• oleunited


    Previously I created a CSS class for the <mark> tags on my posts.

    .marker-pen {
        background: linear-gradient(to top,PaleTurquoise 30%,transparent 0%);
        font-weight: 700;

    The HTML part is <mark class="marker-pen">content</mark>
    The <mark> tag can be styled without any problems, however this week I found out that they all turned into the default style (yellow background). class="marker-pen" remains in the html source code, but I couldn’t see .marker-pen anymore in the DevTool.

    The issue is relardless of the themes I use. I really have no idea what has changed and how can I fix it?
    The page I attached contain a few lines with customized <mark> (now having default style with yellow background)

    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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