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Trustami Badge for Customer Reviews and Google Stars

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Trustami Badge for Customer Reviews and Google Stars


Trustami – One badge for all your customer reviews!

Trustami collects, analyzes and presents a users’ distributed social media data in a standardized and user-friendly format to fill the need for trust in online interactions.

Trustami enables users to collect ratings and reviews from all networks and display them in the form of trust badges.

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  • Merging your reviews from all sources
  • Display your ratings in form of stars in organic Google Search (Google Stars)
  • Increase the trust in your online shop
  • Increase your online shop traffic
  • Increase your online shop conversions


  • Trust badge: Aggregate unlimited ratings from several platforms in one badge
  • Dashboard: Statistics and history of your reviews
  • Rating alert: Notification service about negative reviews across all your platforms
  • Rating insurance: we save all your ratings existing on your platforms and enable you to keep your existing reviews in case of switching platforms or account deletion
  • Seller award: We rank the best 25% shops on each platform and are the only independent provider of such an award

With this plugin you can use the Trustami Trust Badge with just a few clicks. For the plugin activation a Trustami account is necessary, which contains your assigned Trustami ID.

This Trustami plugin supports the use of WordPress Widgets. By accessing the Widgets submenu, Trustami widgets can be dragged and dropped in the online shop pages.

Notice: This WooCommerce plugin is only intended for the integration of the Trustami trust badges in your WooCommerce online shop.

If you have any questions write us an email to support@trustami.com

or call us on +49 (0) 30 – 346 4943 65

For more information visit our website www.trustami.com


  • Example of a trustami trust badge
  • Trust badges overview
  • Trustami supports all networks
  • Trustami seller profile page
  • Trustami social profile page
  • Trustami plugin settings
  • Trustami drag and drop widgets


Getting started in a few steps:

  1. Register for free on Trustami

  2. Customize your trust badges directly on app.trustami.com

  3. Download and install our WooCommerce plugin*

  4. Click on the Trustami plugin settings to set the position of your trust bagdes. In addition, the trust badges are also selectable as widgets under Widgets in the Appearance menu.

Notice: For the usage of this plugin a Trustami account is required (including membership fee). There is a free trial period, where you can test the plugin.


If you have any questions about our WooCoomerce Plugin, please post a topic on the support forum or contact us at support@trustami.com or check out our website trustami.com.


How can I display my Google stars in the organic Google search results for my WooCommerce online shop?

In order to view the Google stars for your WordPress shop, installing the plugin and entering your Trustami ID, which is found in your Trustami account, is required. Prior to that and if not already booked, a suitable a Trustami package/plan (as shown in the overview here) must be selected. Lastly, a minimum of one trust badge should activated in your WooCommerce Trustami plugin settings.


2020 年 3 月 14 日
All my problems and questions were quickly solved by friendly and competent support. The price-performance ratio was very convincing and I would recommend it to everyone.
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