使用具備使用權限的 SMTP 伺服器從你的 WordPress 網站輕鬆傳送電子郵件。

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SMTP Mailer

讓網站管理員設定從網站傳送電子郵件的 SMTP 伺服器,並改為透過 wp_mail() 使用 SMTP 以取代…

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Zoho Mail for WordPress

Zoho Mail 外掛能讓網站管理員在 WordPress 網站上設定 Zoho Mail 帳戶,藉以啟用透…

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wp_mail return-path

Simple plugin that sets the PHPMailer->Sender variab…

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SAR Friendly SMTP

A friendly SMTP plugin for WordPress. No third-party, s…

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SMTP settings, mail function, send test, save submited …

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Send From

Plugin for modifying the from line on all emails coming…

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Configure your WordPress to send e-mails using your per…

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SMTP Mailing Queue

Add emails to a mailing queue instead of sending immedi…

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WP SMTP Config

Configure an external SMTP server in your config file.

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