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2022 年 5 月 13 日
The setup is not intuitive and basic things like the information page are broken in minor but annoying ways. I finally got it working, and it usually syncs with other calendars now, although not always. The 'Seasonal Pricing' feature, which allows you to override the base price for set periods, is something my client particularly needed. It took a long time to set up (I had six special prices, which had to be set up manually on all eight calendars), and it simply didn't work - in fact it blocked customers from buying in that period. The (paid for) customer support from VR Cal was very annoying, after going through the process of setting them up as an Admin user, they were worse than useless, and just sent weird messages repeating the error messages (which I had sent them). We're still using it, but only because my client agreed to waive the seasonal pricing.
2021 年 11 月 12 日
we bought 2 pro licenses, have constant sync issues, takes days to get support, clients were fed up with their sites not working properly and we went with another product, still fighting to get a refund. DONT WASTE YOUR MONEY. (as reference we have purchased over 80 different types of plugins in last 6 months for a multitude of projects, when we say it doesnt work.. it REALLY doesnt work...) Update: still no response from support, 3 weeks and counting. nightmare product and support, doesnt sync, still doesnt sync, no response from developer. product is junk. Planning to report them to paypal and wordpress
2021 年 8 月 27 日
- I have a pro -licence - support answer takes days or there is no answer - lame support, don't solve the problem - support ask for login data over email and send these mails to wrong user I got a support email with all login data for an other domain > no reaction after reporting this to the support - WPML compatibillity is not applicable. You can not translate status mails like: booking recieved, approved, canceld etc., because they are capsulated in each room-object > duplicate a Room-object into different languages is futile fatal - tutorial not updated, old Version, not language instructions - using Loco-Translate distructed the whole booking-system > when tested, wrong email masseages are send "thank you for your payment" after sending a booking request = killing bug - translation with PoEdit do not work propper, can not use other lamnguages after translation - database is trashed, can not make a clean clear of VRC data, entries in wp-option not clean titled - editing email form and other design with CSS is enoying, many inline css definitions >> sorry, its a mess!
2020 年 9 月 23 日
My customer has bought the plugin and we maintain it. It isn't clean code, many codes are duplicate and have many bugs with the enterprise version
2018 年 11 月 16 日
I've been a VR Cal user for over a year and have never got the sync function to work with VRBO and Airbnb. I finally got angry and contacted the customer service (no phone--only email). I have received 17 emails from their customer service rep over piddly crap "did you try "sync" on the plug-in". I have not received any help. The customer service is awful based on my experience if it even exist. I worked with an hour with VRPO tech and they said the problem is VR Cal not transferring the data. If anybody has had success getting the "sync" function to work properly, please respond. My expectations are that when I populate my calendar on my website, the calendar on VRBO and Airbnb would automatically populate. Are my expectations correct? This seems so simple. VR CAl says their program follows iCal protocol (same as VRBO and Airbnb) but it doesn't seem to work Pardon my venting
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