Ecommerce Shopping Cart – WP EasyCart


WP EasyCart is a powerful FREE ecommerce & shopping cart plugin that installs into new or existing WordPress blogs and websites.

Get a full WordPress ecommerce shopping cart system within minutes! Sell retail products, digital downloadable goods, gift cards, donations, services and more! And now ecommerce for WordPress is easier than ever with an all new administrative system to help you sell more goods faster!


WP EasyCart comes in 3 different editions to cover every business need.

FREE Ecommerce Edition – Unlimited Products, Unlimited Orders, and PayPal Standard.
Professional Ecommerce Edition – Add Live Gateways, Live Shipping calculators, Coupons, Promotions, Order Editing and more!
Premium Ecommerce Edition – Same Great Professional Edition plus Desktop, Tablet, and Phone Apps plus 9+ Extensions!



The WordPress EasyCart ecommerce plugin will automatically create 3 new pages in WordPress for the store, cart and account. Customize with all our basic design features, utilize multi-currency & multi-language features, even add one of our dozen widgets to a sidebar to help you start selling your products.


WP EasyCart is a FREE ecommerce plugin that lets you sell unlimited products, manage orders, utilize basic shipping & taxes, and collect payments via PayPal standard.

Upgrade to the Professional or Premium edition and unlock order editing, 30+ live payment processors, coupons, promotions and other marketing material.

With the Premium edition, you get all the great features of a Professional edition, plus access to 9+ extensions such as, Groupon importer, Mailchimp and more. Premium edition users can also use our external apps for PC/Mac computers, iPad/Android tablets, and iPhone/Android phones.


WP EasyCart’s FREE edition comes with PayPal standard to collect payment from nearly any country in the world securely and quickly.

The Professional & Premium editions come with 30+ live payment processors such as Stripe,, FirstData, Payment Express, Intuit, Square, and many others. Unlock ALL the payment gateways we offer in either of these popular editions.


WP EasyCart’s FREE edition comes with extensive table rate shipping for price, weight, quantity and percentage based systems. Setup standard taxes based on states/provinces & countries.

The Professional & Premium editions include all our live shipping integrations with USPS, UPS, FedEx, DHL, Canada Post, and Australia Post. For taxes, you can utilize TaxCloud API for accurate city by city tax rates.


WP EasyCart’s FREE edition lets you manage orders from within WordPress. Print sales receipts & packaging slips, add shipping notes, email customers, and view order information in one easy location.

The Professional & Premium editions allow you to edit every line item, add new line items, and edit all the customers order data for a complete business solution.


All EasyCart ecommerce plugins come with SEO editing for every product, menu and category you create to help selling your goods. Social sharing also lets your visitors immediately link to products that you sell.

With the Professional & Premium editions, you unlock all the ecommerce marketing options available in EasyCart; including coupons, promotions, gift cards, and abandoned cart systems.


Simply install the plugin, activate, and walk through the settings to start selling your items. Configure PayPal standard for a quick and easy way to get your ecommerce platform running and sell your items quickly.

Unlock your shopping cart when you are ready with more powerful features by visting WP EasyCart.

We have a full ecommerce support center at WP EasyCart including an online users manual, video tutorials, and community forums.

Watch our Installation Video

More videos can be found in our Video Library!


  • Professionally ecommerce shopping cart fits in nearly any theme!
  • Beautiful product option and image displays!
  • Huge selection of features, coupons, promotions, and live shipping options!
  • Complete administrative software for desktops and mobile devices!


  1. Install and Activate the WordPress Shopping Cart plugin.

  2. Click the WordPress menu ‘WP EasyCart’ on the left side and go through the settings pages. Add your PayPal email if you wish to sell with PayPal.

  3. Start adding your products in the products tab.

  4. Start selling to your customers with powerful ecommerce features!

  5. View our Docs site to learn more: WP EasyCart Documentation


Installation Instructions
  1. Install and Activate the WordPress Shopping Cart plugin.

  2. Click the WordPress menu ‘WP EasyCart’ on the left side and go through the settings pages. Add your PayPal email if you wish to sell with PayPal.

  3. Start adding your products in the products tab.

  4. Start selling to your customers with powerful ecommerce features!

  5. View our Docs site to learn more: WP EasyCart Documentation

Where can I get documentation or demos?

We offer a full service website with online documentation, video tutorials, community support forums as well as demonstration sites running our various templates at WP EasyCart .

Can I use your software to display, but not sell products?

Absolutely! If you do not need to sell anything, but would like to leverage our software to display products, please feel free to do just that! You can just put the store into catalog mode and it removes the ability to add to cart the products.

What are the PRO and Premium Versions?

FREE version comes from WordPress and offers limited features for you including PayPal standard, manual payments, unlimited products, product variations, order management, and so much more. Features such as coupons, live shipping rates, promotions, and many more are not included in the FREE version. Upgrading to PRO will unlock ALL core features and gets you updates and support for a year. Upgrading to Premium will get you everything in PRO plus access to our extensions and iPad, Android, and Desktop applications.

How does a license work with your software?

The FREE plugin is the full WordPress ecommerce shopping cart software version; however, the PRO and administrative software that is downloaded from our website is licensed software. The PRO software will add all core features and the Premium version will allow access to our administrative software, apps, and extensions. You may continue to run the FREE WordPress plugin, but must purchase a license to use our PRO or administrative software.
Each license is good for one website URL or WordPress installation. You may transfer a license from a development environment to a production environment at any time; it is your license once you purchase one.
Licensing gives you features such as coupons, promotions, live shipping rate calculators and more. Plus you will receive support from our staff individually rather than through our community open support systems. For more information on licensing, you can view our website.

Do I have to pay monthly?

Not to us. the FREE version has no additional cost. Our PRO and Premium plugins give access to our software with updates and support for a year. Your payment gateway provider such as PayPal,, FirstData or others may or may not have monthly fees, but nothing through EasyCart.
If you purchase a monthly hosted plan, then we do have a monthly charge program for those who prefer this method.

Will it work in my Theme?

Yes! EasyCart works on 3 WordPress pages, which are automatically created on installation. Our installer walks you through the steps quickly and if you have any theme issues, your theme developer or our staff can assist.

What payment gateways do you have?

We offer over 30 different gateways. Popular ones include PayPal Standard, PayPal Pro, PayPal Payflow,,, FirstData, eWay, Pyment Express, Sagepay, and many others. Check our documentation for a full up to date listing.


Amazing and love new admin interface

I love the new admin design and all the features the Easycart platform offers. It is easily worth it to try the free version and the professional at only 99 bucks. So cheap for what you get!

I had great support with any questions I asked. Very timely response. They also have great online support center with nice helpful videos.

The software itself has so many features I cant even start to list, but the new interface backend is so well designed and easy to maneuver through. Feels very nice, and highly recommend. I will be using on my next sites for sure!

Crashed my entire site.

I would consider myself a pretty light user of the plug-in. I sell a product or two here and there but that’s about it. On the last upgrade it completely crashed my entire site. ERROR 500. Had no choice but to do a reinstall and restore. I no longer trust this plug-in.

Powerful Shopping Cart Solution!

I am very pleased to say that since our company went live with the EasyCart shopping cart, we have been very happy with the results. EasyCart has some great features out of the box and we were able to implement some creative workarounds for some of our tricky areas. The EasyCart developers also made some helpful additions to the cart that further sealed the deal. Although it took us a while to get it set up like we wanted, we feel it has been worth the effort.

Our company is no stranger to ecommerce and have had an online shopping cart since the 1990’s. We have used and tested many carts over the years (both hosted and self hosted solutions) and feel that EasyCart brought us full circle to a great flexible product with high value.

We are able to handle a wide variety of complex products with options that have equally complex shipping requirements. We also appreciate how easy it is to change the look and feel of the cart to match the design of our WordPress template. EasyCart does some amazing things for the store owner.

Quickbooks : One of the most important requirements we needed was to integrate our ecommerce system with Quickbooks. We were originally attracted to EasyCart because of it’s Quickbooks plugin however we found that it did not work as desired and soon thereafter, EC decided to stop development on it. At first we thought that may be a deal killer but again, with some help from the awesome EasyCart developers, we were able to use a really great third party solution, TransactionPro Import Wizard (by Bay State Consulting, a Quickbooks Gold Developer).

To save you hours of time, I will be happy to send you a few files that are necessary to set it up with EasyCart if you purchase TransactionPro through us. It’s the same price no matter where you get it but if you use our affiliate link, we get a little kickback and we’ll give you the files to easily connect to your EasyCart store. You can also create these on your own but these files will save you hours and you’ll be up and running in no time. You have nothing to loose. It’s a win-win for all. Buy TransactionPro now or Contact Us for more information.

In conclusion, we really appreciate EasyCart and we’re so glad we found it. The EasyCart developers are helpful and forward thinking. When we look at the big picture, it’s simply the best shopping cart system for our demanding needs.

This is a solid ecommerce system…
WordPress – Powerful websites for the people
EasyCart – An amazing shopping cart
Quickbooks – The best accounting software for business
TransactionPro – Perfect Quickbooks data management

Thank you EasyCart! We’re very pleased!

Awesome product~Even more awesome support!

I have been dealing with EasyCart for about a year and I had never used the system prior. So, there was a bit of a learning curve. BUT, BUT, BUT, they are truly superior when it came to the support I needed and with every single question I had. They totally nailed it! They went way above and beyond the call of duty. It was a great alternative to WOO. The back end is filled with everything, even videos!

We are a HTML based developer and so the whole WP thing was a mess for us, so we really appreciated all the extra hand holding. Now, we are going to use it again for another site now that we are more familiar. Great work guys!

~ Mobile Touch Media

Odd Way to Create a Store PLugin

Yea, go ahead and use this and migrating your site will be a PAIN. It took longer to migrate the store than it did to migrate wordpress. You have to specifically download a .sql file just for this store? Then you have to re-install the plugin (which will require changing your maximum upload size because they didn’t do a good job compressing it). I’m not going to go through the whole procedure, but it’s a pain. And could have been avoided if they developed this plugin in an orthodox manner.


When you aren’t a programmer AND your site has issues it can cause panic mode. All I can say about these guys is that this is what customer service is supposed to be! Friendly and superior knowledge to get to the root cause of an issue with results that you can rest on. THANKS GUYS from SPS Solutions!

Peace, Jim and Michael

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“Ecommerce Shopping Cart – WP EasyCart” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.



  • New Feature – Inventory management page added in products for quick reference to the current stock levels.
  • Fix – New Stripe accounts were not compatible with PayPal at the same time.
  • Fix – Enable/Disable countries was not working on the front-end.
  • Fix – Various translations missing and added throughout the cart.
  • Fix – Realex account issue resolved.
  • Fix – Last updated field was not being updated for orders.
  • Fix – Coupon options updated to make more sense to the user.
  • Fix – Stipe coupons apply only to the subscription that the user is checking out with (doesn’t show valid for wrong product even though it is valid and does not apply).
  • Fix – Searching for an order by first + last name was not working and now searches both terms independently.


  • Fix – Subscriptions with coupons now shows the updated pricing as you enter a coupon.
  • Fix – Admin forms now all have names, ids, and novalidate to prevent possible plugin conflicts.
  • Fix – Removed product insert/update post code to prevent conflict with Yoast.
  • Fix – If error has occurred and no post exists, system checks and creates new post for products to prevent linking errors.
  • Fix – Realex Third party now allows you to enter your account name (in cases that it is needed).
  • Fix – First Data/Payeezy added back missing variables in set-up.
  • Fix – Abandoned cart emails fixed to translate based on the checkout language.
  • Fix – Product titles in order confirmation were not being translated.
  • Fix – Translation fixed to be case insensitive on language code, helps with WPML.
  • Fix – Account previous order titles were not translating.
  • Fix – Dynamic menu cart was not translating with WPML.
  • Fix – Cart widget title now translates if translation entered on widget title.
  • Fix – Disabling visual editor for your account now works with the product editor.
  • Fix – Option set order fix for duplicating products.
  • Improvement – Paypal standard shows info on adding IPN listener in the set-up box.
  • Improvement – Subscriptions pricing display easier to understand for customers.


  • Fix – New Stripe accounts require tokenization via their js system, this has been added, while keeping old method in place for existing customers that do not require this.
  • Fix – Product with option item quantity tracking enabled no longer causes add to cart error when option item data missing.
  • Fix – Amazon S3 setup incorrectly no longer causing issues with editing products.
  • Fix – Docs form submission via HTTPS to prevent browser notices.
  • Fix – WPML translation added for categories and manufacturers on the product details page.
  • Fix – Added back place to update expedited shipping in the shipping settings.


  • Fix – Setup wizard showing to existing users, which is now fixed from v 4.0.8.
  • New Feature – Setup wizard for new users now available to help more people get setup more easily.
  • Fix – Coupons inserted/removed from Stripe when added/removed/updated in admin.
  • Fix – Yoast conflict resolved.
  • Fix – Settings no longer displayed in uppercase to prevent save issues in case sensitive fields.
  • Fix – Option item javascript loading again.
  • Fix – Basic options added back basic price adjustment.
  • Fix – Saving description fixed for switch from visual to text in the product edit area.
  • Fix – Ajax admin url fixed on windows servers.
  • Fix – Newsletter signup box location fixed when WP EasyCart menu item is high on list.
  • Fix – Removed unnecessary options in the settings -> design area.
  • Fix – Calendar formatting fixed for multiple locales.


  • New Feature – Categories now allow search when adding products or removing products from that category.
  • New Feature – Added option to opt in for basic usage tracking to help improve the plugin.
  • Fix – Live shipping rate setup test added back to admin.
  • Fix – Double quotes in text fields causing issues on the display side.
  • Fix – Product import no longer updates the GUID for the link.
  • Fix – Google Merchant XML feed feature added back.
  • Fix – Stripe webhook help steps updated for new Stripe GUI.
  • Fix – VAT type switching issue fixed.


  • New Feature – Ability to duplicate an entire option set.
  • New Feature – Store items ‘slugs’ now controlled in the edit screen and no longer automatically update with the product title, preventing linking errors.
  • Improvement – Saving in master/details now shows processing and prevents double form submissions.
  • Improvement – Enabling/disabling a country also disables that countries states/provinces/counties/territories.
  • Improvement – Countries and states only show in tax setup if they are enabled.
  • Fix – Billing information save fixed.
  • Fix – PHP Notices and warnings that may have impacted some users have been corrected.
  • Fix – Renamed linking to select2 to make specific to WP EasyCart, preventing possible conflicts with WOO
  • Fix – $ and % now allowed in coupon codes.
  • Fix – Shortcode for product item with style 2 image now shows properly with new system.
  • Fix – Paging in the sub menus, sub sub menus, and option items was not linking properly.
  • Fix – Exporting products with carriage returns or quotes fixed.
  • Fix – Deleting of menus, sub menus, or sub sub menus now unlink the product to prevent data errors.
  • Fix – Basic Options should always be required.


  • Fix – Order details shipping information updated to clarify edit when no content exists.
  • Fix – Order customer notes fixed.
  • Fix – Order details customer information reorganized to make more sense.
  • Fix – Order details partial refund fix + display fix on refund.
  • Fix – Order details for file uploads has a link to the file.
  • Fix – Product description and specs between WP and apps with quotes conflict fixed.


  • Feature – Order Details panel completely redesigned for easier viewing and managing of orders.
  • Feature – First install offers a quick way to setup your email notifications.
  • Feature – Admin allows you to delete images now.
  • Fix – Shipping emailer was missing order id.
  • Fix – Added back remote app management options to the user role section.
  • Fix – Corrected wording on option items for having free shipping on specific option item selected.
  • Fix – Creating new user was showing email exists when it shouldn’t have.
  • Fix – Deleting gift cards fixed.
  • Fix – System now remembers your per page selection.
  • Fix – Added back global handling rate shipping option.
  • Fix – Upgrade panel shows the user they have the PRO plugin installed, but not activated, to prevent confusion.
  • Fix – Color jQuery added to improve usability when picking colors.


  • Fix – Realex payments fixed.
  • Fix – Admin on update product permalink fixed.
  • Fix – Admin product link to store fixed.
  • Fix – Admin product list filter by category fixed.
  • Fix – Shipping information and totals information moved to top of order.
  • Fix – Admin page title fixed to show subpage you are on rather than main page only.
  • Fix – Apostrophes within the admin were not being handled properly, fixed across all admin pages.
  • Fix – Model number extension setting was not saving.
  • Fix – Product details menu js move to head to fix some sites.
  • Fix – Missing Amazon S3 bucket locations added.
  • Fix – Admin product details product tags section added back.
  • Fix – Front end fixed when basic options added and advanced options set and added, it was showing both, which was incorrect.
  • Fix – Added missing Eway options.
  • Fix – Added missing payment express option.
  • Fix – Admin editing option item, image swatch box not does not disappear on load.
  • Fix – Admin product details, downloads section now shows proper download location (S3 or Own Server) on enabling.


  • Fix – Updating description or specifications when on text view of the editor was not saving.
  • Fix – Images for OG tags fixed for new system.
  • Fix – PHP 5.6.x installations did not support cal_days_in_month and removed and replaced with a custom, more compatible, function.
  • Fix – Export (orders, products, accounts, subscribers) functions fixed to match admin console formatting, better results with this.
  • Fix – Hooks missing from the order export added back into new admin.
  • Fix – Demo data install/uninstall issues resolved.
  • Fix – Print order and packing slip issues fixed.
  • Fix – Logo upload feature bug fixed.
  • Fix – Shipping information to save and email customer fixed and now emails admin a copy.
  • Fix – 2Checkout options added into V4
  • Fix – Square options added into V4
  • Fix – Product Exporter over 500 products bug fix.
  • Fix – Store status mysqli/mysqli bug fix.
  • Fix – Docs search from your dashboard now functions for V4.
  • Fix – Price, Weight, Percentage, Static methods all now include the shipping zone that was missing.
  • Fix – Static methods added back free shipping threshold and shipping order value.
  • Fix – USPS live rate codes were incorrect in the PRO plugin.
  • Fix – Live shipping rates were not handing override price and free threshold correctly.
  • Fix – Live shipping in PRO missing setup options.


  • New HTML based admin introduced! No more Flash needed! Update today.
  • New FREE version with PayPal Standard included.
  • All Lite and Standard licenses will automatically be upgraded to PRO.
  • PRO version now available for the EasyCart. Check it out today!
  • Fix – Made correction to allow PHP 5.2 and lower to function with the plugin.


  • Fix – lang option for WPML enabled.
  • Fix – Realex third party now supports their HPP system and allows for choice between legacy redirect and HPP.
  • Fix – Some security improvements made.


  • Fix – Additional patch from 3.3.18
  • Fix – Random checkout data validation issues resolved.
  • Fix – Small improvements to the subscription checkout to allow for tax, shipping, and discounts.
  • Fix – FedEx live shipping now uses dimensions to calculate shipping rate.
  • Fix – Product added to the subscription cancelled email.


  • Fix – Subscription now uses custom function to determine the success/failure of a coupon code. This makes sure the coupon is valid for the product before allowing it.
  • Fix – Totals calculation in subscription during checkout properly calculates discounts now.
  • Fix – Shipping calculation in subscription during checkout properly calculates the shipping total.
  • Fix – Subscription based orders now show all data correctly, which was missing some address information prior to this version.
  • Fix – Slovakia added to the country data (new installs only).
  • Fix – Live rate cache updated for Subscriptions prior to user checking out (fixes bug of shipping matching regular cart rather than the subscription).
  • Improvement – Export orders added filter to allow for user to update the exported fields and ordering the fields in the export.
  • Improvement – Option to filter advanced option item results added.
  • Improvement – If a subscription payment goes through with multiple line items, the description from Stripe is used for line items to make the order receipt more clear to the user.
  • Improvement – Subscription coupon data now includes duration of the coupon (Stripe only).
  • Improvement – User data sent into the subscription ended email to make the email more specific to the customer (helpful for admins and subscription management).


  • Fix – PayPal issue with payments over 1k fixed.
  • Fix – PayPal IPN looks for completed only rather than including processed, which can lead to duplicate email receipts.


  • Improvement – Subscriptions now have live coupon code checking to prevent errors.
  • Improvement – Taxes and Shipping with subscriptions working better now with Stripe.
  • Improvement – Order export zip codes forced text type in excel to fix export with zip codes starting in 0.


  • New Feature – You can enable/disable use of checkout sessions and leverage the DB. Useful for object caching on some servers.
  • Improvement – Downloads system works prior to php 5.3 now for increase compatibility.
  • Improvement – If a customer has not began checkout and no rates match their zone, shipping will stay hidden from the customer until they enter their information.
  • Improvement – Order export to excel now shows user info on each line.
  • Improvement – Order export for, PayPal, and Stripe now give the response info in the exported data.
  • Fix – Show an error when the cart, account, or store main page are not available.
  • Fix – Slovakia added to country list.


  • Improvement – Payfort now allows customers that have the currency exchange service to allow customers to pay in multiple currencies, while using live exchange rates on their site.
  • Improvement – Inquiry product now allows options in the built-in inquiry form.
  • Improvement – Export orders to excel now includes a gateway response if one exists.
  • Fix – Display for product details with quantity grid and other options and price changes adjusted to match display in cart.
  • Fix – Finalized fix for First Data issues.
  • Fix – Alt tags for images fix for double quotes and being escaped.
  • Fix – FedEx ground adjusted for home delivery charge to be included in rate.
  • Fix – Advanced text editor was not allowing for double quotes.
  • New Hooks – Added hooks to allow for custom password encryption method.
  • New Filters – Added filters to allow for custom password encryption method.


  • Improvement – Importing NEW subscription products also insert Stripe subscriptions if you are using Stripe.
  • Improvement – Cart session data clear after one month of inactivity.
  • Fix – FedEx ship each item in its own box now works.
  • Fix – FedEx shipping over 150lbs, attempts to create multiple boxes to allow for regular shipping options.
  • Fix – Dashboard weekly statistics were not showing total properly.
  • Fix – Dashboard customer statistics fixed to count only approved orders.
  • Fix – Product with advanced text or text area that is not required does not add an empty value to the cart.
  • Fix – Cookie deleted issue resolved.
  • Fix – Back order products now all for a user to add more to the cart than in stock in one go.
  • Fix – Cart items can update beyond stock quantity to allow for back orders as stock runs out. E.g. stock is 1, user can order 2 with a message letting them know what is happening.
  • Fix – Cart display now updates the back order display dynamically as cart items are updated.
  • Fix – Realex TSS Score issue fixed.
  • Fix – First Data gateway with Business Discover cards now working.


  • Fix – Square payments with PayPal now compatible.
  • Fix – Updating order status was double removing stock quantity.
  • Fix – Patch from 3.3.10 for categories loading.


  • New Feature – Added Square payment processing.
  • Improvement – Advanced option pricing adjustments wrapped in a span to allow for hiding pricing information with css.
  • Fix – Manufacturers, Top Level Menu queries improved for large data sets.
  • Fix – Weight based shipping with VAT included and no shippable items was returning incorrect VAT value.
  • Fix – State tax on update cart items was coming back 0 due to not being able to locate the state entered for the user.
  • Fix – Facebook share link improved.
  • Fix – Mobile payment page, shipping method section updated to fix global rate issue.
  • Fix – Order export PDF and Excel advanced options ordered correctly and fixed to show on PDF version.
  • Fix – Added forgot password link to subscription checkout page (login panel).
  • Fix – Stripe subscription coupons now support max redemptions and expiration dates.
  • Fix – Payeezy updated to include level 2 data and missing level 3 data.
  • Fix – Deleting cart items was loading wrong value into grand total.


  • New Feature – 2Checkout Third Party added as a payment option.
  • Fix – PayPal Payments Pro – Success with Warning is now considered a successful transaction to match what PayPal does.
  • Fix – Stripe subscription prorate issues resoled.
  • Fix – First Data Payeezy fixed to correctly pass CAVV value.
  • Fix – Product Export issues resolved.
  • Fix – Object caching with some items had issues, resolved.
  • Fix – Australia Post edge cases showing lower than necessary rates.
  • Fix – Live shipping with no rates returned now show error message to the customer.
  • Fix – Shipping information link in account now hidden when shipping disabled.
  • Fix – Stripe curl error handled properly now.
  • Fix – PayPal new standards require model number to be limited to 127 characters max.
  • Fix – Links in throughout plugin to EasyCart site were incorrect due to upgrades.
  • Fix – Order Export for Excel, format has always been CSV, but forced to XLS incorrectly.
  • Fix – Payfort improved to handle more payment types and more payment scenarios.


  • Fix – Per page link reset other options, now keeps query options.
  • Fix – Promotions were applying twice, only display side, in some cases on cart update.
  • Fix – Order export with date range now shows all of end day orders.
  • Fix – Admin packing slip was missing VAT/GST data.
  • Fix – Products folder was not necessarily being created on install.
  • Fix – CSV encoding fixed.
  • Fix – Subscriptions with advanced options now passing all data correctly to the order.


  • New Feature – Number option set type allows for a quantity of an option item to be added to the product and can adjust pricing based on amount entered.
  • Fix – Object caching issues resolved.
  • Fix – eWay credit card spacing issue resolved (rapid pay resolved).
  • Fix – Tiered pricing with promotions were not showing correct pricing.
  • Fix – CSS for newsletter fixed on small screens.
  • Fix – Basic options for subscriptions fixed.


  • Improvement – Moneris Canada now collects entire order data in the gateway for improved usability.
  • New Option – Tiered pricing can be displayed as low as price or just the retail price on the store page display.
  • Fix – Tiered pricing updates the Your Price value on the product details page as quantity increases.
  • Fix – Stripe subscriptions with taxes show tax amount in renewal order data.
  • Fix – Eway Rapid Pay card encryption error fixed.
  • Fix – Payfort upgraded to be a more fluid experience for the user.
  • Fix – Abandoned cart in admin query was too large in some cases. Reworked to resolve usage issues.
  • Fix – Currency changer widget fix.
  • Fix – Advanced content editor now supports language translations within text block, header block, icon box block, and icon list block for titles and descriptions if they apply.


  • Fix – Option item insertion failing due to speed increase changes, this issue is resolved.
  • Fix – Option item label and option item value now TEXT type in the DB to allow for longer values in multi-language sites.
  • Fix – Some servers do not support mime type checking in PHP, so patching this for admin image display issues.
  • Fix – WooCommerce importer for reviews fixed.
  • New Feature – Now using WordPress’s object cache, which greatly improves load time when used with a persistent object caching plugin like W3 Total Cache.
  • New Feature – Tiered pricing on product list page now shows as low as the lowest amount.
  • New Feature – Subscriptions are now taxable if necessary.
  • New Feature – You can now view abandoned carts in the EasyCart Admin, Dashboard, Abandoned Carts page.
  • New Feature – You can now send an abandoned cart email manually in the EasyCart Admin, Dashboard, Abandoned Carts page.
  • New Feature – You can now turn on/off automatic abandoned cart emails in the EasyCart Admin, Dashboard, Abandoned Carts page.
  • Fix – Subscription submission updates user billing address on submission.
  • Fix – Orders that do not immediately collect payment now do not adjust stock quantities until payment is confirmed.
  • Fix – TaxCloud implemented with subscription taxation if applicable.
  • Fix – CSS added for advanced content editor to help with responsiveness.
  • Fix – SMTP EasyCart Mailer class now supports SMTP that does not require user name and password.
  • Fix – Admin again supports multiple image types on editing.
  • Fix – Advanced option labels were not saving with subscriptions.
  • Fix – Selected language in the admin now reflects to the language selector widget.
  • Fix – A customer that tries to create an account with existing email address now keeps data entered on failed notice in cart.
  • Fix – Membership content link, if applicable, added to account dashboard order list.
  • Fix – Price adjustments when two product details shortcodes are on a single page now work correctly.
  • Fix – Price adjustments when two add to cart shortcodes are on a single page now work correctly.
  • Fix – Product tags now have multiple language support.
  • Fix – Promotion display removed from gift card product details page as promotions do not apply to gift cards.
  • Fix – Country code DB script incorrectly switching ISO2 with ISO3 on some countries.
  • Fix – Product details product item properties corrected to prevent display errors.
  • Fix – Short description changed to type TEXT in DB to help with those that need more content.


  • Improvement – The order success page has been improved in both design and usability.
  • Improvement – Credit card form improved for better flow and error prevention.
  • Fix – Export scripts add buffer close prior to printing data to prevent errors from themes or plugins that open buffers during execution.
  • Fix – UPS maximum weight issue resolved.
  • Fix – Shipping for UPS and Fedex over one thousand dollars now displays properly to the user.
  • Fix – Custom order statuses allowed and will display properly if added.
  • Fix – Excerpt added to custom posts as the description of your product.
  • Fix – admin resize script changed to prevent logged out errors


  • New Feature – Email system now has its own setup area in the store setup. Included in this area is SMTP setup and SMTP email testing as well as order email testing.
  • New Feature – Upgraded DB creation and removal to improve installation reliability.
  • New Feature – Add/Remove languages from your database to improve overall speed. Initial setup starts with English only.
  • New Feature – Vat included price option now allows you to show without excluded price.
  • New Feature – Vat included price option now shows up in the product widget and specials widget.
  • Fix – Newly introduced 3.3.0 Menu editing bug corrected.
  • Fix – Stripe payment now requires TLS 1.2 to reflect the change in Stripe’s requirements.
  • Fix – Admin Ajax file localization changed to be specific to the cart, preventing conflicts.
  • Fix – Admin order status query now converts to reflect language changes in the order display.
  • New Feature – DB offers way to deactivate states and countries in preparation for V4.


  • New Feature – Payfort Added.
  • New Feature – Inquiry button can be a form or a simple link when a custom URL is entered in the Inquiry product settings.
  • Fix – The categories shortcode allows for the choice of all top level categories now.
  • Fix – Mobile design fixes in the account area.
  • Fix – Upgraded view of tiered pricing.


  • New Hook – wpeasycart_insert_subscriber and wpeasycart_remove_subscriber to allow for hooks to systems like MailChimp.
  • New Feature – Show or hide the subscriber sign up option.
  • New Feature – On plugin activation the plugin redirects to setup page for easier setup.
  • Fix – Advanced content editor link and alignment for images was not working.
  • Fix – Redsys fix for order numbers under 1000.
  • Fix – Order fix for when shipping methods are not setup properly.
  • Fix – getting subscriptions, missing num_failed_payment variable.
  • Fix – getting user by stripe id fix.
  • Fix – DHL fixes.
  • Fix – Stipe webhook fixes.
  • Fix – Shipping that relies on pricing removes coupon discount to prevent invalid shipping discounts.
  • Fix – Option item table with InnoDB attempting to add again to fix plugin for some.


  • Fix – Stripe subscriptions updated on webhook access.
  • Fix – NULL subscription methods (due to poor setup), does not cause the order to fail to insert any longer.
  • Fix – Stripe webhooks file and PayPal IPN, made minor corrections.
  • Fix – Stripe only send failed payment for active subscriptions.
  • Fix – Email Logos had no max height, sometimes causing an unfavorable look. This has been changed to prevent oversized images in emails.


  • New Payment – Payline is now available as a live payment gateway option.
  • New Payment – Redsys is now available as a third party payment option.
  • New Feature – On Stripe subscription deleted (cancelled) an email is sent to the customer and admin letting them know.
  • New Feature – On Stripe subscription trial expiring (3 days prior to being charged) an email is sent to the customer and admin letting them know.
  • New Feature – The ec_account shortcode can now have a redirect variable that allows for absolute link or WordPress post_id as a location to redirect after login.
  • New Option – New basic option to set a default selected country in the account or cart when entering an address.
  • Improvement – New basic option allows for conversion tracking in adwords.
  • Improvement – Added count for number of failed payments on a subscription with Stripe.
  • Improvement – Stripe webhook testing now available in some cases.
  • Improvement – Order success and account order details pages show the membership content link if it is available.
  • Improvement – Membership content pages now show a login screen if user is not logged in at all.
  • Improvement – Membership content login redirects to the content page itself after successful login.
  • Improvement – Added reviews as part of the woocommerce importing system.
  • Improvement – Added information and links when downloads are included in the order to the success page and to the email receipt.
  • Improvement – Added download list to the dashboard of the user account (if downloads are available in the user’s account).
  • Fix – Virtual Merchant updated to show Converge (Virtual Merchant) to clear up the change in company name within the system.
  • Fix – Australia Post max weight fix.
  • Fix – Failed payment email was not working consistently.
  • Fix – When subscription is attempted to be accessed that is not associated with the account the user is shown a message now instead of random data.
  • Fix – If default payment selection is a type of payment that is not being used, system will choose a default method to show the user.
  • Fix – If only one country is available the system will automatically select that country to be shown to the user.
  • Fix – Categories no longer showing beyond first page of products.
  • Fix – AJAX redemption of coupons was not updating shipping (if applicable).
  • Fix – Coupon discounts were not being subtracting from subtotal when calculating shipping based promotion discount (e.g. $100 order with $2 discount still allowed free shipping at $100 subtotal when the amount was only $98).


  • Improvement – Category system improved to help with sorting, filtering, etc…
  • Fix – Admin added security for managing store to WordPress admin users only.
  • Fix – Admin category view with levels was often incorrectly displaying in admin.


  • Fix – Admin category script bug fix in .25.
  • New Shortcode – ec_categories allows you to display categories in a product like display, linking to the category products.
  • New Shortcode – ec_category_view allows you to display categories in a special display that will give you more control over the look of your store.
  • New Option – Turn on/off featured categories in the store page view.
  • New Option – Advanced option now to turn on/off the estimate shipping zip code field and only require the country selection.
  • Improvement – Restricted store access now redirects user to store on login or failed login.
  • Improvement – If using collect VAT registration number it is now available in account registration and billing information.
  • Fix – A few locations had option names instead of labels showing to the customer, which has been corrected.
  • Fix – Google Merchant reviews when no reviews available were causing errors, worstRating added as 0 to fix this.
  • Fix – Option Item name extended to 256 characters.
  • Fix – Advanced option price multipliers will multiply together if multiple multipliers are available.
  • Fix – Advanced option price multipliers will allow decimal and negative multiplier values.
  • Fix – Gift card store link was missing from the email receipt.
  • Fix – VAT with discount line item promotional discounts caused invalid VAT calculation.
  • Fix – Updating/Deleting cart items that lead to discounts being added/removed now updates the display properly.
  • Fix – Added gift card and donation options to the add to cart shortcode.


  • Fix – Add to cart shortcode now works in more cases, javascript was breaking previously.
  • Fix – 404 errors, in some situations, caused by the cart have been resolved.
  • Fix – TaxCloud with discounts and low cost items would not always properly calculate tax due to negative unit pricing. This system altered to properly calculate totals with discounts.
  • Fix – Checking order row from database for guest key and adding it to order to prevent random session errors and viewing orders on guest checkout completion.


  • New Hook – wp_easycart_product_details_after_left_content_area, which allows you to add content below the left side images of the product details display.
  • Fix – Product shortcode was breaking when no options were attached to the product.
  • Fix – Added check for new session value to ensure it is not duplicated in existing cart data.
  • Fix – Guest checkout link to order now links with guest key to prevent issues seeing order receipt.


  • New Feature – New advanced option to multiply method based shipping rates by the quantity in the cart.
  • New Feature – After adding to cart using javascript, a checkout button appears in its place.
  • Fix – Cart with backorders now allow the user to update quantity to unlimited or max quantity if available.
  • Fix – Tax with shipping and handing fees were not working in combination.
  • Fix – Product importer strips whitespace from headers to prevent random errors.


  • New Feature – Admin now has a quick check on the store and cart pages to explain how to fix a javascript error if one exists. This does not effect non-admin users.
  • New Feature – Added Rich Snippets for all products and reviews.
  • Fix – Product sorting changed to remove the requirement of the sortable jQuery extension and become compatible with more outdated themes.
  • Fix – needed to accept response code 4 as a successful purchase as funds are available once accepted and is almost identical to a successful transaction response.


  • Fix – ec_add_to_cart option had small bug.
  • Fix – Fix for admin was not being used in the print order script.
  • Fix – Promotions by product were not calculating correctly in all cases.
  • Fix – TaxCloud guest checkout fixed.


  • New Feature – osCommerce data can now be automatically imported into the EasyCart.
  • New Option – An advanced option now exists to allow a merchant to disable account discounts for FedEx live shipping.
  • Hooks Added – Hooks now available to apply a third party gift card service. This is in the order processing and gift card purchasing for the store.
  • Fix – Installation script failed on older mysql servers due to FULLTEXT and has been improved to prevent error.
  • Fix – Admin console was using a deprecated function, fixed to use latest version.
  • Fix – Australia Post international rate codes have changed and have been updated in the cart.
  • Fix – Regex for UK postal codes was incomplete and has been corrected to work with all postal codes in the UK.
  • Fix – Account register button css caused it to hide on mobile devices in some cases.
  • Fix – The ec_add_to_cart option now checks for quantity amount before adding and sends the user to the product page if out of stock.


  • Fix – Tempcart options were loading in duplicates sometimes.
  • Fix – Stripe call to get customer was incorrect.
  • Fix – Stripe webhook for subscriptions needed a correction.
  • Fix – Admin query to insert user was broken.
  • Fix – Advanced options sometimes inserting multiples into order.


  • New Feature – EU customers can now turn on collection of VAT registration number.
  • New Feature – EU customers can now turn on a custom VAT rate for those that enter a VAT registration number on checkout.
  • New Feature – EU customers can now use Vatlayer to verify the VAT registration number entered on checkout.
  • Fix – Product details backorder message moved outside of add to cart hide hook to make customization cleaner.
  • Fix – Backorder message was missing in some situations.
  • Fix – Saving tag text was not stripping slashes properly when using a single quote.
  • Fix – TaxCloud tax display improved.
  • Fix – Promotions were not calculating correctly in the cart.
  • Fix – Product import character encoding fix added to prevent errors.
  • Fix – TaxCloud now properly verifies US addresses before allowing a user to complete checkout.
  • Fix – Coupons and promotions no longer apply to gift card type products.
  • Fix – Spacing on short description not always correct.
  • Fix – Advanced options in order now ordered the same as store.
  • Fix – Export orders advanced options now in correct order and formatted properly.


Tested through WordPress 4.5
* Fix – USPS password escaped in case of special characters.
* Fix – Promotions by cart total was not applying correctly to VAT tax total.
* Fix – TaxCloud with creating an account during checkout was not functioning properly.


  • Fix – Option item price adjustment view fixed for product details.
  • Added – New order status, Order Picked Up.
  • Added – Logging for USPS and UPS to save the response when testing the setup.
  • Fix – Advanced options in cart queried multiple times.
  • Fix – Swatch title with quotes now character encoded properly.
  • Fix – Shipping email no longer shows discount when zero value.
  • Fix – Vat rate on shipping email was incorrect.
  • Fix – Option item images in cart were not showing correct image.
  • Fix – Language switching fixed for breadcrumbs.
  • Fix – VAT included pricing was updating currency view to include the currency code in all cases, corrected to match settings in the basic settings of the cart.
  • Fix – Javascript rounding for pricing updates was not rounding up on .5 to .99 cents, changing the display to something that was a penny off the cart value.
  • Fix – Order of product ids in the ec_product shortcode will now order the products in the same way.
  • Fix – eWay requires a client side encryption for rapid pay, which is now integrated.
  • Fix – Product list display shows excluding vat if VAT added in cart tax used and proper basic option turned on.
  • Fix – VAT rate display was not always correct on email receipts.
  • Fix – PayPal Standard, Payments Pro, and Payflow pro all now include the address line 2 in the data sent to PayPal.


  • Improvement – eWay now offering Rapid Pay, which is required on new accounts.
  • Fix – Using currency code display in your pricing display fixed on the product details page.
  • Fix – Update for downloads that just plain images, text, or html.
  • Fix – Stripe insert charge function referencing incorrect order totals variable.
  • Fix – Stripe insert charge data now accepts the customer id in place of a card. Used for custom programming with the store.
  • Fix – Option to hide quantity in stock now applied to quick view as well.
  • Fix – Possible bug in URL based language switcher. Issue dependent on server and session management.
  • Fix – Manual billing encoding issue when inserting order. Some languages would cause manual billing orders to fail to insert.
  • Fix – WPML integration fixed.
  • Fix – First Data Payeezy integration was not working properly. Added additional authorization values to the setup area to fix this issue. All First Data customers will need to update their account information to finish setup.
  • Fix – Option set 3 in basic option sets was not working properly.
  • Fix – Advanced swatches now display the title of the swatch on hover.
  • Fix – Hide live editor from admin not working on the subscription checkout page.
  • Fix – Account side order information with advanced options was showing the option name instead of the option label. Changed to be consistent with cart display.
  • Fix – Add to cart plus button was not respecting the choice to not track stock quantity and was using stock quantity value entered in the admin.
  • Fix – Shipping email sent from admin improved to match design and information of the email receipt.
  • Fix – No shipping phone on the account dashboard was showing an empty space when hovering over the ship to name.
  • Fix – Order of advanced options on product screen now guaranteed to match order displayed in cart.
  • Fix – Live shipping was not using a logged in user shipping zip and country on the first page of the cart and was not always updating live shipping data on add to cart.
  • Fix – If no discount the user will not see this option on checkout or in their account.
  • Fix – Entering estimate shipping was causing the use different address for shipping box to be selected by default.
  • Fix – PayPal Standard now handles 100% discounts of the subtotal and still charging for shipping.


  • New Feature – New basic option that allows you to turn on/off the delivery dates display option with live shipping rates. If left on, delivery dates are displayed, if available, next to the shipping rate label.
  • New Feature – New basic option that allows you to edit the model number extension character used with the option item character.
  • Fix – When accessing admin less is now loaded to speed up load time.
  • Fix – Store speeds improved by limiting option information loaded during initialization.
  • Fix – CSS on product details page was preventing content from being bolded properly, especially noticable in the description area.
  • Fix – Low weight issue fixed in USPS.
  • Fix – Image uploading from Firefox in some cases was not working and has been fixed.
  • Fix – Added Intuit Payments documentation to help with setup.
  • Fix – Improved postal code validation for US, CA, GB, and AU in order to prevent live shipping errors from invalid postal codes.
  • Fix – Skip shipping option was causing the incorrect shipping method name to be displayed on checkout in some cases.
  • Fix – Shortcode editor for menu and table were not interacting correctly.
  • Fix – Quickview now hidden from users by javascript on touch screen devices.
  • Fix – Dynamic image sizing set as default was not saving properly.
  • Fix – FedEx live shipping when only a single rate available was crashing (rare cases).


  • Fix – If zip codes had an extra space before or after the zip value live shipping would fail.
  • Fix – Removed tempcart data from db backup to prevent possible errors.
  • Fix – Store items were not allowed in menu items for version 3.2.8 introduced this error during attempt to fix other issues.


  • New Feature – You can now turn on low quantity notification and out of stock notification as well as set the low notification value. This is available in your basic settings.
  • New Feature – You can link directly to the cart to add an item to the cart (if no options for the product) by using the variable ?ec_add_to_cart=model-number.
  • New Feature – Basic setting now exists to turn the stock quantity view on/off. This display is still dependent on tracking quantity, but you can now track quantities while hiding that stock quantity from the customer.
  • Improvement – You can now add multiple product details shortcodes to the same page and the error checking will work properly.
  • Improvement – Log in widget now lists a full account menu when logged into your account.
  • Improvement – If you can use session variables on your store, the payment method selected saves for the user in case they navigate away from the payment page. Payment info is not stored, only the method selected.
  • Improvement – If you use VAT included in the product price, display will add inc VAT in small font next to the price on the product list page.
  • Improvement – Account dashboard now changes the account menu to be on top when displayed on smaller screen devices, making the system more mobile friendly.
  • Improvement – Added option to register for email list in account creation area of checkout.
  • Fix – Added new logging mechanism for errors in contacting server for live payment, previously no message recorded in the gateway log.
  • Fix – Data error prevention with the option item quantity tracking feature.
  • Fix – Issue with pricing updates on option item change when using a single pricing format on a product.
  • Fix – Store items can be edited again, broken since the last major WordPress version.
  • Fix – VAT language switched to pull from the language files, which were hard coded in the product class.
  • Fix – Backorder quantity was not acting as it should in the cart.
  • Fix – Maximum quantity was not being respected in quick view display.
  • Fix – Maximum quantity was not being respected in the cart view.
  • Fix – Quick view was showing up in device preview, even though it does not on touch screen devices.
  • Fix – Some cases caused no default selection in the display of live shipping rates, but now at least one item will be selected to prevent confusion.
  • Fix – Method for selecting lowest rate adjusted to select lowest rate not counting zero value over ride rates.
  • Fix – Skipping shipping method was not automatically selecting the best or an actual shipping method, especially on error.
  • Fix – Unsubscribe from subscribers list was not deleting the user from the list.
  • Fix – Category list in the product editor now loads alphabetically.
  • Fix – Coupon codes now retrieved where case doesn’t matter, e.g. COUPON and coupon both get the coupon code ‘coupon’ successfully.


  • Fix – Stripe change in variable name for address_line1.
  • Fix – Image loading script in admin fixed to line up with amfphp fix from a previous version.
  • Fix – Test for PHP5.3 or higher, a requirement with Amazon S3, has been implemented to prevent errors.
  • Fix – Permalink issue on product update resolved, change in previous version for a speed improvement caused problems.
  • Fix – Removed unnecessary store status requirements.
  • Fix – VAT and no VAT display now updates with option set pricing changes.
  • Fix – One-time price adjustment display had duplicate currency symbols.
  • Fix – Checking out with live shipping rates and skipping shipping selection page was not passing through shipping rate name properly to the receipt.
  • Fix – Fixed demo data installation and linking with permalinks for the store on.


  • New Feature – User can now collect the card holder name separately from the billing name (basic setting option).
  • New Hooks – wpeasycart_product_added, wpeasycart_product_updated, wpeasycart_account_added, and wpeasycart_account_updated which pass the product_id or user_id.
  • Improvement – Quickbooks related content has been upgraded to work better with the Quickbooks plugin. Upgrade both versions if you are already a user of our Quickbooks plugin.
  • Improvement – Upgraded the positioning of the seo information provided in the store admin.
  • Improvement – Vastly decreased the number of SQL calls on each store page loaded. More improvements to come in early 2016.
  • Fix – When using a selected on load option item with a price adjustment, now the page loads with the correct pricing displayed.
  • Fix – For shipping services using WordPress WP_Http, we are now forcing ssl_verify to false to prevent errors with customers not requiring a valid SSL.
  • Fix – Store Table shortcode now does not require all 4 columns. Leaving any column blank will simplify the table to less columns.
  • Fix – In some cases a user could not register in the account unless they selected to be a subscriber.
  • Fix – Product import/export system fixed.
  • Fix – Stripe Webhook on refund had a small possible issue.
  • Fix – Single quotes now escaped properly throughout the admin settings area.
  • Fix – VAT rate value now saved to the order for later display and solves cases in which items are purchased that are both taxable and non-taxable.


  • New Feature – Intuit Payments now available in the standard version.
  • New Feature – Network Merchants (NMI) payments with or without 3D Secure by Cardinal Centinel.
  • New Feature – Change search format between requiring all key words to match somewhere or just one to draw a match.
  • New Feature – You can now select a custom third party gateway. To setup, add your custom gateway in the wp-easycart-data folder, file name ec_custom_thirdparty.php and the class name of ec_custom_thirdparty.
  • New Feature – New store product list table view shortcode available in the shortcode editor.
  • Improvement – Product search widget now does a better job of returning best matching results first, rather than all in alphabetical order.
  • Improvement – Added subscription title and customer name to a subscription failed notification.
  • Fix – Gift cards were not adding and removing grand total if possible.
  • Fix – Tax value in cart did not match on live update of the values in all situations.
  • Fix – Products that should not track quantity no longer requires a quantity value set above 0.
  • Fix – Advanced option radio type with an initially selected option was not working.
  • Fix – Cart display shortcode was not working
  • Fix – Reorder products system with long titles was an issue, limited to 16 characters to improve display.


  • New Hook – wpeasycart_success_page_content_bottom now allows you to add content below the end of the success page content.
  • Improvement – Expanded the hook wpeasycart_email_receipt_line_item to include the orderdetail_id as well.
  • Improvement – Expanded the hook wpeasycart_order_detail_line_item to include the orderdetail_id as well.
  • Improvement – For those who have a specific no information error in the admin, we now offer a quick 1-click solution to try and automatically fix the problem.
  • Fix – In preparation for WP 4.4, fixed some upcoming bugs with order insertion.
  • Fix – Character encoding for product export was not working properly with special characters.
  • Fix – Some situations may have had data issue with the newer temp cart system; improvements made.
  • Fix – IE and cookies failing to save were causing issues with PayPal, this has been corrected. Also improvements made to ensure functionality without cookies enabled in the browser.
  • Fix – Added option to support those that need to use the legacy API URL.


  • New Option – Basic option now available to turn live searching on or off for your store. Sometimes useful with large data sets or when the feature is not compatible with a site.
  • New Option – You can now turn on/off the terms that can be searched for in the product search widget.
  • New Option – You can now turn on/off the product image on the order receipt(print and email).
  • New Option – Payment Express PxPost, now offers developer account on/off option.
  • Fix – For themes that block output, fix for admin to prevent errors from this system type.
  • Fix – Option item quantity tracking with old or bad data now does not break this system.
  • Fix – Caching used on user data to prevent DOS attacks from bringing server down through the store.
  • Fix – Add to cart widget had hidden thumbnails that threw a JS error. This has been removed.
  • Fix – Live search now stores last search in order to prevent flashing live search while typing. Also prevents search AJAX call when keys not associated to a change in search are pressed.
  • Fix – Live search limited to 10 items per query (10 product titles, 10 manufacturer, 10 categories, etc…) in order to prevent problems on large data sets.
  • Fix – Clean up for temp cart tokens now happening on order completed, previously could get out of hand.
  • New Filter – wp_easycart_product_list_price_display can be used to alter the display of the list pricing on the product item display; the list price is provided as an argument.
  • New Filter – wp_easycart_product_price_display can be used to alter the display of the pricing on the product item display; the price is provided as an argument.
  • New Filter – wp_easycart_product_details_list_price_display can be used to alter the product details list price display; the list price is provided as an argument.
  • New Filter – wp_easycart_product_details_price_display can be used to alter the product details price display; the price is provided as an argument.
  • New Filter – wp_easycart_product_details_price_no_vat_display can be used to alter the product details NO VAT price display; the list price, price, tax list price, and tax price are included as arguments.
  • New Filter – wp_easycart_product_details_price_vat_display can be used to alter the product details VAT INCLUDED price display; the list price, price, tax list price, and tax price are included as arguments.
  • New Filter – wp_easycart_product_show_add_to_cart_button can be used to hide the add to cart and select options button in custom situations; by default is true.
  • New Filter – wp_easycart_product_details_show_cart_area can be used to hide the add to cart button in custom situations; by default is true.
  • New Filter – wpeasycart_search_terms can be used to customize the search terms used in the search sql. These values must be valid in the get product list query.
  • New Action – wp_easycart_product_details_pre_add_to_cart can be used to add content prior to the add to cart button area.


  • Addition – PayPal Standard can be set to send user’s shipping address instead of billing to help with fraud prevention.
  • Fix – Currency display with right currency symbol was off in the product details area.
  • Fix – Metric display for dimensions updated to collect in MM and display fixed for main store page.
  • Fix – PayPal IPN listener user information was not sending after last update.


  • Upgraded Design – Design has been further modernized to included rounded edges, smaller buttons in specific locations, and easier access to previously purchased products.
  • New Feature – Subscriptions can now be collected in quantities other than 1. This is an advanced option that can be switched on/off to allow for multiple amount subscription purchases.
  • New Feature – System now leverages a backup system to the session system to prevent failure when a plugin or theme interfere with the EasyCart system.
  • New Feature – System now has a caching system for live shipping rates, which greatly speeds up response time when using this shipping method.
  • New Feature – Log in widget now available to add to your site.
  • New Feature – The restricted store page view now has a log in view and register button available when the user has not logged in.
  • New Option – Change the dimensions advanced option to display metric instead of standard measurements.
  • New Action – You can now capture and use the user and subscription information when a subscription is cancelled using the wpeasycart_subscription_cancelled hook.
  • Fix – If user checked out as guest, then attempted to check an order in an existing account, the order would not appear. Fix made to clear the guest information when user logs in.
  • PLUS – A bunch of other random small bug fixes


  • Change – AffiliateWP now handles all affiliate rule creation rather than the WP EasyCart, making for a cleaner integration.
  • New Feature – Added SagePay Pay Now for South Africa as a third party payment gateway.
  • New Feature – Added Google Merchant Feed Meta to the product details page if you are using this feature.
  • Improvement – Added second ‘Continue to Shipping/Payment’ button to the checkout details page.
  • Improvement – Added a new filter ‘wpeasycart_allowed_file_upload_types’ to allow you to customize the file MIME types that are accepted.
  • Improvement – Increased file upload size limit default from 1MB to 5MB.
  • Fix – Mass product display change from within the live editor on the product page was erasing the tags associated with products, this has been corrected.
  • Fix – Using basic option item images in a combo box, selecting the ‘none selected’ option was reverting to no thumbnails shown.
  • Fix – Canada advanced tax option had rates for Nova Scotia and Northwest Territories mixed up.
  • Fix – Option to allow gift cards to apply to shipping is now fixed.
  • Fix – Stripe subscriptions that have a one payment duration were not cancelling until the second payment.
  • Fix – Dashboard store status page option that allows you to reset your permalinks for the store has been updated to first remove all store items from WordPress in order to do a complete refresh.
  • Fix – VAT rate now showing up on the print receipt display.
  • Fix – Added css rule to subscription list page to allow access by css to active and cancelled subscriptions.
  • Fix – Membership content shortcode now works with regular products that have been approved in an order as well as subscriptions.
  • Fix – Using option item quantity tracking with three or more levels was not hiding loaders.
  • Fix – Option item images now resistant to data errors as previously old images could still appear.


  • URGENT – UPGRADE WP EASYCART PLUGIN PRIOR TO UPGRADING TO WORDPRESS 4.3!! Version 3.1.12 and lower are NOT compatible with WordPress 4.3.
  • Fix – Quick launch of 3.1.13 started sessions incorrectly due to changes from WordPress 4.3. Please update to 3.1.14 to fix all new issues.


  • Fix – Updated method to determine shipping display items in order to check for shippable items OR items with handling fees.
  • Fix – If user updates a cart item quantity to 0 or less, cart will now delete the item from the cart.
  • Fix – Product listed as show in specials widget was showing up in your specials section when it shouldn’t have.
  • Fix – Gateway for all apps occasionally had content sent to buffers (random themes and/or plugins were causing this), breaking the applications and this has been corrected.
  • Fix – Date formatting for subscription bill dates were incorrectly being displayed.


  • Improvement – A common error for the video shortcode is to enter the youtube watch URL instead of the embed URL, which is now automatically corrected to prevent errors.
  • Fix – CSS for video display has been updated to keep proper dimensions on display.
  • Fix – For those using shippable and non-shippable products with shipping override live rates, we corrected the shipping price to 0.00 based on no shippable items in the cart.
  • Fix – Item is VAT taxable option was not working properly.
  • Fix – Amazon S3 for users in Frankfurt region now using V4 credentials (not valid with V2). In addition, all other users should now be moved up to V4 if region is selected in the Amazon S3 setup.
  • Fix – Live editor, product sorter, and side menu accordion would occasionally conflict to cause problems (theme dependent) and not work correctly.


  • New Feature – You can now turn on a currency option (basic options) to show the currency code in the price display, e.g. USD $19.99 or CAD $29.99 with the code determined by the selected currency display.
  • Improvement – Forgot password link now available in the returning customers section during checkout.
  • Improvement – Search widget now breaks apart search terms to return more results to the user.
  • Improvement – Added product options information to the cart checkout pages in order to improve consistency throughout the checkout process.
  • Improvement – Unless you have a custom layout file for account orders and subscriptions, the date format will now be that of the WordPress global settings in your WordPress admin -> settings. This can be overriden if needed in a custom layout file by providing the date/time format to the date display functions.
  • Fix – Updated endpoint to go to the newer, more reliable services (secure2 and api2 URLs).
  • Fix – Those that have free products that are shipped at a cost now allow shipping to be applied to the free order subtotal.
  • Fix – Promotions that give a percentage off at a specific price, when used in multiple, was not always selecting the highest discount.
  • Fix – Donation widget is now working again (may require custom CSS for sizing with side bar) and now uses the weight of the product as the goal value. This widget only shows up on product details pages of donation type products.
  • Fix – Forgot password email was not translated properly and has been corrected.
  • Fix – Security fix made.


  • Fix – Admin version notice system fixed to prevent update notice when software is up to date.


  • Fix – USPS International shipping issue fixed.
  • Fix – Product details now correctly shows price adjustments for basic price adjustment option sets.
  • Improvement – Now passing through the option label with selected options in the order.


  • Fix – Conflict of easy plugin install script with other uses of the same script is now fixed.
  • New Feature – You can now turn on the advanced option to ‘ship all items in separate boxes’. This applies to live shipping (USPS and UPS) and changes the calculation so that they system assumes each item is shipped in its own box.
  • New Feature – PayPal Standard now passed the model number and displays on PayPal and in your account on purchase.
  • Fix – Width added to the total price in email receipt to allow for proper spacing in the line item pricing area.
  • Fix – Dynamic image sizing set to off to start to make for easier setup.
  • Fix – Product import now checks for correct pricing formatting and valid model numbers.


  • New Feature – Live editor now works in the Safari browser!
  • Improvement – Speed improvements in the store with the live editor, less content loading at a time for the admin.
  • Improvement – Linking now included from product, product details, and cart pages to the basic settings that apply to these pages.


  • Fixes for some random display errors added in version 3.1.3
  • New Feature – PayPal Standard, you can now allow checkouts that process in the currency that the user selects from your currency widget.
  • New Feature – You can now link downloads to absolute link by starting the file name with http:// or https://.
  • New Feature – You can now choose to show images per page or by default with dynamic sizing. This allows you to fit the product box to the image if images are different sizes.
  • New Action – wpeasycart_success_page_content_top, which allows you to inject js or other content at the top of the order success page.
  • Fix – Cart discount promotion with taxes were not based on discounted total, this has been corrected.
  • Fix – Checkout final button could be hit more than once on some servers.
  • Fix – Import/export of products with special characters improved.
  • Fix – Enqueue of admin jQuery extensions corrected to load correctly in more instances.
  • Fix – Shortcode editor was sometimes hidden from the screen because of location in the DOM on some websites, moving to the body using jQuery fixes this issue.
  • Fix – Grid quantity advanced option + price tears was calculating pricing incorrectly.
  • Fix – Advanced language editor simplified to work with more servers more consistently.
  • Fix – Menu Cart now loads through AJAX in order to work properly with caching plugins.
  • Fix – Previous CSS adjustment for shortcode editor to be compatible with DIVI theme was no longer working, updated admin editor css to improve usability.
  • Fix – Language system upgraded to ensure the language database entry is not overwritten on plugin update. This seemed to be occurring in a very small number of sites.
  • Fix – Coupon codes with live processing, if the order failed the times redeemed was still increasing by 1.
  • Fix – Subscription Payment failed notice email file was missing. This has been added to the system.


  • New Feature – New basic setting to hide the cart icon in your menu (if using this option) when the cart is empty.
  • Improvement – Export product system breaks exported CSV files into 500 product groups and downloads them into a single zip file. This prevents server time outs on export and on import.
  • Improvement – Stores with large number of products could have issues with the shortcode editor so to improve this functionality select boxes turn to input boxes when large number of products exists.
  • Improvement – Free orders no longer require the user to select a payment method.
  • Improvement – Canada taxation advanced option area now allows you to customize the rates for each province/territory and for each non-admin user role. This gives a merchant the freedom, for example, to charge no PST for wholesaler users.
  • Improvement – Stripe subscriptions with prorate on now give the user detailed line item information on each bill, allowing you and the customer to see the upgrade and downgrade prorated amounts.
  • Improvement – now collects the user’s company name during processing (if available).
  • New Option – New basic option for Deconetwork users that allow them to give the customer the option to add to cart or design the product at the Deconetwork.
  • Fix – PayPal Standard cart items with one-time price adjustment options now split that adjustment over the line items in the cart in order to properly display the total.
  • Fix – In case of import error, image hover effect checks and if the value is invalid, shows the no hover effect option.
  • Fix – Color widget variable name changed to prevent conflict with option item images.
  • Fix – Store access limited notice was not translated, although only visible in limited instances, has been corrected.


  • New Feature – New Color Filter for basic swatch type option sets. You can now filter products by those that have a specific color in stock. This option requires that you use the option item quantity tracking option with swatches.
  • New Feature – You can now display pricing in the product details including and excluding VAT.
  • New Feature – Stripe subscriptions with free trials now send a custom email for trial started with the order email sent once the trial ends.
  • Fix – Chinese language with PayPal needed the charset option to work correctly, PayPal charset is now available when using PayPal Standard.
  • Fix – Product import/export corrections made to improve overall usability.
  • Fix – Google Merchant Feed system was limited by number of post variables. This has been corrected to allow a CSV download and CSV upload to quickly create your Google Merchant XML file.


  • Fresh version number! Lots of new great features to come!
  • Speed Improvement – Speed increase by improving the DB indexing and improved session handling with load time increase of nearly 12x.
  • New Feature – Allow products to be back ordered when the item runs out of stock.
  • New Feature – Advanced option section now available to allow you to quickly turn on and collect Canadian taxes including GST, PST, or HST, whenever they should apply. This option also displays these values throughout the cart as is required in Canada.
  • New Feature – List products that sell by the square foot, apply the dimensions option set and allow customers to enter the dimensions they need and get an accurate price.
  • New Feature – You can now turn off the live editor from the front end for admin users. This is a basic option and great for locking in the design of your store or preventing browser slow downs while testing as an admin.
  • New Feature – Stripe subscriptions now allow you to turn prorate on/off for subscription changes.
  • New Feature – New basic option that allows you to show/hide the price for seasonal products.
  • New Feature – New basic option that allows you to show/hide the price for inquiry mode products.
  • New Feature – VAT, PST, GST, and HST are all now passed through to to be shown as tax (if any apply to the order).
  • New Feature – PST, GST, and HST are all now passed through to Dwolla to be shown as tax (if any apply to the order).
  • New Feature – VAT, PST, GST, and HST are all now passed through to FirstData to be shown as tax (if any apply to the order).
  • New Feature – PST, GST, and HST are all now passed through to PayPal Standard to be shown as tax (if any apply to the order).
  • New Feature – Duty, VAT, PST, GST, and HST are all now passed through to PayPal Payments Pro to be shown as tax (if any apply to the order).
  • New Feature – PST, GST, and HST are all now passed through to PayPal Payflow Pro to be shown as tax (if any apply to the order).
  • New Feature – Duty, VAT, PST, GST, and HST are all now passed through to PSIGate to be shown as tax (if any apply to the order).
  • New Feature – Duty, PST, GST, and HST are all now passed through to Skrill to be shown as tax (if any apply to the order).
  • New Feature – Duty, VAT, PST, GST, and HST are all now passed through to Virtual Merchant to be shown as tax (if any apply to the order).
  • New Feature – If you are having troubles with custom post type linking, you can quickly fix this in the dashboard -> store status, the last item offers a quick fix link. Good after manually importing products.
  • New Feature – New basic cart option allows you to turn on tax for shipping on/off.
  • New Feature – Future orders with can now be refunded (or if unsettled, voided) directly from the application.
  • New Feature – Beanstream payment gateway now available and allows for refunds directly from the administration application.
  • New Action – ‘wpeasycart_after_product_title’ check out our API Documentation to learn more.
  • Fix – When an existing user checks out, their addresses are updated to match that entered during checkout.
  • Fix – Import/Export product system greatly improved again. Handling special characters, errors, MAC/PC versions, and much more.
  • Fix – Tax Cloud handling discounts correctly now.
  • Fix – Australia Post fix.
  • Fix – Any update to the design will turn quick set up step 6 green.
  • Fix – If you do not use shipping (shipping off), quick set up step 9 will now turn green to indicate shipping is set up correctly.
  • Fix – Quantity shipping has expedited amount now showing.
  • Fix – Removing countries now removes all existing states associated with the country.
  • Fix – Canada Post fixed USA.TP rate code.
  • Fix – Added order date to the print invoice packaging slip.
  • Fix – View advanced options on desktop application now working.
  • Fix – State codes needed to allow more than 2 digit code.