Auto Upload Images


這個外掛在作者儲存文章後,便會自動搜尋內容中的圖片網址,然後將外部圖片上傳/匯入至 WordPress 的 uploads 目錄中,並將外部圖片新增至媒體庫,最後還會在內容中以新的圖片網址取代舊的圖片網址。


  • 自動尋找文章內的圖片,並將圖片儲存至網站伺服器及 WordPress 媒體庫
  • 以網站伺服器上的新圖片網址更新文章內的舊圖片網址
  • 將這個外掛儲存的圖片新增至 WordPress 媒體庫
  • 可選取要在自動上傳圖片時排除於外的自訂內容類型
  • 選取要排除的網域名稱,以便在儲存圖片時排除來自指定網域位址的圖片
  • 選取儲存的圖片的自訂起點網址
  • 選取儲存的圖片的檔案名稱自訂命名規則
  • 選取儲存的圖片的替代文字自訂命名規則
  • 選取儲存的圖片最大寬度及高度




  • 外掛設定頁面:英文
  • 外掛設定頁面:波斯文


將解壓縮所得的 auto-upload-images 資料夾及其全部檔案上傳至 wp-content/plugins 目錄中,然後啟用這個外掛。
如需進行設定,請前往 [設定]→[Auto Upload Images] 變更預設設定。


這個外掛能在安裝 Gutenberg 外掛的 WordPress 3.1 或更新版本的網站上使用嗎?

可以,但是在編輯器中透過 AJAX 儲存後,不會立即顯示網址。

設定頁面中的 [起點網址] 設定的作用為何?


設定頁面中的 [圖片名稱] 設定的作用為何?


設定頁面中的 [需要排除的網域] 設定的作用為何?



2021 年 10 月 27 日
I was migrating 580 blog posts to a new, clean vanilla WP install before a new theme was added. The normal WP Import tool only migrates the posts, tags, categories etc. Using Auto Upload Images I managed to migrate about 2000 images from the old site to the new clean WP install by bulk editing blocks of 40 posts, then waiting for the plugin to download the images from the old site. Worked great for what I needed it for.
2021 年 3 月 12 日
Do not use this plugin for migrating images from the Squarespace export file (XML) What happens is it copies everything to WordPress in multiple copies of the same images. Understandable because Squarespace has no media library and images are uploaded as per instance needed, (gallery, page, product, post etc.) however if you delete any of the excessive copies the single image left will not be viewable and will show only as a blank.
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以下人員參與了開源軟體〈Auto Upload Images〉的開發相關工作。


Auto Upload Images 外掛目前已有 5 個本地化語言版本。 感謝全部譯者為這個外掛做出的貢獻。

將 Auto Upload Images 外掛本地化為台灣繁體中文版


任何人均可瀏覽程式碼、查看 SVN 存放庫,或透過 RSS 訂閱開發記錄



  • Add support urls without schemes
  • Add support to showing www if exists in base url #58
  • Fix duplicate images in attachments bug reported #59
  • Fix bug to download images from some urls #71
  • Integrate with Gutenberg editor
  • Add Russian translation


  • Add support for detecting images from “srcset” attribute in img tag


  • Fixed some important bugs
  • Add new feature to reset all options of plugin to defaults settings
  • Update with some enhancements in image resizing


  • Update with change image downloader
  • Update with save post enhancements
  • Update integrate with Gutenburg editor
  • Fixed mime_content_type error in some cases
  • Fixed some minor bugs
  • Delete deprecated wp functions
  • Add Korean translation
  • Add French translation


  • Fixed critical bug with update to new file structure


  • Fixed bug and add support for base url with HTTPS
  • Fixed bug in image alt attribute replacement
  • Some optimizations and improvements code
  • Enhancement in files security access
  • Update files structures
  • Update setting page styles
  • Update screenshot pictures
  • Add Information box to setting page


  • Fixed some bugs


  • Add option for customize images alt attribute with defined patterns
  • Add option for exclude post types from auto images uploading
  • Add %timestamp%, %post_id%, %postname%, %image_alt% patterns for custom file names and image alt names.
  • Handling image alt attribute
  • Change code structures and many important optimizations
  • Saving images on upload directory with same post date
  • Fixed bugs with uploading images from create new posts by wp restful api
  • Fixed some bugs. Thanks to Sergey Funn


  • Added %random% pattern for file names. Contributed by Zdravko Danev
  • Added Italian translation. Thanks to Patryk Chmura


  • Fixed bug in problem with some urls


  • Added option for choosing max width and height of saved images
  • Added new shortcodes for custom filenames. %year%, %month% and %day%
  • Added error message for “PHP CURL” disabled sites
  • Fixed bug in saving Persian and Arabic filename
  • Fixed bug in saving image process
  • Fixed bug in getting images url
  • Many optimizations in code and enhancements performance


  • [Fixed] Fixed a bug in replace exclude urls
  • [Updated] Some optimize in code
  • [Added] Added Español translation. Thanks to Diegoh
  • [Added] Added Russion translation. Thanks to Артём
  • [Added] Added German translation. Thanks to Till


  • [Updated] Optimize save post
  • [Added] Add language files (English, Persian)
  • [Added] Add option to choose exclude urls
  • [Added] Add option for choosing a custom filename
  • [Added] Add option for choosing a custom base url
  • [Added] Add settings page
  • [Fixed] Fixed for adding image correctly to the media library


  • [Fixed] Fixed tiny bug 😉 Thanks to Ali for reporting bug


  • [New Feature] Work With Multi Address Sites
  • [Fixed] Work with Persian & Arabic URLs
  • [Fixed] Replace URL for images already been uploaded
  • Implementation with object-oriented


  • Fixed some bugs


  • Fixed Bug: Save one revision post
  • Fixed Bug: Fix pattern of urls
  • Fixed Bug: Save file with same name
  • Fixed Bug: More images with same urls in post
  • Fixed Bug: Work with ssl urls


  • Add image to Media Library and attach to post
  • Fix a bug


  • It’s first version.