Debug Bar Rewrite Rules


Debug Bar Rewrite Rules 會將由篩選器變更的重寫規則相關資訊新增至 Debug Bar 外掛的面板中。這個外掛是 Debug Bar 的擴充功能,但它也能以獨立模式執行 (在管理後台的 [工具] 中)。請注意,這個外掛無法追蹤呼叫 add_rewrite_rule 函式的結果,因為這個函式無法追蹤。


  • 現有重寫規則的數量
  • 重寫規則清單
  • 能影響重寫規則且目前可用的篩選器勾點清單
  • 能影響重寫規則的篩選器清單
  • 搜尋規則並以醒目提示顯示相符項目
  • 可以測試網址並查看可以套用哪些規則
  • 可以從 Debug Bar 面板/[工具] 頁面重新整理規則


  • 測試相符項目的網址:顯示相符的規則及實際相符項目
  • 在規則清單中搜尋,並將結果進行篩選及醒目提示
  • 重寫規則偵測器介面 (不安裝 Debug Bar 的獨立模式)


2020 年 12 月 4 日
This plugin makes it so easy to debug and even discover WP rewrite rules. Thanks a lot!!
2020 年 10 月 8 日
I was setting up rewrite rules for the first time and had set some breakpoints to take a look at the existing rules when I thought, "there must be a plugin for this." And there was. Not only does it let you examine the existing rules, but you can also test urls to determine which rules match and the resulting query args. I ran into one small issue as a result of some of my debug settings and the developer fixed it and deployed a new version quickly. It's joined the few plugins in the boilerplate site I use as the starting point for new sites. Thanks, Oleg.
2020 年 1 月 14 日
Good visual presentation of data. There is more information and it is more conveniently organized than in the Rewrite Rules Inspector, for example. Automatically integrates into the Debug Bar, if installed.
2018 年 3 月 25 日
Really nice tool for working with rewrite_urls array and permalinks customizations.
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  • [bugfix] – php8.0 compatible call_user_func_array calls.


  • [general] – way assets appear on a page changed.
  • [bug] – Fixed: warning on private static var
  • [bug] – Fixed: admin page
  • [bug] – Fixed: domain field
  • [general] – added Makefile to simplify development


  • [minor changes] – Localization Changes.
  • [improvement] – New Icon (for and tags.
  • [code refactoring] – Minor code changes.


  • [improvement] – Added track for PHP __invoke methods (callable objects)
  • [bugfix] – Added fix for plugin loaded via symlinks
  • [code refactoring] – Code of PHP and JS refactored.


  • [ui] UI Change – Domain input box width calculated with JS
  • [bugfix] – e.preventDefault()
  • [bugfix] – Double check for empty array in filters UI


  • Code refactored from version 0.1


  • Non Public Release