VenoMaps – geo map and custom markers


This plugin creates custom maps which can be placed anywhere: Contact pages, posts, sidebars, footer widgets, or directly into your theme’s files!

Select a custom style and a size for the map, upload your custom markers, set the map’s and the markers’ coordinates, insert some html content for the popup info boxes and publish your map.

The VenoMaps page also offers some geolocation utilities to get the coordinates typing an address, or placing the marker in a specific position on the map. VenoMaps Block available.

VenoMaps is an alternative to Google Maps, it is based on OpenLayers and OpenStreetMap, doesn’t require API keys and offers different custom maps.
You can also add your own custom styles from external services.


  • Easy to install and setup
  • Ability to add Maps on pages / posts
  • Gutenberg Block
  • Ability to set custom options for each Map
  • Manage custom markers with the WP media library
  • Rich text editor for the Info Boxes
  • Clusters
  • 5 Default styles
  • Custom map styles
  • Geolocation utility to get Latitude / Longitude from address
  • Responsive design

Create a Map

Go to your website admin panel, click on VenoMaps > Add New, give it a title and fill the coordinates as basic options.
You can add one or more markers with various options and attach a infobox to each marker. Publish the map.

Adding into posts/pages

Insert the Block VenoMaps inside your posts or page, or copy the shortcode from the field below the map’s title and paste it anywhere inside your posts or pages, that’s it.

Adding into widget

Under Appearance > Widgets you will find a new widget VenoMaps. Add it to your sidebar, select the desired map from the dropdown menu and save.

Default styles available

Default (OpenStreetMap)
Terrain (Stamen)
Toner (Stamen)
Watercolor (Stamen)
Wikimedia (Wikimedia)

Licenses and copyrights

Default maps data provided by:

OpenStreetMap ODbL
Stamen Design CC BY 3.0
Wikimedia Terms of use


  • Default Maps
  • Custom map with markers
  • Clusters
  • Map page settings
  • Block
  • General settings


這個外掛提供 1 個可供 Gutenberg/區塊編輯器使用的區塊。

  • VenoMaps


Upload the plugin folder venomaps to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
Activate the plugin through the Plugins menu in WordPress
Create a new map under VenoMaps > Add New
Select the generated shortcode and insert it inside any post or page, or search VenoMaps among Blocks
Use the VenoMaps block to select a map and insert it inside your sidebars
Optionally add new styles inside Settings > VenoMaps


How to place a map inside my template file?

To display a map outside the post editor or widgets, paste the following PHP code inside your template file
echo do_shortcode(‘[venomap id=”xxx” height=”xxx”]’);
replacing [venomap id="xxx" height="xxx"] with the shortcode generated by the plugin inside the map’s page.

Needs any API key?

No. The default map styles are loaded without any API key. If you want to add some custom map styles you can create a free account at and select some standard maps, or create your own custom styles.

Supports Google Maps?

No, this plugin borns as an alternative to Google Maps, and is based on OpenStreetMap and OpenLayers. Quick, easy to setup, and free of tracking cookies.


2021 年 6 月 15 日
A map plugin which is not bloated and stuffed with settings you don't need. Nice work.
2021 年 3 月 27 日
This plugin is very intuitive. Of course it is not complete, but a lot depends on how you use it. I give 5 stars for ease of use.
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  • Update: sync missing files


  • New: Dynamic Clusters with custom colors
  • Update: dropped jQuery dependency
  • Update: removed legacy widgets
  • Update: tested up to PHP 8.2
  • Update: OpenLayers library 7.3.0
  • Update: Initial Zoom and Zoom Scroll custom settings to each map
  • Update: dropped support for vector maps, now custom maps only support raster tiles in png format


  • Update: Minor CSS fixes


  • Update: Support WP 6.2
  • Update: Minor fixes


  • Update: Support PHP 8.1


  • Update: Support new block widgets


  • Update: move marker position changing coordinates inside geolocation


  • Fix: PHP error before saving settings


  • Update: Drag and drop marker to get geolocation inside map edit


  • Update: exclude venomaps cpt from public query


  • Update: small fix on save settings


  • Update: Hide VenoMaps CPT from nav menu items
  • Update: Load css inside head
  • Fix: Undefined templist


  • First version