Manage Backup & Monitor – WP Umbrella WordPress Monitoring & Automatic Backups


Managing multiple WordPress sites has never been so easy: automatic backup, uptime monitoring, safe update for plugins and themes, and much more.


Single dashboard with 1-click access
Manage all your sites from our single dashboard and safely bulk update plugins and theme.


The most comprehensive monitoring for WordPress
Monitor uptime, downtime, performance, Google PageSpeed, PHP errors and WordPress error logs.


** Automatic backups and manual backup**
Use WP Umbrella to make daily and automatic backup (incremental backup) or manual backup.
Our backups are reliable and will make your life easier if you migrate or restore your website.

Premium / Freemium

Create an account to get your API key and enjoy 14 day trial with all features (backup, uptime monitoring, etc). Then you only have access to our health check and safe update technology.



Minimum Requirements for WP Umbrella

  • WordPress 4.9 or greater
  • PHP version 7.2 or greater


How do I create my first backup?

Go to WP Umbrella’s application, click on your website, then on the backup tab. And click on “Backup now”. It always take some times to make the first backup.

Where are backups stored?

We store backups on European servers to be compliant with GDPR regulation.

How do I restore a backup?

In WP Umbrella’s application, select the backup you want to restore and click on “Get your backup”.

How to run automatic backups?

In WP Umbrella’s application, click on the backup tab, then on settings. From here you can enable automatic backup (daily, weekly, monthly, etc) and define your automatic backups settings.

What do you monitor?

We monitor uptime, downtime, speed, performance, php errors and WordPress error logs. Curious about it? Read our guide about WordPress monitoring!

Where can I learn about multiple sites management best practices?

We suggest you to read our guide about multiple WordPress sites management!

Why is monitoring important?

Downtime happens more than you think. Monitoring your WordPress is the best way to keep your website in good shape.

How are you better than ManageWP or JetPack?

WP Umbrella is easier to use and faster than ManageWP or JetPack.

What is the difference between WP Umbrella and Query Monitor?

With Query Monitor, you can identify errors while growing a page. WP Umbrella monitors your website and will alert you automatically when WordPress errors arise.


2022 年 1 月 11 日
If you manage any kind of wordpress/woocommerce sites, for you or your clients, this is an awesome plugin, which will make life to much easier. - update plugins/themes safely - backup's - monitor uptime (multiple world regions) - monitor php errors - generate client reports - get notified on slack/email Get it!
2022 年 1 月 10 日
I have been using WP Umbrella since April 2021 and it has saved my bacon a few times. The PHP error reporting has also helped me to quickly resolve some issues with my developer and other 3rd party plugins/themes. I just found out they have just added a new feature for site backups which I plan to use. Hope they keep up the awesome work!
2021 年 11 月 17 日
Thank you for this great plugin. One interface to update plugins and themes, check the security of your websites, create reports for your clients, ping your websites in order to know if there is any problem. The extension is regularly enhanced!
2021 年 10 月 15 日
I really enjoy using WP Umbrella because it gives me a quick snapshot of site speed and any errors I may have (as well as updates I need to do). Very nifty.
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1.10.0 (01-21-2022)

  • Improved: Alias of our URL for the API
  • Improved: activity logs
  • Improved: More information about the state of use of the plugin to improve the connection with the application
  • Bugfix: Better recovery of hidden files for backup
  • New: Recovery of the state of the backup process

1.9.1 (01-06-2022)

  • New: Plugin support from PHP 7.2
  • Improved: Added a signed URL to improve the backup upload
  • Improved: Prevention of safe update of our plugin
  • Improved: Added information about whether the plugin is active or not for the application

Our full changeling can be accessed Here!