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Sell online e-tickets for any event type (sport events, festivals, congresses, concerts, seminars, your local party, …) with
a variety of payment options(iDEAL, Creditcard, PayPal, Bancontact, Giropay and many more), mobile tracking app for sports events, realtime mobile scanning, mobile payments, mobile admin app, seating plans, … and much more.
Take a look at the features how Fast Events can be used.

If online payments are used, the plugin currently only works for companies, associations, foundations … located in SEPA countries. There is no region restriction for free tickets or RSVP events.

The majority of the Fast Events plugin had already existed for a number of years as a commercial plugin without being present in the WordPress plugin repository.
Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, there were hardly any events organised and the decision was made to make the plugging available for free in order to reach a wider audience.
We hope that donations will provide the necessary funding for the further development and support of the plugin.

Fast Events provides a simple way of defining your own events (sports events, theater, concerts, …).
Varying from an RSVP registration to a full-blown event with selling online e-tickets with a variety of payment methods,
mobile tracking app for sports events, realtime scanning of e-tickets, designing your own PDF tickets and a lot more.

Define a single event or group events together and let the customers choose one or select multiple and if needed link a passe-partout to multiple grouped events.

No fees per ticket. The only costs are the transaction costs of an order. For iDEAL (Netherlands) it is EUR 0.29 (ex VAT) per transaction.
It does not matter how many tickets are ordered in the transaction, it’s always EUR 0.29 (in NL) for an iDEAL payment.

Simply define you own e-tickets in your favorite word processor (Word, LibreOffice, …), leave an empty block of 120 x 40 mm
available anywhere on your design where Fast Events can print the qrcode and other info. Save the file as a PDF in the WordPress
Media library and tell Fast Events where to print the qrcode-block.

Have a look at the documentation.


  1. Modern bootstrap based admin interface
  2. Event types (single, single selection from many, multiple selection and passe-partout)
  3. Design your own PDF e-tickets and invoices
  4. Mobile tracking app for sports events with realtime messages, track updates and track sharing with family and friends
  5. Design email confirmations
  6. Define input fields for selling e-tickets
  7. Define e-ticket types
  8. Sell to closed user groups
  9. Saas mode
  10. Flexible realtime e-ticket scanning with mobile app at multiple levels
  11. Optional reCAPTCHA protection
  12. Export orders and tickets for offline data analysis
  13. Integrated with Mollie as payment provider, providing a variety of payment methods
  14. Seating plans
  15. Public API, Webhooks and actions & filters for custom extensions
  16. Blazingly fast
  17. And much more

Supported languages

  • English
  • Dutch


  • Edit event (Basics - tab)
  • Edit event (Type - tab)
  • Edit event (Email - tab)
  • Edit event (Confirmation email - tab)
  • Edit event (Input -tab)
  • Edit event (Tickets tab)
  • Edit event (Pdf templates - tab)
  • Edit event (Scan - tab)
  • Edit event (Groups - tab)
  • Edit event (Seats - tab)
  • Edit event (Tracking - tab)
  • Etickets example
  • Event - contextmenu
  • Tools - Send order emails
  • Tools - Mail Manager
  • Tools - Refund orders
  • Orders - contextmenu
  • Invoice example


Just install from your WordPress Plugins > Add New screen and all will be well. Manual installation is very straightforward as well:

  1. Upload the zip file and unzip it in the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the Plugins menu in WordPress
  3. Go to Fast Events > Settings and start configuring the plugin.

Sample data

The plugin comes pre-loaded with some demo data. Give it a try and play around in the menu and the order contextmenu.
Place dashboard orders and give the Scan App a try.
If you want to try the Payment App, you first have to create your free Mollie account to receive payments.


Is there a premium version of the plugin?

Noop, this is it, and it’s all for free. If you like this plugin, or it is useful to you in some way, please consider a donation and give it a review on




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任何人均可瀏覽程式碼、查看 SVN 存放庫,或透過 RSS 訂閱開發記錄



  • Fix: Optimised various queries.
  • Fix: Create new orders: COMMIT transaction before external call.


  • New: Extended keywords for email body replacement tags.
  • New: Advanced permission settings for the FE Admin App and REST API.


  • New: Edit more settings via the FE Admin App (version 2.0 or higher, API version 4).


  • New: Edit event settings and event date from FE Admin (version 1.8 or higher).
  • New: Introduced API version check for communication with FE Admin.


  • New: PHP 8.0 or higher is needed.
  • New: Optional event_ids as emailaddress suffix in the authorisation settings limiting the access to the specified event_ids.
  • New: The plugin is now SaaS enabled and can be used as a ticketing service for multiple companies, associations, …
  • New: Ability to set a sender and email address per event.
  • New: Optional cache order forms if the Ordering API is used.
  • New: Option of no border around the qrcode block in PDF tickets.
  • New: FE Admin 1.6 will only work with Fast Events 1.4.0 or higher.
  • Change: Ordering status lines are now optional in the Miscellaneous settings.
  • Fix: Order paging length state saved in frontend.
  • Fix: PDF template selection is now sorted.
  • Fix: Order submit button is now disabled after submitting a new order.


  • New: Ordering API added for generating order forms, so that the client frontend can be integrated with other, non WordPress, development environments.


  • Updated: Action scheduler and various JS components
  • New: ‘{%YEAR%}’ substitution in email templates
  • WordPress 5.9 support


  • Fixed: Authorization bug


  • New: If Firebase is used, share tracks with other FE Tracking App users


  • Fixed: No email was sent for a free order


  • New: {%DEEPLINK%} parameter in emails order orderpage -> Adds a link so a ticket can be directly imported into the FE Tracking App (v1.2 or higher)


  • Updated readme.txt


  • Initial version