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WP Free SSL – Free SSL Certificate for WordPress and force HTTPS

這個外掛並未在最新的 3 個 WordPress 主要版本上進行測試。開發者可能不再對這個外掛進行維護或提供技術支援,並可能會與更新版本的 WordPress 產生使用上的相容性問題。

WP Free SSL – Free SSL Certificate for WordPress and force HTTPS


Get free SSL certificate for WordPress in minutes

Do you run ecommerce website? Or You run awesome blog that needs to be secured with SSL certificate. You dont need to spend lot of money on SSL certificate from different services.
Get free SSL certificate with this plugin install the plugin and issue the SSL certificate for your website. You can download the certificate afterward and install it on server.
SSL certificate is issued from LetsEncrypt and is completely valid. SSL certificate will help to imporve your search ranking too.

One-click conversion HTTP to HTTPS of WordPress
On prior coding skill is requied, Just install the plugin and you are just 5 min away from being secured

WordPress FREE SSL Plugin Features

  • One click a Free SSL certificate by verifying your domain ownership.
  • Support all subdomains
  • Redirect HTTP to HTTPS with a simple setting.

How to install WP Free SSL?

  1. Install WP Free SSL
  2. Activate Plugin.
  3. Goto settings and run installation of ssl
  4. Save settings
  5. And you done!

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Use built in automatic installer or,

  1. Copy the plugin folder into /wp-content/plugins
  2. Activate plugin via the plugins page in the WordPress admin
  3. Go to Settings to configure.


  1. How to install SSL certificate?
    Contact your hosting provider. For any issue you can even mai; me on prasadkirpekar@outlook.com


2023 年 1 月 9 日
I am so thankful for this plugin. I have a series of personal websites that I intend to keep and have paid for SSL certificates for several of them so they appear more professional. During the development of another site I found this plugin and activated it, followed the instructions and got 3 months SSL free. I wanted to see what would happen after the 3 months before I added my review … the updating of the certificate was the same as the installation … a few simple clicks and the dates were advanced for another 3 months. I am happy to update the SSL manually as it gives me an opportunity just to check on each website.There really should be easier instructions for people to use SSL on all websites freely … but the instructions for this plugin are great. It would be great if everyone knew that updating was just as easy to do.
2022 年 11 月 21 日
The creators/coders of this plugin have outdone themselves. They’ve made a TRUELY FREE all-in-one SSL plugin. At the time of this review…NameCheap is my host. This plugin did not require, request, or force me to go outside of the plugin in order to have a successful SSL. It literally did all of the steps for me within its WP Plugin Dashboard in the CMS of my WP site…WOOOWWWW!!! It gave clear steps, and pop-up notes to let me know what to do. If your site is installed correctly on your host then I’m 98% sure you won’t have a problem NOR need to go outside of the plugin like some other plugins need you to do in order for them to work to satisfaction. THANK YOU SO MUCH Prasad Kirpekar for a thoroughly made plugin that is headache free!!!
2022 年 7 月 25 日
Anda perfecto no tenés que hacer nada, solo lo instalás, genera el certificado, luego vas a tu CPanel en certificados SSL y copias el texto contenido en el certificado y listo. Anda mejor que otros que tenés que descargar y subir algún archivo. install it, generate the certificate, then go to your CPanel in SSL certificates and copy the text contained in the certificate and that’s it. It works better than others that you have to download and upload a file. Thank you, gracias!
2022 年 6 月 14 日
As much as I am a big fan of Namecheap they are trying to get me to pay for a new SSL cert when I know it’s pretty easy to get a free one. I had a look at my options then came across this plugin and it was so easy. Yes it is free and there’s no hidden cost. Just great thanks very much.
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Fixed certificate install issue
Imporved certificate download tab

Performance Fixes
Performance fixes
* Pro version fixe
* Bug Fixes

* SSL Generation imporved


  • Initial release with DNS based SSL issue.