PDF Embedder

這個外掛能以可調整寬度與高度的方式將 PDF 檔案嵌入文章與頁面中,無須藉助其他第三方服務且與 WordPre…

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Aspose.Words Exporter

Export WordPress posts and pages as DOCX, DOC, ODT Word…

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Pretty file links

The Pretty File Links plugin adds an extra option to th…

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Pretty file list

A plugin that lists files attached to the current post/…

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A simple Documentation Plugin

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WP Quip

Quip integration for WordPress

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Convert Docx2post

Convert Word docx or text files to WordPress posts, pag…

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Document management made easy. A clean & easy solut…

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WP-Content Listener

Protect files, track downloads on Google Analytics, and…

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