Zeeker is much more than a comment section. It is a non-disruptive social add-on that helps you build a community and following for your website. With Zeeker, you will allow your visitors to engage in discussions, ask questions, and provide feedback with ease. Adding Zeeker to your WordPress site is quick and easy — it takes less than 5 mins!


Zeeker consists of a completely customizable discussion button and an in-page discussion box that shows up when the button is clicked on. The discussion box allows users to view existing posts and add their own. The conversations are auto-moderated for spam and profanity. You can view, moderate, and reply to any posts on your website through the dashboard.


  • Non-Disruptive: Users only see a button at the bottom right of the webpage. When clicked on, a discussion forum opens as an in-page popover, which the user can easily close.
  • Completely Customizable: You pick and color and style of the discussion button and box. You can also pick the placement of Zeeker on your webpage (left, right, center).
  • Looks Amazing on Mobile: Zeeker is designed to use the limited space on phones effectively. The button occupies little space and the discussion box can be opened and closed with a single tap.
  • Secure & Private: We take security & privacy very seriously. We don’t collect or store any data other than the comments posted in the widget. And an encrypted channel is used to communicate between our server and the widget.
  • Intuitive: Users will find the widget very easy to use. It is packed with the right features to make discussions fun, accessible, and convenient.
  • Moderated: Zeeker is built for civil discussions. It has features to automatically prevent spam, profanity, and hate speech. In addition, you are also able to manually moderate comments and reply to them.
  • AMP-compatible: Zeeker is fully compatible with Google AMP. You can add Zeeker to any of your AMP pages.


Once you create a widget, you are able to access a powerful dashboard. You can customize the widget (color, position etc.), add specific add-ons, and moderate discussions with ease. You can also reply back to existing posts as the author, owner, or moderator. The dashboard also shows important statistics about your website — the comments, the countries they originated from, and devices there were posted on. Finally, you can also invite other moderators and administrators to your widget.

Why Zeeker

You generate great content or have a well-built website. Then why have your visitors engage with your content on other sites like Facebook or Twitter? With Zeeker, you can drive that engagement back to your own website (after all it’s your content!). And unlike other comment sections or discussion plugins, Zeeker doesn’t clutter your site and turn into an avenue for toxic trolls and internet fights. It is built solely for civil conversations.

Help and Support

Questions, feedback, or concerns? Use the support section or message us. We are here to help!


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  • Add the Zeeker Plugin: In your WordPress Admin Dashboard, go to “Plugins” > Click “Add Plugin” or “Add New” > Search for “Zeeker for WordPress” > Click “Install Now”
  • Activate the Zeeker Plugin: Go to “Plugins” tab > Click “Installed Plugins” > Find the “Zeeker for WordPress” plugin > Click “Activate”
  • Obtain a Widget ID: Go to portal.zeeker.com/dashboard > Sign-up/Login > Complete the Widget creation steps (less than 5 mins) > Copy the “Widget ID” from the last step
  • Update Zeeker Plugin Settings: On the left side-panel of your WordPress Admin Dashboard, click “Zeeker” > Select the “Configuration” tab > Paste the Widget ID copied in the previous step in the “Zeeker Widget Id” text box > Click “Save Widget ID”
  • Display Zeeker Using Shortcode: In the “Configuration” tab, click the “Settings” button > From the expanded menu, copy the “Widget Shortcode” > Paste the shortcode in any WordPress page you want Zeeker to appear.
  • Display Zeeker Using Display Settings: In the “Configuration” tab, click the “Settings” button > In the expanded, select where you can use the options to decide where Zeeker should be displayed.
  • (optional) Add a Tag name(s) for Zeeker: From the “Configuration” tab, you can add a tag name to your widget by clicking the “Settings” button and adding a tag name to the “Widget Tagname” text box. By default, the tag name value is blank. A single widget can have as many tag names as needed. You can add more tags by clicking the “Add New” button. Each tag name will have a different shortcode and display settings.
  • Customize Zeeker: Go to portal.zeeker.com/dashboard > Login using the same id that related to the widget > Find your Widget > Click “Edit” > Customize your widget. Changes will be reflected on your WordPress site.
  • Moderate Discussions: Go to portal.zeeker.com/dashboard, click the “Comment Control” button from left side-panel > Filter by Widget name and/or Tag name > Approve, Reject, and Reply to comments from here.

Quick note on the inner workings of the plugin:

This plugin works by implementing a third-party script library created by zeeker.com. This library is hosted on Amazon AWS. By providing your widget id to this plugin, you are providing a point of connection between your WordPress site and the widget, which is implemented by importing this script library through AWS. Please note that the plugin and the third-party service (script library from zeeker.com) belong to the same entity.

Important information related to zeeker.com:
Terms & Conditions: https://www.zeeker.com/terms
Privacy Policy: https://www.zeeker.com/privacy






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