Cloudflare Stream Video


  • Block native player
  • Multiple playback options
  • Distribute videos with unique URLs or embed code
  • Per minute pricing
  • Adaptive bitrate streaming
  • Video storage included
  • Workflow integration with webhooks
  • REST API support


  • This plugin lets you easily add block native videos to your WordPress sites


  • Stream videos natively without ads or recommended videos
  • Minimal streaming costs based on engagement and views

Site Owners

  • Easily add videos to your pages with no technical or video expertise needed

* Please Note *

This plugin requires an account on to upload and stream videos. Existing Cloudflare Stream users will be able to retrieve videos from their Stream library from the WordPress editor. Currently only users with the “administrator” role can leverage some features.


  • Uploading a video
  • Browsing the Cloudflare Stream Library


這個外掛提供 1 個可供 Gutenberg/區塊編輯器使用的區塊。

Cloudflare Stream Video


  1. Signup for a free or paid account on
  2. Change your DNS settings to Cloudflare
  3. Enable Stream from the Cloudflare dashboard
  4. Install the Stream for WordPress plugin
  5. Add API exchange keys


1) Do I need a Cloudflare account to use this plugin?

Yes. Sign up for a free or paid Cloudflare plan that maps to your site’s domain address. Once your account is activated, you can obtain the API key to enable the plugin.

2) Is there a cost to use this plugin?

Stream charges for storage and views based on minutes. Storage costs $5 per thousand minutes worth of video content. As videos get watched, incremental costs of $1 per thousand minutes viewed apply. These costs are in addition to any other Cloudflare free or paid subscription plan you signed up.

3) My site is already connected to Cloudflare, can I use this?

Yes. If you are already a Stream user you only need to activate the plugin using the API key. If you haven’t enabled Stream yet, login to your Cloudflare account and enable the feature to receive an API activation key for the plugin.

4) Can I use this plugin to deliver live streams?

No. Stream only supports on-demand video streaming.

5) How is this different from using an embedded YouTube player link?

Stream lets you own and control the video viewing experience and is ideal for videos that require a paid subscription.


2020 年 6 月 11 日
It is a birth to connect and then it only works with blocks, it does not have an upload to the classic editor and neither through MIDIA, nor anywhere. Very bad.
2020 年 7 月 5 日
2.This plugin has so much potential, but for some reason I cannot make it so a person can ONLY upload. I know, I seen that before (upload only option) but I've now tried each user role and it either has upload or stream only. I DON'T WANT EVERY USER BEING ABE TO VIEW EVERY USERS POST IN TH STREAM LIBRARY. Please I'd appreciate any help. 1.I just added this plugin and configured it. So far I got mixed reviews and overall it is still a good plugin. A plus is I can see all the videos I uploaded through stream in my WordPress media library. A negative is it seems to only work with Gutenberg editor. I will be back to give a full review once I test it out some more
2019 年 11 月 6 日
On the description, we can read Secures video access with signed URLs But this feature is not available, the support says that is necessary to implement it :/
2019 年 7 月 13 日
You upload videos one at a time through the block. Videos then appear in the media library but you can only add them to posts using the block that the plugin provides. You can't then use them in other ways once they're uploaded which is annoying. Also, videos uploaded directly to Stream don't appear, so you have to upload them via the block which means you can't bulk upload. Also, the Cloudflare stream dashboard is pretty basic. So this approach is fine if you're using a small number of videos but it's not ideal if you are working with a lot of videos as you have to do a lot of individual work for each video. So this plugin doesn't actually make life any easier, quicker etc. It's just a different way of doing something with no added efficiencies or benefits. So I wouldn't recommend using it, even though it worked fine within the limitations I've described. I am instead just uploading videos directly to Stream and then embedding them using the code they provide. This method is quicker as you can bulk upload and it's also more versatile as you can use the videos outside of the block editor. I'm happy to amend this review if and when it improves.
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  • TUS uploader fix to support large files.


  • Restores Javascript-based uploader client for TUS protocol for users with the administrator role.


  • Security Patch – Removes Javascript-based uploader client for TUS protocol in preparation for PHP-based client.
  • Updates Heap Analytics application ID.


  • First release of Stream Plugin for WordPress