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2020 年 8 月 16 日
Since the last WordPress update this make many function unusable. Deleted. Paid for nothing after 2 years.
2017 年 12 月 5 日
It installs Ok but fails to work Cannot find any support contacts I have requested my money back
2017 年 7 月 28 日
The plugin is superb and runs great --IF-- you are not using a cache on your wordpress. I purchased the PRO version and soon after I realized that it was not compatible with WP Rocket cache. I also tried W3 Total cache. Turns out the module looks like its working, but does not actually log any human visitors when there is a cache running! Anyone serious about their wordpress site is going to be running a cache and have things optimized. Being a PAID customer who purchased mystat I had hoped for support, but they simply passed the buck and said its not their fault. WP Rocket on the other hand has tried everything and even offered to work with the folks at myStat, but the developers at myStat just don't care to help. So be warned... if you are running a cache it will only log BOTS. The "admin" is not cached, so I was fooled at first because the admin visits register when viewing the site. But after a day or two with no visitors logged in myStat, but hundreds of human visitors showing in my Wordfence, I realized the problem. I'm very disappointed because all they had to do was simply support my recent purchase and work to find a solution. If not fixed soon I'm going to have to file a chargeback. Quite a shame when the stat software had so much potential. 🙁
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