Health Check & Troubleshooting


這個外掛會在 WordPress 網站上執行多項檢查,以便偵測常見的組態錯誤及已知問題,並且可讓外掛及佈景主題開發者加入必要的檢查。

外掛的偵錯功能可讓網站管理員收集 WordPress 網站及伺服器設定的相關資訊,這樣便能輕鬆地將必要資訊分享給佈景主題、外掛或官方 技術支援論壇的技術支援代表。

[疑難排解] 功能能讓網站管理員執行乾淨的 WordPress 工作階段,此時會先將全部外掛停用,並使用預設佈景主題,且這個工作階段僅對當下的網站管理員有效,不會影響其他使用者。停用 [疑難排解] 功能或登出網站後,工作階段便會失效。

[工具] 分頁中的工具能讓網站管理員檢查 WordPress 核心程式檔案是否遭到竄改、電子郵件能否順利傳送,以及外掛是否能與未來的 PHP 版本更新相容。

如需更全面有效使用 Health Check 外掛的示範案例,請參閱 技術支援小組撰寫的外掛手冊頁面

非常歡迎大家在 技術支援論壇GitHub 專案頁面,或透過官方 Slack#forums#core-site-health 頻道提出意見反應。


  • 系統通過自動測試後所顯示的網站狀態檢查畫面
  • [偵錯資訊] 標籤頁提供了可進行複製貼上的欄位
  • 可執行於網站的選取工具
  • [疑難排解] 模式啟用後,會顯示於網站的 [控制台] 首頁



如因啟用 [疑難排解模式] 造成任何問題,清除瀏覽器 Cookie 便可將該模式予以停用。

不了解如何清除瀏覽器的 Cookie 嗎?不必擔心,請關閉所有瀏覽器視窗、或重新啟動電腦,便能自動清除因啟用 [移難排解模式] 所產生的 Cookie。

PHP 相容性檢查結果顯示這個外掛僅能執行於某個版本的 PHP?


用於檢查 PHP 相容性的工具無法區隔這類程式碼與真實程式碼,因此會顯示這類錯誤回應。

目前這個外掛已與 PHP 5.2 到 7.3 間的每個版本進行過測試,在全部版本上均能正確執行。


2021 年 10 月 10 日
I like this plugin a lot and I'm not sure how it's not part of core WordPress - the ability to troubleshoot a live site without affecting user experience is extremely valuable. I leave it installed and active on all my development/testing sites while only installing it as necessary on production sites and then removing it when troubleshooting is finished. I've seen a lot of reviews here stating that troubleshooting mode broke the website - I did have an issue once where I enabled troubleshooting mode on a caching plugin - this would be expected behavior for a plugin like this especially if one uses a caching plugin that modifies .htaccess since troubleshooting mode would not undo that change.
2021 年 9 月 15 日
Good approach, but it stopped working. The plugin can get stuck in troubleshooting mode (which you can get out of by deleting browser cookies), but in my installation, even enabling or disabling plugins stopped working permanently. Support is of no help, they just don't answer.
2021 年 9 月 10 日
I had some issues that I knew had to do with a plug-in I updated, but as I had updated about 12 of them, it was pretty tedious to troubleshoot manually. This plug-in made the process easy. Thanks.
2021 年 8 月 10 日
I love it and use the troubleshoot feature quite frequently to test new themes and features
2021 年 8 月 2 日
This plugin is a good tool but unfortunately it gets stuck in "TROUBLESHOOTING MODE" The troubleshooter button does not have a REVERSAL!! Then, the dashboard TROUBLESHOOTING controls do not work. Hence I had to uninstall it 🙁
2021 年 7 月 27 日
After an update my theme was causing an error. Using the troubleshooting mode saved me time having to turn everything off manually and allowed me to find the culprit quickly.
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  • Fix Troubleshooting Mode throwing errors in frontend on WordPress 5.5


  • Fixed hidden JavaScript warning when using troubleshooting mode on the Dashboard
  • Fixed plugin and theme lists staying hidden in troubleshooting mode on the Dashboard


  • Compatibility with WordPress 5.4


  • Fix missing headers for a loopback request in the debug section


  • Fixed SQL version checks for various MariaDB installs.
  • Fixed a warning being generated in logfiles for first-time users with no existing Site Health history.
  • Added missing translation function for the new PHP compatibility tool.


  • Fix a bug when viewing the Site Health page if enabling the Health Check plugin in troubleshooting mode.
  • Fix an inconsistency with how database versions are checked.
  • Fix the file comparison view on Windows systems if there are modified core files.
  • Fix a bug where some premium plugins could not be enabled in troubleshooting mode
  • Improved styles for older browsers.
  • Improved the PHP module checks to allow for constant checks as well. Should help with some edge case tests.
  • Improved the core file integrity checker.
  • Improved testing of WP_cron, now works properly for those running a “real cron” outside of WordPress.
  • Improved the htaccess rule test to only run if using an Apache server that supports these.
  • Modify the Site Health grading indicator.
  • Modified strings to make them clearer.
  • Added server headers to the Debug information.
  • Added polyfills for core features from WordPress 5.2 so they work for older sites.
  • Added a link to the Site Health page from the plugin overview.
  • Added a custom capability, view_site_health_checks for the plugin.
  • Added support for parent/child theme output in the Debug screen.
  • Added system user information to the Debug information.
  • Added a Site Health test for timezone localization.
  • Added mbstring and json (again) as requirements to the list of PHP extensions.
  • Added a missing toggle to the list of plugins/themes to the troubleshooting dashboard widget.
  • Added bulk actions to enable or disable plugins when troubleshooting, or to initiate troubleshooting mode.
  • Added plugin compatibility checker ot the tools section.
  • Added a dashboard widget to show your Site Health status at a glance when logging in.
  • Added filters for Site Health test results.
  • Added WP-CLI support, you can now run wp health-check status for a list of test and their status.
  • Moved compatibility functions out of primary files and into a compat.php so they can be conditionally loaded.
  • Disable the Fatal Error (WSOD) protection in WordPress while in troubleshooting mode.