Health Check & Troubleshooting


這個外掛的選單位置已變更至 [工具][網站狀態],對應功能會取代 WordPress 5.2 內建的 [網站狀態] 功能。

這個外掛會為 WordPress 網站進行多項檢查,以便檢測常見的設定錯誤及已知問題。

目前這個外掛會檢查網站的 PHP 及 MySQL 版本、WordPress 需要或有待改善的延伸模組,以及目前網站可以存取的 服務。

外掛的偵錯功能可讓網站管理員收集 WordPress 網站及伺服器設定的相關資訊,這樣便能輕鬆地將必要資訊分享給佈景主題、外掛或官方 技術支援論壇的技術支援代表。

疑難排解功能可讓網站管理員為 WordPress 網站執行一個停用全部外掛及佈景主題的標準工作階段,且該工作階段僅會套用於啟用這個模式的使用者,而不會影響網站一般訪客。

如需更全面有效使用 Health Check 外掛的示範案例,請參閱 技術支援小組撰寫的外掛手冊頁面

將來我們會為這個外掛加入更多檢查項目,歡迎前往外掛的技術支援論壇GitHub 專案頁面提出意見反應。


  • 系統通過自動測試後所顯示的網站狀態檢查畫面
  • [偵錯資訊] 標籤頁提供了可進行複製貼上的欄位
  • 可執行於網站的選取工具
  • [疑難排解] 模式啟用後,會顯示於網站的 [控制台] 首頁



如因啟用 [疑難排解模式] 造成任何問題,清除瀏覽器 Cookie 便可將該模式予以停用。

不瞭解如何清除瀏覽器的 Cookie 嗎?不必擔心,請關閉所有瀏覽器視窗、或重新啟動電腦,便能自動清除因啟用 [移難排解模式] 所產生的 Cookie。


六月 15, 2019
This plugin puts your site in troubleshooting mode, disables all 116 of the plugins I had installed and activated. Then when you disable the plugin (since you don't want to go through the 116 plugins, one at a time, and turn them all back on. There's also no way to turn more than one plugin back on at once???), it leaves all the other plugins disabled so there is no way to restore the site to it's original state without re-activating every plug-in (if you can still remember which ones were active before), adding all the widgets back again and generally spending 3 hours putting everything back how it was. Fortunately I just took a backup so fingers crossed, it will only take me around an hour and a half to fix the issues from this plugin. Thanks whoever wrote this, it actually causes more damage than most of the virus' I've created.
四月 30, 2019
I deactivated the troubleshooting mode and then deactivated the plugin, but then it logged me out while the site was still broken.
三月 26, 2019
Great for quickly isolating conflicts without affecting the public facing site.
三月 8, 2019
lines above code of sitemap.xml, bug solved
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Health Check & Troubleshooting 外掛為開源軟體。以下人員為這個外掛做出了重大貢獻。


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  • Add polyfill for directory size calculations for sites running WordPress versions older than 5.2.0
  • Fix link for the extended PHP information


  • Include missing dependency for JavaScript files, first introduced in WordPress 5.2


  • Plugin moved to the Tools section in the admin menu
  • New UI/UX for the plugin pages
  • New troubleshooting mode UI/UX
  • Removed the backup reminder nag
  • Improved security hardening
  • Changed cookie names for improved hosting compatibility
  • Improved accessibility
  • Automatically check for critical issues once a week (adds a counter next to the menu item)
  • Dates in the email tester now follow your site settings