways to monetize, store and build communities with your readers, this plugin is for you. Register content metadata on-chain, keep your content on the distributed web (IPFS & Arweave), and publish content as NFT. It is an integrated tool that allows you to write as usual but publish differently.


A mini NFT marketplace is embedded into your WordPress posts to let readers collect their favorites.


A portfolio that can display your collected articles. Represent your readership and authorship.


The marketplace will determine the mint price by bonding curve. The price of Writing NFT will increase automatically after each transaction. No sales hurdle.


Register content metadata (ISCN) on the LikeCoin chain, storing the content file on IPFS and Arweave in one plugin.


LikeCoin is an open-source project. You are welcome to contribute to the plugin on Github if you are a developer.

歡迎成為 LikeCoin 的讚賞公民 ,支持我們!


  • Writing NFT widget in a Post
  • 文章內的 LikeCoin button
  • LikeCoin 外掛設定界面


安裝 LikeCoin WordPress 外掛只需幾個簡單步驟,過程需時少於一分鐘。

Before installing the plugin, please install Keplr, a crypto wallet Chrome extension for LikeCoin. See the detail procedure of installing Keplr here.

Follow the below steps to install LikeCoin plugin:

  1. 登入 WordPress 管理頁面。(例如若你的網站是,你的管理頁面地址一般會是
  2. 於左方的選單「外掛」的分區,點擊上方的「安裝外掛」
  3. Search for “LikeCoin” and find the LikeCoin plugin, click “Install Now” and wait for the system to finish the job, then click “Activate”.
  4. 完成安裝後,選單上會出現 “LikeCoin” 選項。恭喜成功安裝!

設定 LikeCoin 外掛

You are ready to publish your post as NFT right after finishing Keplr installation. If you want to further enjoy the like-to-earn feature, you can also register a Liker ID. After finishing Liker ID registration, follow the below configuration steps:

  1. 在選單中點選「你的 LikeCoin button」,然後填上你的 Liker ID。
  2. Click “Confirm” to finish setting up your Writing NFT widget, the widget will appear at the bottom of each post.

輸入短代碼 [likecoin],設定 LikeCoin 按鈕顯示於文章中的任何位置,更可設定多於一個 LikeCoin 按鈕。

More Information

To learn more, please visit


How to collect Writing NFT?

Collect in “NFT widget” embedded in the content, or at the user’s portfolio page. Readers need to install Keplr wallet and spend LikeCoin to collect NFT.

How to list Writing NFT for sale?

After install Writing NFT WordPress plugin, writers can publish their posts as NFTs, and readers can then collect via the NFT widget.

On what basis the price of Writing NFT changes?

The price changes dynamically based on supply and demand of the NFT. Writers do not need to set the price and quantity. Readers do not need to set the bidding price too, just collect when the price feels right. The marked price will decrease when someone sell in secondary market.

I do not have Liker ID, can I buy or sell Writing NFT?

Yes. Readers can buy Writing NFT, writers can mint and hence list NFT for sale, as long as they have enough LikeCoin in their Keplr wallet. Liker ID is not needed.

Where can I check out my NFT collection?

At NFT portfolio page.

How to sell Writing NFT in secondary market?

Mark the price of your NFT for sale at NFT portfolio page. Readers can then collect at any NFT widget.

How to set the quantity for sale?

There is no upper limit in principle. However, as the marked price will increase automatically as sales goes on, the minting of NFT will stop automatically when the price reaches a point that is out of market’s expectation.

How to transfer NFT?

Can be done at NFT portfolio page.

How to check my LikeCoin balance?

Users can check LikeCoin balance by:

Keplr wallet

Liker Land 手機程式


如何註冊 Liker ID ?

For users who are familiar with crypto currencies, you can register a Liker ID by Keplr wallet, which you can have full control of your wallet private key.
An easier way to register a Liker ID without any crypto knowledge, however, is to register via email/password or social accounts such as Google or Facebook. Read the guide here.

How to change LikeCoin to fiat currency?

Can do it in, which supports more than 10 types of popular fiat currencies. LikeCoin can be converted to other currencies in many exchanges, for details please refer to this guide.

What is Civic Liker?

Civic Liker is a movement to reward good content and encourage openness. The Civic Liker subscription plan provides a convenient way for supporters to sponsor creators by monthly subscription, and let the creators focus on their work with decent rewards. Readers can pay for at least the cost of a coffee, or up to the cost of a bottle of champagne, to support creators.
For details please refer to this guide.

How to earn bonus from Creator’s Fund?

Creators Fund will be distributed daily according to the claps via LikeCoin buttons by Likers. You can add LikeCoin button to your works by installing LikeCoin WordPress plugin. Note that Civic Likers’ claps has a much heavier weight for the distribution.

Possible to have different Liker ID within the same WordPress site?

This function can be confiigured under the LikeCoin WordPress plugin setting.

在修改其他人的文章後, LikeCoin button 並沒有出現?

Post author’s account must be linked to a Liker ID for the LikeCoin button to show in posts. Please login the LikeCoin plugin with the author’s WordPress account once before editing with other editor account. You can also use the “Site Liker ID” option to force all posts to use a site-wise Liker ID.

What is ISCN?

Creators can register content metadata to guarantee its integrity by acquiring an International Standard Content Number (ISCN). ISCN is an immutable evidence of content ownership, just like the ISBN for books.


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不好意思 謝謝你們給予如此棒的機制 不過我下載一堆文件之後 依然不會安裝 想請問是否能幫忙拍安裝影片呢 感謝您
2018 年 10 月 22 日
好用又好看囉~ 如果可以的話想要shortcode功能,有時候文章長可以把like button插在中間的話效果應該不錯
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以下人員參與了開源軟體〈LikeCoin – Decentralize Publishing with Writing NFT & Storage〉的開發相關工作。


〈LikeCoin – Decentralize Publishing with Writing NFT & Storage〉外掛目前已有 4 個本地化語言版本。 感謝全部譯者為這個外掛做出的貢獻。

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任何人均可瀏覽程式碼、查看 SVN 存放庫,或透過 RSS 訂閱開發記錄



  • Add web monetization to revamped other setting page


  • Add license field when publishing to ISCN
  • Remove matters and IPFS column from post list
  • Remove web monetization settings
  • Move ISCN badge option into main setting page
  • Move Liker ID settings into a single setting page
  • Simplify editor sidebar layout
  • Update copywriting


  • Improve support to WordPress < 5.7
  • Add ISCN update from metabox
  • Fix an issue where non character image name might cause Arweave upload error


  • Improve feature image and general image upload reliablity when uploading to Arweave.


  • Change LikeCoin button iframe size for NFT widget support
  • Reorganize LikeCoin button/NFT widget display settings to allow enabling site LikeCoin button without forcing site Liker ID


  • Improve Writing NFT minting UX. Support postMessage NFT class ID update event when minting Writing NFT


  • Add Writing NFT Support


  • Fix issue with login to matters


  • Refactor restful API
  • Use ISCN ID as key for LikeCoin button if exists
  • Fix ISCN description would be missing if excerpt is not set
  • Move Web Monetization into Other Settings


  • Use custom excerpt as description if available
  • Fix ISCN information was not passed correctly to widget
  • Fix ISCN description might contain HTML escape code
  • Fix strange NaN/0 in sidebar UI
  • Fix site LikeCoin button display setting was not respect if per post setting is enabled
  • Fix broken layout in LikeCoin button setting
  • Add plugin information in iscn record note


  • Add update function to DePub, you can now update metadata in ISCN after a post is updated.
  • Fix ISCN title might contain esacpe string when using DePub
  • Fix LikeCoin button default display behaviour. Now after setting a LikerID and without explicitly disable LikeCoin button, it will default to display.
  • Fix unable to see Matters and ISCN column name when using filtering in admin post list page


  • Fix metabox DePub does not work
  • Fix Arweave ID not updated after submission
  • Use for all ISCN popup
  • Add featured image into DePub post


  • Fix DePub did not use latest post information.


  • Revamp ISCN publising flow with new iscn-ar widget
  • Improve publishing UX and performance for metabox and sidebar
  • Fix issue with Matters draft saving and auto image uploading
  • Improve Matters auto draft/publish performance
  • Allow user with post editing right to set their own LikeCoin button LikerID
  • Update ISCN badge link to ISCN viewer
  • Known issue: Distribution subpanel in post editor sidebar does not reflect actual Matters auto-publish settings
  • Known issue: LikeCoin button per post setting does not work in post editor sidebar


  • Revamp post editor interface and publishing flow
  • Add Gutenberg siderbar for DePub.


  • Fix confusing default select in LikeCoin button and ISCN badge display settings


  • Fix matters publish settings does not work


  • Added error message when ISCN widget popup is blocked by browser
  • Allow re-triggering popup widget after refresh


  • Improved user experience for Arweave and ISCN submission
  • Fix broken admin settings links
  • Fix ISCN button was not available if Matters options are not enabled
  • Fix missing i18n string
  • Added ISCN description


  • Fix handling of files already exist Arweave
  • Fix restful API error handling
  • Fix parsing of post image src with querysring


  • Fix invalid error notice in post editor
  • Fix wrong license in ISCN for Arweave integration


  • Integrate upload to Arweave + ISCN feature


  • Fix matters CORS issue


  • Revamp plugin admin pages


  • Fixed an issue where matters publish status won’t auto refresh when entering post editor


  • Support url field in ISCN widget


  • Add ISCN status column in post list
  • Support ISCN FoTan upgrade


  • Fix buggy LikeCoin button display logic


  • Add display of ISCN badge in posts submited to ISCN testnet.
  • Simplify Matters and IPFS column in admin panel post list.
  • Fix a bug that affects parsing of post tags to ISCN transaction.


  • Add publish to ISCN testnet feature


  • Fix “Illegal string offset ‘matters_id'” error
  • Fix invalid noopener syntax


  • Add refresh publish status button in post metabox
  • Add Web Monetization setting


  • 於 metabox 和文章管理列表添加 Matters 及 IPFS 狀態
  • 為 LikeCoin button 加上 class


figure> 容許自訂義 CSS


  • 修正於 Twenty Twenty-One 佈景主題 LikeCoin button 顯示尺寸問題


  • 修正 Matters 工作階段過期訊息難以理解的問題
  • 同步文章標籤到 Matters


  • 統一 的品牌名稱
  • 改善使用傳統編輯器發佈到 Matters 的表現
  • 加入發佈時添加原文連結的選項


  • 修正發佈到 Matters 核取方塊不能正確顯示的問題


  • 修正 簡介的錯字
  • 修正使用者 LikeCoin button 設定不能更新的問題


  • 嘗試修正儲存草稿到 Matters 時的標題解碼
  • 修正於發佈文章時並未於 Matters 儲存草稿的問題
  • 改善 Matters ID 顯示樣式
  • 為 加入簡短介紹


  • 於設定頁顯示目前登入的 Matters ID
  • 增加贊助資訊


  • 添加發佈到 Matters 功能 beta 版


  • 加入成為讚賞公民按鍵並更新幫助連結


  • 在 [likecoin] 短代碼支援加入 liker-id 參數
  • 重新命名 Like Rewards Banner 為 LikeCoin button


  • 使用 LikeCoin 錢包更新用戶資料


  • 容許直接輸入 Liker ID
  • 移除 Metamask 相關代碼


  • 修正使用網站 Liker ID 時無法顯示讚賞鍵的問題


  • 增加顯示讚賞鍵的 [likecoin] 短代碼


  • 修正編輯文章時讚賞鍵的設定與目前設定不同步的問題


  • 修正 Android 的 Facebook 瀏覽器可能會在重定向後卡住的問題
  • 更改為只在 AMP 模式為 iframe 增加 sandbox 屬性


  • 支援 Metamask 的私隱模式


  • 更新品牌名稱
  • 在文章有密碼保護時不顯示讚賞鍵


  • 移除文章預覽內 LikeButton 的參照網址


  • 新增支援 AMP 外掛的「並行」和「原生」模式


  • 新增支援 內的 LikeButton 顯示設定
  • 改善對舊版本 php 的支援度
  • 增加操作捷徑


  • 改善對 Elementor Builder 和 Beaver Builder 的支援
  • 調整 LikeButton 的顯示優先度和預設設定


  • 修正翻譯問題


  • 修正錯字


  • 新增 LikeCoin 外掛設定頁面
  • 新增網站 LikeButton 功能
  • 全新用戶界面


  • 縮減 JS 檔案大小
  • 更新本地化支援


  • 增加本地化支援


  • 初始版本