Deliver via Shipos for WooCommerce


ShipOS – Auto Sync your WooCommerce store orders to all delivery companies and Automate your shipping

Plugin options:
1. Regular delivery (door to door)
2. Reverse delivery, from the customer back to the store
3. Double shipping
4. Create Bulk shipment
5. Collection from pickup points – selection from a map (google maps support)
6. Collection from pickup points – selection from a list
7. Printing shipping labels
8. Receive delivery status
9. Canceling delivery

How open account? Shipos Delivery
Plugin installation guide

Shipping companies are supported:
* Baldar
* Run
* Chita delivery
* Hfd
* Cargo
* Rimon delivery
* Negev group
* Tamnon
* Ratz plus
* L.a delivery
* Shir delivery
* Rom express
* Done
* Isgav
* Tapuz
* a.s delivery
* fix delivery
* focus logistics
* LAN deliveries
* Gal delivery

Didn’t find your courier company in the list? Send us a message and we will add your courier company



  1. Upload the plugin files to the /wp-content/plugins/shipos-delivery directory, or install the plugin through the WordPress plugins screen directly.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ screen in WordPress
  3. Use the WooCommerce->Settings->Shipos Delivery screen to configure the plugin

How to open account? Shipos Delivery
Plugin installation guide


2023 年 4 月 19 日
Simple and easy to install, configure and operate, supports all shipping companies in Israel.פשוט וקל להתקנה, הגדרה ותפעול, תומך בכל חברות השילוח בישראל
2023 年 4 月 18 日
Great product works great and one level above all other plugins and most importantly the fast and personal service
2023 年 3 月 30 日
this plugin is costume made to give the exact need for delivery integration. matat technologys is a leading web company that support my website for years. good luck mannnnnn
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以下人員參與了開源軟體〈Deliver via Shipos for WooCommerce〉的開發相關工作。




  • [feat] Allow Shop Manager to Access the Plugin Menu


  • Add support for ignoring coupon discounts for conditional shipping price
  • Add support for shipping phone number


  • [bug] Handle multiple shipping point inputs issue caused by other plugins


  • [bug] Fixed a bug where billing phone number was not sent


  • Send Variation SKU data


  • Add new menu item under Woocommerce “Ship OS Shipping” – Users can now create and manage their shipments from this menu item
  • Implement usage of multiple licenses
  • Edit order data before creating shipment
  • Flag orders and shipments
  • Advanced filtering options for orders and shipments
  • Add notes to orders and shipments
  • Create manual shipping


  • Add support for orders created with WooCommerce’s ‘High-performance order storage’ feature


  • [bug] After deactivate and activate the plugin change status to test mode


  • Remove unneeded code and features
  • UI updates
  • Bug fix: Fixed certain elements being hidden when cancelling shipment
  • Added support for custom shipping phone number
  • Code Refactor


  • Product variations synced from Woocommerce to Shipos
  • Feature: Add option for choosing whether to show order notes in label or not
  • Bug fix: Fixed an issue where Open Shipment button would not be re-enabled after an error


  • prevent multiple button clicks while shipment request is being executed.


  • Add support for generating shipment labels in bulk
  • Display product SKUs in ShipOs generated shipment labels


  • Add shipment type, horizontal rule and remove repeated title
  • Add custom order comment field parameter


  • Update order item data sent to Shipos API when creating shipping
    ** Send image and gallery urls to api when creating shipping
    ** Send only required data of order items to the api


  • Testmode bug fixed
  • While pickup points are disabled, extra fields are hidden
  • Error handling added
  • unwanted files removed


  • Testmode – disabled by default


  • Added option for overriding license url when needed
  • Fixed bug in bulk shipping where post meta was updated even when the shipping was not successfully created
  • Fixed bug in bulk shipping where error messages were not displayed properly in admin notices


  • Fixed bug related to shipping method id


  • Plugin setting page Improvement
  • Css update


  • Shipping method – fixed issue related to collection point discount


  • Improved settings page
  • Shipping method – add option to discount for collection points above an order amount
  • Added pickup point to client email
  • Fix auto create shipping after order change status


  • Translations to hebrew added
  • Fixed bug few minor bugs


  • First Public version.