Bing URL Submissions


Bing URL Submissions 外掛能為 WordPress 網站啟用自動提交網址至 Bing Index 的功能。外掛安裝完畢後,輸入從 Bing Webmaster portal 取得的 API 金鑰,外掛便能偵測 WordPress 網站的新增頁面及頁面更新,並在背景自動提交網址,讓網站在 Bing Index 處永遠是最新資料。


  • 開啟/關閉自動提交網址功能。
  • 手動提交網址至 Bing Index。
  • 檢視外掛最近提交的網址清單。
  • 在最近提交網址的清單中,重新提交任何提交失敗的網址。
  • 下載最近提交的網址以供後續分析。

使用者可以在外掛的 GitHub 存放庫檢閱程式碼。

這個官方外掛由 Bing 網站管理員工具團隊開發。

這個外掛目前不支援 WordPress 多站網路。


設定 Bing URL Submissions 包含 2 個步驟:安裝外掛及透過專屬 API 金鑰設定外掛。


  1. 登入 WordPress 管理後台,點擊 [外掛] 頁面中的 [安裝外掛]。
  2. 搜尋「Bing URL Submissions」並安裝外掛。
  3. 安裝完畢後,點擊 [啟用] 以啟用外掛。

透過專屬 API 金鑰設定外掛

  1. 點擊 Bing URL Submissions 的 [設定] 連結以開啟外掛,或點擊左側導覽選單的 [Bing Webmaster] 連結。
  2. 外掛設定頁會提示需要輸入 API 金鑰。
  3. 在外掛設定頁面輸入 Bing 網站管理員工具的專屬 API 金鑰。如有需要,請參閱這份說明以取得 API 金鑰。請注意,要進行設定的 WordPress 網站必須先通過 Bing 網站管理員工具的驗證。
  4. 大功告成!完成上述設定後,WordPress 網站便能自動將網址提交至 Bing。


為什麼網站需要安裝 Bing URL Submissions 外掛?

Bing URL Submissions 外掛會使用 Submit URL API,自動提交 WordPress 網站上任何更新/新增頁面的網址,因此 Bing 網站管理員工具便能快速索引你的網站。

在何處可以取得 API 金鑰?

如需使用 Bing URL Submissions 外掛自動將網址提交 Bing 網站管理員工具,網站管理員必須在 Bing 網站管理員工具中註冊 WordPress 網站;Bing 網站管理員工具對網站完成驗證後,網站管理員便能在 Bing Webmaster portal 中右上方的 [設定] (齒輪圖示)→[API 存取]→[API 金鑰]。

嘗試使用專屬 API 金鑰登入外掛控制台時,外掛出現「Adding API key failed: Invalid API Key」訊息,該如何處理?

「無效的網址」錯誤代表專屬 API 金鑰與要進行設定的 WordPress 網站而言無效,請確認要進行設定的 WordPress 網站已在 Bing 網站管理員中完成驗證。

[Automatic URL Submission] 及 [Manual URL Submission] 資訊卡在外掛控制台中顯示為無法作用的灰色,如何修正這個問題?

如果系統偵測到專屬 API 金鑰無效,便會停用 [Automatic URL Submission] 及 [Manual URL Submission] 資訊卡,這會導致無法為 WordPress 網站提交網址。請確定 WordPress 網站已通過 Bing 網站管理員工具的驗證,並使用 [API 金鑰] 中的 [更新金鑰] 取得新的 API 金鑰更新外掛設定。

外掛出現「Invalid API key : Update API key to enable Automatic & Manual URL submission.」訊息,該如何處理?

詳見「[Automatic URL Submission] 及 [Manual URL Submission] 資訊卡在外掛控制台中顯示為無法作用的灰色,如何修正這個問題?」的答案。

如何刪除已儲存於 WordPress 資料庫中的資料?

網站管理員可以在 WordPress 管理後台的 [外掛] 頁面點擊 Bing URL Submissions 外掛下方的 [停用] 連結,這項操作會移除專屬 API 金鑰及提交網址相關的本機儲存資料。重新啟用外掛後,外掛會恢復初始狀態,並要求網站管理員輸入專屬 API 金鑰。


2024 年 5 月 24 日
Great plugin and does what is needed. The only issue is it sends posts that are scheduled as well so ?p= URLs so creating a bit of an SEO issue with that URL indexing and when it does turn to publishing as proper permalink.
2022 年 9 月 29 日
It’s been a few months since the website has registered with Bing Webmaster Tools and has submitted a sitemap but is not indexed. I hope by using this plugin the website will be indexed later, but it turns out to be the same. It’s easy to use but unfortunately doesn’t work well.
2022 年 5 月 25 日
I followed the instruction 3 times but the process just failed: the API key generated from the ‘Bing Webmaster Tools’ page is not recognized. I had to do this manually by copying the XML file to the root of my website directory. Plugins for Google do much better!
2022 年 5 月 17 日
I am one of several people whose website was removed from Bing SERP after adding this plug in. Although my website meets all the guidelines / requirements of BING and I had zero technical issues and was passing all tests, I was initially told by BING help center (after weeks of waiting) that the site wasn’t meeting requirements, which I knew was unlikely. So when I pushed the issue, it was escalated and my site was indexed again. However, a few weeks later my site was once again de-indexed. This time I removed the plugin then contacted Bing again and had to wait months (something about you can’t submit another request within a month of another??) for the issue to be once again resolved. Which it eventually was and, because I no longer use the plugin, this time I have remained on the index (but after months off, I’ve lost my good rankings). I gave two stars to the plug in rather than one because the support team did try!
2021 年 9 月 7 日
It does what it says, big help not to code the stuff. URL Submission API Easy to plug-in API solution that websites can call to notify Bing whenever website contents is updated or created allowing instant crawling, indexing and discovery of your site content. Thanks a LOT!
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  • Fix: Compatibility update with wordpress v5.8 and linting fixes.


  • Fix: Compatibility issue with older wordpress versions.


  • Fix: Non public URL subimssions.
  • Fix: Upgrade dependencies to fix vulnerabilities.


  • Upgrade dependencies to fix vulnerabilities.


  • Update readme to reflect support for WordPress v5.7.


  • Upgrade dependencies to fix vulnerabilities and update latest compatiable wordpress version.


  • Fix console error being thrown by React when not in plugin page.


  • Upgrade dependencies to fix known vulnerabilities.


  • Filter out URLs containing specific post_types that aren’t browsable.


  • Fix encoded URLs being displayed in URL Submissions table.


  • Update root element name. Fixes issue loading plugin settings page.


  • Rename root element of settings page to avoid conflicts with other plugins.


  • Update readme to reflect support for WordPress v5.5.


  • Initial release.