Contact Form 7 Editor Button


No need to copy/remember shortcodes for Contact Form 7 plugin. Just click the button, select the form and the plugin generates and embed contact form into a post.

Plugin usage

Install the plugin like described in “Installation” section, it adds “envelope” button to editor’s button toolbar. The popup with available forms appears at the click of the button. Shortcode for the selected form will be added into a post.


  • Easy to use

  • Supports custom sorting

  • Can load data via AJAX

  • No dependencies from 3rd party libraries. Uses only TinyMCE API and Vanilla JS

  • 100% free

System requirements

The plugin works with WordPress 4.0+, PHP 5.4+ and “Contact Form 7” 4.2+

Have any question, a support request or ideas how to do the plugin better?

Contact us here and we will contact and help you shortly.

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Want to integrate Contact Form 7 with MailChimp?

Try our free Contact Form 7 Connector plugin. It integrates CF7 with email marketing services.


  • TinyMCE editor - Contact Form 7 button
  • TinyMCE editor - Configuration popup
  • Contact Form 7 Editor Button - Settings


  1. Open ‘Plugin -> Add New’ screen in admin part of your WordPress site, select search by authort, enter ‘arisoft’ in search box and click ‘Install Now’ for ‘Contact Form 7 Editor Button’ plugin or use ‘Upload Plugin’ button on ‘Plugins -> Add New’ screen to upload file and install the plugin
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ screen in WordPress
  3. A new button will be available in TinyMCE editor in button’s panel. Use it to generated and insert shortcode


Is it possible to change forms ordering?

Yes, you can configure it on “Settings” page. Open “Plugins” page in WordPress main menu, find the plugin in the grid with the installed extensions and click by “Settings” link.


2018 年 2 月 7 日
This small extra functionality is very straightforward and helpful. I am very surprised nobody had thought of this before. Besides being more convenient, it gives users who cannot edit forms (authors for example) an easy way to insert them, thus keeping permissions to just the right level for each user. Technically the plugin works perfect. Thankyou!
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