Date Time Picker Field


Convert any input field on your website into a date time picker field using CSS selectors. You can display a calendar with just a date picker funcionality or enable a time picker also.

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Compatible with Contact Form 7, Divi Forms and others.

Full List of Features

  • Set minimum and maximum time
  • Set a time offset
  • Set minimum and maximum dates – also based on current date
  • Disable past dates
  • Automatically display next available time slot
  • Display picker inline
  • Different date formats
  • Disable specific weekdays
  • Disable specific dates
  • Set list of allowed time slots for week day

Perfect for appointments or booking forms that need to follow certain opening times and booking rules.

Pro Version

If you need to create more than one set of rules for different fields, or date ranges, try out the PRO version.



  • Date and Timer picker.
  • Basic Settings.
  • Advanced Settings.


Why was this plugin developed?

This plugin was developed because of the need of having a date and time picker field on a contact form that did not include this type of field.
Using this plugin you can convert any text input field into a data time picker field. Including on contact forms.

How do I prevent the datetimepicker scripts and styles from loading across all my website?

In the settings page for the plugin you can find the option to load the necessary files only when the shortcode [datetimepicker] exists on the page.
If you have this option selected, the plugin will only look for fields to convert when this shortcode exists on that page.

How do I add specific times for different days? For example, for weekends?

In the settings page for the plugin you can find a ‘Advanced Settings’ tab were you’ll find some options to set available times for each day. You’ll need to individually set each time available as default, for example ’09:00,09:30,09:50,10:50,11:30′ and then override this default values for each day you need. It will not work well if you don’t setup a default list of allowed times. The list of times still needs to be inside the minimum and maximum times set in the ‘Basic Settings’ tab.


2020 年 6 月 11 日
working great with latest version of CF7. in my case i had to click: load css across full site and not only when shortcode exists. then it works great! if you need help with translating in german or english, feel free to contact me.
2020 年 5 月 22 日
Great plugin, I used it specifically for contact form 7. Works way better than the date picker only.
2020 年 5 月 18 日
Works perfectly with Contact Form 7. I particularly appreciate being able to use the shortcode to dictate which pages should load the assets - a nice touch. Couldn't be simpler to set-up, thanks.
2020 年 4 月 17 日
I want to thank Carlos for such an amazing plugin, and for keep it updated! Of course I will donate to this plugin because it saved my life a couple times. Thanks again! Quiero agradecer a Carlos por este plugin tan maravilloso, y por mantenerlo actualizado! Claro que donaré a este plugin por que me ha salvado la vida varias veces. Gracias de nuevo!
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  • New date formats added
  • UTC issue fixed
  • Offset and min_date improvements


  • display inline option


  • undefined index error fix


  • dirname() error fix (min.req PHP7)


  • time scroll fix
  • load custom version of jquery.datetimepicker plugin


  • add minimum date option
  • set field type to text
  • fix mousewheel issue


  • Default settings improvement


  • Refractor code
  • Language Improvements


  • Option to set maximum date
  • Option to detect language automatically


  • option to disable specific dates
  • improved time handling – it will now consider the site timezone


  • option to disable specific dates
  • improved time handling – it will now consider the site timezone


  • improved default time value
  • new option to set time offset for current day


  • fix with get_plugin_data() function


  • language files
  • add version to loaded scripts and styles
  • remove unused files
  • AM/PM hour format bug fix


  • fixed data format issue in some languages
  • Removed moment library in favour of custom formatter


  • Fixed IE11 issue


  • Added advanced options to better control time options for individual days


  • Start of the week now follows general settings option
  • Added new Day.Month.Year format


  • Option to add minimum and maximum time entries
  • Option to disable past dates


  • Option to add datetime field also in admin


  • Solved PHP missing file


  • Included option to prevent keyboard edit


  • Added option to keep original placeholder


  • Solved bug with date and hour format


  • Added direct link to settings in plugins page
  • Improved options handling


  • Initial Release