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HivePress is an easy-to-use, extensible, and highly customizable plugin that allows you to create any type of directory website.

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Whether it’s a business directory, job board, real estate, classified ads, or staff directory, HivePress is an excellent choice for it!

This plugin comes with all the essential features for building a directory website to allow users easily add, manage and search listings:

  • Listing Categories – Add categories for different listing types.
  • Custom Fields – Add custom fields to the listing form.
  • Search Filters – Turn any custom field into a search filter.
  • Location Search – Enable the location-based listing search.
  • Ratings & Reviews – Allow users to leave reviews for listings.
  • Private Messages – Allow users to send private messages.
  • Favorite Listings – Allow users to keep a list of favorite listings.

Crucial features like user registration, listing moderation, and captcha protection are also available by default.

Moreover, if you ever need to customize any of the HivePress page templates or email notifications, you can do this without coding skills using the familiar WordPress editor.

Monetization Options

With HivePress, you can create a business, not just a website. There are at least a few ways to monetize your directory, for example:

  • Paid Listings – Charge users for adding listings.
  • Featured Listings – Charge users for advertising listings.
  • Claim Listings – Charge companies for claiming their listings.

Free & Premium Extensions

Enhance your website functionality with just a few clicks using HivePress extensions. While you can build a fully functional directory using free extensions only, premium extensions may also be useful depending on your website requirements.

Niche-Specific Themes

HivePress comes with a free ListingHive theme that is fully compatible with HivePress and its official extensions. Also, there are a few premium themes with more tailored design and functionality for various directory and marketplace niches.

Developer Features

If you have at least basic coding skills, then look no further because HivePress is powered by the most customizable and extensible framework for directory websites:

  • Structured Code – We follow the WordPress coding standards, so the codebase is well-structured and readable.
  • Easy Theming – Styling and overriding layouts is very intuitive due to block-based templates and BEM CSS notation.
  • Hooks API – A collection of actions and filters for customizing or extending the core HivePress functionality.
  • REST API – There’s an API endpoint for every action, so you can integrate HivePress with third-party platforms.
  • Docs & Snippets – Never get stuck with our collection of ready-made code snippets, API references, and docs.

Support & Community

HivePress is directly supported by its developers, people who know the plugin inside and out, so any issues are resolved in the best way possible. Join the community to report a bug, suggest a feature, or vote for suggestions to help us make HivePress better!



2023 年 3 月 29 日 1 則留言
Always improving, good support. Amazing, amazing, superb.
2023 年 3 月 15 日
Very good app. I have also tried different competitors but this is by far the best. Does what it is supposed to and with great customer service. Highly reccomended.
2023 年 3 月 14 日
Super produkt. Pozwolił mi stworzyć naprawdę fajną stronkę, tego szukałem!!!POLECAM
2023 年 3 月 10 日
muy buena excelente muchas gracias a los desarrolladores
2023 年 3 月 5 日
After testing a dozen themes, HP is by far the best. Light, modern and easy to use, it allows you to build a solid and serious marketplace platform. The real plus ? A team available to all requests via the HP community. Answers in less than 24 hours and qualitative help. Still having problems? A member will help you directly on your platform. If you have an idea for a marketplace, go for it, HP has everything you need to help you.
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