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Woopaymu Woocommerce Ipaymu indonesia payment Gateway

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Woopaymu Woocommerce Ipaymu indonesia payment Gateway


Once you’ve downloaded the plugin, head over to Ipaymu.com to sign up for an account and get your Api Key.

If you have an Api Key, you can copy and paste that on woocommerce setting > Payment gateway > ipaymu tab, paste on API Key fields. Save it.

Keep in mind, Ipaymu don’t care about your currency yet. You should set up your price on Indonesian currency, because if you set up your price $50/item, Ipaymu going to process that as Rp50/item or IDR50/item.


  • The setting gateway, enter your api key here.
  • This is how the plugin in action, the buyer will send to ipaymu to complete payment.


Installing should be very easy and take fewer than five minutes.

  1. Upload ‘Woopaymu.zip’ into your blog’s plugins directory (typically /wp-content/plugins/)
  2. Unzip the Woopaymu.zip file
  3. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  4. Sign up and get your Api key on Ipaymu.com
  5. Copy and paste your api key on woocommerce setting > Payment gateway > ipaymu tab.


Do I need a Ipaymu.com account to use this plugin?

Yes. Because you will need to receive your money.

Can I use this plugin for Woocommerce?

yes. This specialist for woocommerce, not for other plugin.

why in ipaymu I see that my account is not verified?

This happen because Ipaymu require their member verify their personal info for safety.


2020 年 7 月 15 日
Verifikasi akun terlalu lama dan susah, sebelum pasang website harus sudah live karena salah satu verifikasi disitu. untuk yg baru belajaran mau buat online atau umkm mau go online paling enak pakai tripay. buat akun dan verifikasi gampang, plugin buat woo juga tersedia
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