Theme Switch in Mobile and Desktop


Theme Switch in Mobile and Desktop allows to swap the active theme to another one, when your website is loaded on mobile devices or desktop browsers depending to the screen width. With Theme Switch in Mobile and Desktop plugin, you can select different themes dependent to the screen width, without having to activate the theme previously. “Theme Switch in Mobile and Desktop” will use the correct theme for the conditions where the website was loaded.


Main features of Theme Switch in Mobile and Desktop are:

  • Allows activate a different theme based in the screen sizes, where website is loaded.
  • Allows display a dialog where users can select: continue visiting the website with the default theme, or activate a new theme optimized for the screen size.
  • Allows the apply the themes only for desktop browsers, mobile devices or both.
  • Allows to disable the theme’s switching with the search engine crawlers.

Features included in the premium version of plugin:

  • Allows to switch the themes dynamically without asking first to the users through a popup dialog.
  • Allows define different themes for different screen sizes. So, if you want activate a theme for bigger screen sizes, like tablets, and another one for a small screen, like mobile phones, this option could be very appreciated.

The base plugin, available for free from the WordPress Plugin Directory has all the features you need to define a theme optimized for small screen sizes.

If you want more information about this plugin, please visit, where you can also check out other WordPress plugins.

Demo of Premium Version of Plugin

Theme Switch in Mobile and Desktop Interface

Theme Switch in Mobile and Desktop offers several setting options.

  • Apply theme-switch to: Select the device where apply the theme switch (Desktop, Mobile, or both).
  • Installed Themes: Select the a theme, between all themes installed in your website (active or not).
  • Screen Sizes: Define the screen sizes used as reference to load the selected theme.
  • Preview: Button to preview the website with the theme and screen sizes defined.
  • Accept Theme: Accept the theme and screen combination, to define a new one (only available in the premium version of plugin).

In the premium version of plugin it is possible define different themes for different screen sizes. The list of themes and screen sizes can be edited or deleted

  • Load Theme Dynamically: Check the box if you want load the optimized theme dynamically without asking first to the user (only available in the premium version of plugin)
  • Text to display when theme is not loaded dynamically: Text to display in a popup window asking to the user if activate the optimized theme or continue displaying the website with the active theme by default.
  • Don’t load the alternative themes with crawlers: Prevents switching the theme with search engine crawlers.


  • Website without an optimized theme.
  • Website using the optimized theme.
  • Settings page of plugin.


To install Theme Switch in Mobile and Desktop, follows the steps below:

  1. Download and unzip the plugin
  2. Upload the entire mobile-theme-switch/ directory to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  3. Activate the plugin through the Plugins menu in WordPress
  4. Go to the settings page of plugin, and define the themes to activate depending of screen sizes

Another way to install and activate the plugin:

  1. Go to the plugins sections in WordPress
  2. Press the “Add New” button at top of page
  3. Type the plugin name “Theme Switch in Mobile and Desktop”
  4. Finally, install and activate the plugin


Q: How to load a theme dynamically?

A: Check the option “Load Theme Dynamically” from the settings page of plugin (only available in the premium version of plugin)

Q: How to define different themes for different screen sizes?

A: Creates a theme and screen sizes combination, and press the accept button (only available in the premium version of plugin)

Q: How to remove a combination of screen size?

A: Press the delete button in the row corresponding to the combination of theme and screen size.

For more information, please visit our FAQ page in:


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  • First version released.


  • Complete re-implementation of the plugin.
  • Corrected an issue with child themes.
  • Compatible with all the latest WP versions
  • Improves the mobile devices detection.
  • Takes in consideration the “devicePixelRatio” value on devices screens.
  • Loads the custom settings of themes loaded dynamically.


  • Allows to apply the theme-switch in desktop browsers.
  • Prevents switching the theme with search engine crawlers.


  • Modifies the loading order for switching the theme as soon as possible without need to reload the webpage.


  • Fixes an issue with the loopback requests when are being edited the code of plugins or themes in the WordPress editor.


  • Modifies the blocks for the Gutenberg editor, preparing the plugin for WordPress 5.1


  • Increases the plugin’s security.


  • Modifies the plugin interface, doing easier its settings and improving the users’ experience.


  • Redirects the users to the settings page when the plugin is activated to improves the use experience.


  • Fixes an issue displaying the themes’ thumbnails.
  • Includes some additional buttons for accessing to the themes directories.


  • Modifies the access to the demos.


  • Fixes an encoding issue in some ampersand symbols on generated URLs.


  • Fixes an issue related with the widgets. Now the widgets locations are preserved in their corresponding sidebars, when the themes are switched.


  • Fixed some typos.
  • Includes a video tutorial in the settings page of the plugin to improve the user’s experience.


  • Modifies the way the plugin manages the session variables.


  • Fixes minor issues with the page preview and width on settings.


  • Fixes minor issues with the promotional banner.


  • Removes deprecated JS code.


  • Fixes a conflict in the activation process with WP6.5.