WIMPLE Contact Form


A flexible and convenient Web Form plug-in for WordPress to create Contact or any kind of forms for WP-based websites.

Create web forms for –
1. Contact Us
2. Feedback
3. Technical / Product Support Query
4. Customer Complaint
5. General Inquiry
or whatever form you can think of.

  • Interactive UI for composing the form. No code to write for defining fields or their behavior.

  • Select data types for fields from the most commonly used pre-defined set.

  • Specify any help / hint and validation error message to show for each field.

  • Change the sequence of fields as needed without any coding.

  • Default HTML and CSS generated. Customize as per your own choice or to match the web site / page.

  • Get auto-generated email with form data sent using your own SMTP server or AWS-SES — setup done via interactive UI, no coding needed.

  • Completely clean code, with no script embedded.


  1. Create and manage multiple forms using the plug-in.

  2. Use the same form or different forms for different web pages.

  3. Use custom email id (not necessarily admin email only) as From (sender) and To (recipient) address for the form.

  4. Manage each form’s fields from admin backend — add, remove, edit values / options, change display order / sequence etc.

  5. Preview each form in admin backend, which is similar to the frontend presentation.

  6. Choice of using CAPTCHA security or not; two different lengths (6, 8) for CAPTCHA string.

  7. Use any one of five ready-made themes to display the form to frontend user or customize the selected theme as needed.

  8. Send form data via auto-generated email using your SMTP server (easy) or AWS SES — API Signature version 4 (better deliverability).


  • Copy the ‘Shortcode’ for the form from plug-in’s admin backend.

  • Use WordPress function ‘do_shortcode()’ with the above Shortcode in the PHP file for the required web page.

NOTE: You can use the same ‘Shortcode’ in multiple web pages.


As per the arrangement of the WIMPLE Web Form Plug-in, admin needs to specify the email settings for sending the auto-generated email with the form data from specified sender email id to recipient email id. There are two supported options, for each of which the admin needs to provide the following information.

  1. AWS-SES: Admin needs to provide —
    a) AWS Endpoint
    b) AWS account ‘Access Key’
    c) AWS account ‘Secret Access Key’

  2. SMTP server other than AWS-SES: Admin needs to provide —
    a) SMTP Server Address
    b) SMTP Server Port
    c) Username
    d) Password

NOTE: These data are put in the code (wp-config.php) and stored on the server where the plug-in is installed. These are used only to send the emails generated based on the form. SARANGSoft does NOT get / have any access to these information.

The auto-generated emails with the form data from WIMPLE Web Form Plug-in via AWS SES (Simple Email Service) are sent using Signature version 4 (instead of Signature version 3 which expires on Sep 30, 2020) for better security.


  1. How to Display the form to the user (in frontend)?
    a) Copy the ‘Shortcode’ for the form from plug-in’s admin backend.
    b) Use WordPress function ‘do_shortcode()’ with the above Shortcode in the PHP file for the required web page.

  2. Can we use the same form in more than one page in user end (frontend)?
    Yes, you can use the same form (‘Shortcode’) in multiple web pages.

  3. What theme is used by the plug-in?
    There are five (5) built-in themes (color-oriented) with this plug-in. Select any one of those as per your needs, and then customize the CSS for selected theme as you see fit to suit your web site / page.


  • Site admin creates a form and sets the basic information.
  • Specify sender and receiver email ids as part of email setup for the form.
  • Add fields of type TextBox (single- or multi-line), Dropdown List etc. as needed.
  • See the defined fields in the same order as those will appear in the form.
  • See the newly created form in website frontend.


  1. Download and save ‘wimple-contact-form’ on your local drive.

  2. Extract ‘wimple-contact-form’.

  3. Upload the entire ‘wimple-contact-form’ folder into the ‘/wp-content/plugins/’ directory.

  4. Log into your WordPress Admin Panel. Click on Plugin in the left-pane menu list; you will find ‘Wimple Contact Form’ menu in the right-panel.

  5. Click on the ‘Activate’ button to install the plug-in.


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Released in January 2021.

*Compatible with WP 5.6 maintaining backward compatibility.


Released in September 2020.

*Support for Amazon AWS SES API requests signed using Signature version 4 for sending auto-generated e-mails from the form.
NOTE: AWS-SES API Sig-v3 expires on Sep 30, 2020, and Sig-v4 is the only option for SES API from Oct 1, 2020.


Released in September 2020.