Inspect HTTP Requests


** This plugin is inpired from the work of log-http-requests plugin **

Monitor all the HTTP Request being made via WP HTTP Methods i.e. wp_remote_get, wp_remote_post Block any request by just a click of button.
Track how much time a request like updating core/plugin/theme taking (may be useful for bandwidth consumption analysis),

This plugin logs all WP_HTTP requests and displays them in a table listing for easy viewing. It also stores the runtime of each HTTP request.

If you add a base-url manually, e.g., there will be no more entries stored for that host.

Available Hooks

Add the following to wp-config.php for default blocking:

define( 'inspect_http_requests_default_block', true );

To prevent database littering and performance drain due to sql lookups you can ignore (parts of) hostnames:
(without this, your own site and are ignored)

define( 'inspect_http_requests_ignored_urls', [
        'your own site',

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  • The plugin menu is Available inside tools


  1. Download and activate the plugin.
  2. Browse to Tools > Inspect HTTP Requests to view log entries.


2023 年 1 月 3 日 3 則留言
<p>The first version had bugs, but the developer fixed them and now it works excellent.<br />It is the most complete plugin to analyze outgoing traffic.</p>
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  • Updated functionality to retrieve the base URL and compare it with database entries. Manually added base URLs with runtime 0 are now ignored. Note: This functionality currently applies only to base URLs.
  • Sort the admin page on blocked url’s and sort URL’s on alphabet
  • Stop logging to database if administrator has manually added a matching base-url in the database.
  • Added option to block by default, define( ‘inspect-http-requests-default-block’, true ) in wp-config.php
  • Added option to create ignore list in wp-config.php, the defaults are ‘your own wp’ and
    so that preloaders and updates won’t show up. If you have a lot of database lookups this WILL speed things up.

    define( 'inspect_http_requests_ignored_urls', [


  • Support WordPress 6.5


  • Support WordPress 6.3


  • Support WordPress 6.2


  • Fixe bug


  • Initial release