Visitor IP Tracker, IP Stats Analytics & IP Control With Email Alerts


The Official TraceMyIP Visitor IP Stats Tracker plugin features easy website analytics, visitor IP tracking with email alerts, hits counting, visitor IP blocking, IP redirecting, and IP access control.

Powerful features that help to stay in control of website visitations

Optimized for current web technology – accurately capturing all real-time website visitor interaction


  • Project Summary screen, enables viewing all website and blog stats on a single page. These include current visitors online, today, yesterday, last 7 days, this month, and the total. Sound notifications are available when new visitors come to the site. The 30-day mini bar graph shows website page load activity over time.

  • Zoomable visitor map shows all visitors available in the real-time log. By clicking on each visitor icon, a new report is generated with detailed visitor activity, page view times, physical location, and other information.

  • Variety of statistical graphic charts gives quick visualization of recurring visitor traffic, traffic sources, social engagement, and National vs. International traffic sources.

  • Visitor IP Log shows individual visitors and their activity on a page level. If a visitor is online, he or she will be highlighted. Visitors can be tagged and tracked for IP changes over an extended period of time.

  • Page loads log provides detailed visitor and web page/blog activity information about every single page load in real-time. This includes visitor geolocation, ISP, organization, user agent, IP address changes, referrers, and landing pages

  • Individual Link and Page Tracking and Visitor Redirecting

  • Integrated Page Tracker module allows controlling visitor traffic and redirecting visitors based on custom redirect and messaging rules.

  • Some of the Page and Link Tracker rules can be triggered based on a variety of website and blog visitor data such as visitor's Current IP address, First IP address, Last or First IP address, Computer ID, Referrer URL, Referring subdomain, Referring search engine keywords, Landing page title, Landing page URL, Device types such as mobile, tablet and desktop, Device names such as iPad, iPhone, User agent strings, Device OS, Device OS version, Browsers, and other options.

  • Advanced General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)(EU) 2016/679 regulation tools allow for flexible custom configuration that allows web publishers to maintain the ability to capture blog and website visitor tracking data with maximum efficiency and data management scalability.

  • Visitor Email Alerts - a highly configurable email alerts system. Schedule immediate, daily, weekly, or monthly alerts to capture website visitor activity and email you the reports.

  • Visitor Console Alerts - the console alerts work together with email alerts and notify users of a tagged visitor activity. The console alerts can either be configured as real-time popup notifications or compact single-line notifications that can be opened to see a full list of recent visitor activity alerts.


TraceMyIP visitor IP tracking, website statistics, and visitor email alerts with an IP control are instantly activated by registering a account.

The installation consists of 3 simple steps:
1. Install TraceMyIP WordPress plugin
2. Register an account at which will provide you with a unique visitor tracker code
3. Place the code into the “Visitor Tracker Code” input box at the bottom of the TraceMyIP WordPress plugin settings page

That’s all! Now login to your TraceMyIP account and instantly observe website visitor activity in real-time.

Steps to enable tools for WordPress:

  • Register a new account by selecting a Visitor Tracker style or click on the [Add a New Project] menu button of an existing TraceMyIP account.
  • Generate a Website Visitor Tracker code with If the code is lost, log in to your TraceMyIP account, go to “My Projects” page and click on the “tracker code” link to recover your code.
  • Install the Official Trace My IP plugin for WordPress and go to TraceMyIP Settings page using the WordPress dashboard menu
  • Paste the TraceMyIP Visitor Tracker code into the [visitor tracker code] input box and click on the Update Settings button
  • Verify that the Visitor Tracker icon shows up on ALL pages of your WordPress site
  • If the visitor IP blocking, redirecting, and the page controls are required, generate a Page Tracker Code within your TraceMyIP project and place the code into the [Page Tracker Code] input box using TraceMyIP plugin settings page
  • To access the TraceMyIP console, login to your WordPress and go to [Dashboard] => [TraceMyIP Reports]
  • To configure GDPR Compliance Tools, log in to and navigate to [My Account] => [Advanced Tracking Settings]

Support for TraceMyIP Visitor IP Tracker

  • For ALL tutorials and general information, please visit Learn TraceMyIP support site.

  • For the most frequently requested tutorials, please visit Popular Guides section.

If you require further help with the TraceMyIP visitor IP tracker plugin or need to report an issue, please contact TraceMyIP support.


Is TraceMyIP Visitor IP Stats Tracker a free service?

Yes. The FREE TraceMyIP subscription level that provides only basic essential information and features is completely free. Additional data storage space, enhanced visitor email alerts, and advanced GEO tracking and GDPR control options are available for premium subscriptions.

What are the primary TraceMyIP functions?

  1. Website Visitor GEO IP Tracking, Address Book tagging and visitor IP email alerts and console doorbell-like alerts
  2. Visitor IP Changes Tracking and Computer ID Tracking (Subject to GDPR Directive)
  3. Advanced Website Analytics and Statistics (some functions are similar to Google Analytics but on a visitor level)
  4. Visitor IP Blocking and visitor Traffic Control via IP and Computer ID Redirecting Rules
  5. Individual Link and Page Tracking and security access control based on an IP address and other visitor data
  6. AD Campaigns Tracking (some features are similar to Google Analytics + individual visitor tracking and surveillance)
  7. EU GDPR-compliant visitor tracking with selective GEO IP masking, Computer IP masking, and other GDPR compliance tools
  8. Compatibility with WordPress multisite, JavaScript tracking, and basic HTML tracking codes

How TraceMyIP plugin is different from other website statistics services?

  • TraceMyIP has been around since year 2008! It has been a trusted and reliable service that supports its users and relies on user feedback to stay consistent with feature demands.
  • Individual visitor surveillance. Observe the behavior of any given visitor over time, view changed IPs and browsing patterns.
  • No inflated stats. Ever noticed how your current statistics show plenty of visits to your site but you can rarely see actual continued interest in your content, very few conversions/purchases, or contact requests? This is because, on some sites, over 80% of logged visits are actually bots, scripts, and content scraping mechanisms that forge real visitor activity to gain access to the content. As a result, it provides you with a false sense that your website attracts real people to read the content. TraceMyIP on the other hand blocks and filters the majority of content-scrapping mechanisms and bots, providing you with a more accurate picture of the amount of real people browsing your site.
  • Email and console sound alerts. Get notified via email and console when a specific person visits your site and get sound alerts whenever there’s a new visit to your website while using your TraceMyIP console
  • No major interface modifications. We keep the interface consistent with a design that had been stable for over a decade and is based on user feedback. This prevents our users avoid never-ending interface changes that cause additional learning curves, reduce productivity, and cause headaches. Once you learn TraceMyIP, you will not need to completely re-learn it again anytime soon. Stability is the key to productivity.
  • No spam and your account information is never sold or shared with third parties. Your account information, email address, and IP address remain private. You will only receive your TraceMyIP account notifications to the email address provided. TraceMyIP is proud to be a spam-free service!

How many websites can be tracked with TraceMyIP?

A single user account can track up to 95 websites simultaneously at the same time in real-time. All websites can be organized in groups with an easy site search function to quickly locate an active website project.

What kind of alerts can I set up for the visits?

There are 2 types of alerts that can be configured

  1. Notifications while using the console – this provides visual and sound alerts whenever there are active visitors on your site
  2. Email alerts allow you to receive instant and scheduled email alerts for visitor IPs that were tagged using the TraceMyIP console.

How do I get email notifications and alerts when a specific person visits my website?

You can TAG (bookmark) any visitor and set up an email alert

  1. Locate the visitor on your logs that you would like to monitor
  2. Click on the Email Alerts icon next to the TAG button
  3. Assign the name and select when and how often you would like to get notified via email

For a step-by-step tutorial, see Visitor Email Alerts

How do I hide the visitor tracker on my pages?

To properly hide the tracker icon and make it invisible:

  1. Enable the [Invisible Tracker] option by going to [My Projects] page, clicking on the [edit] link for the project, and selecting the [Invisible Tracker] option. You can also refer to this Invisible tracker tutorial.
  2. Navigate to the WordPress TraceMyIP plugin settings page, and using the “Tracker Icon Position” menu set the option to “Header Script”. This may position the tracker on the left of the header or a footer, however, it will become completely invisible once the invisible tracker option is enabled.

Hiding the tracker with other methods will make tracking data unreliable as browsers tend to not load elements that are hidden otherwise.

What information do I get about each website visitor?

Some key information you’ll find on your TraceMyIP reports includes:

  • Website visitor IP address, IP address changes
  • Visitor GEO location on a city level
  • Number of visits and returns over time, full browsing activity history with full URLs of all pages visited and their exact time
  • Referring URLs where each visitor found the links to your site
  • Search engine information that brought the visitor to your website
  • Visitor Organization, ISP data, hostname, Internet browser information,
  • Visitor Computer specifications include computer ID, screen resolution, operating system, browser type, version, and device name and model.

Additionally, you have the flexibility to assign custom street addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, and create visitor notes. This custom information will be associated with each person, ensuring easy visitor identification even if their IP address changes.

Can a specific visitor activity be identified on all of my websites?

With the IP tracking address book, you can effortlessly scan through all projects to locate the activity of a tagged visitor. Just TAG a visitor and click on the [activity] link to search all website logs for specific computer IP or ID activity.


2023 年 7 月 27 日
This plugin does the most amazing stuff. You would be surprised just how easy it is to identify returning users, or troublemakers coming back to your site. You can identify them by IP, machine number, or any combination of things and then prevent them from even getting access. The Support is excellent I always got an answer in less that 12 hours, and they were able to resolve my problems - and helped me use more features of the plugin. Can't fault them.
2022 年 8 月 19 日
Great plugin, well-done! This is the best plugin for visitor trafic. It does exactly what I need! It was a bit strange for me that visitor trafic can see on separated webpage, but It is not problem at all. It is easy to use. I can only recommend it to everyone. Absolutely worth five stars! Big thanks for it!
2022 年 2 月 24 日
This is way more complex than it needs to be. I will be installing a better plugin.
2022 年 1 月 29 日
Overall pretty good tracking, but I hated the backend user interface. It's so hard to read and looks like it was designed in 1990. Also, this plugin does add a small amount of load time.
2021 年 8 月 1 日 1 則留言
TracemyIP plugin is a well working one. It works well in every part. However the interface could be better. It must be categorized better. Long texts should be minimized and redirect the user for details to other pages. Concluding, it worth's a try.
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以下人員參與了開源軟體〈Visitor IP Tracker, IP Stats Analytics & IP Control With Email Alerts〉的開發相關工作。



Version 2.53

  • Tracker code insertion fix for some templates that have missing body-level hooks
  • Plugin description update

Version 2.52

  • Tracker code async script insertion change. Improves header script execution and speed for invisible tracking
  • Provisional updates

Version 2.51

  • Added a new tracker header position to optimize the tracking for the invisible tracking feature
  • Fixed an issue for Page Tracker not being properly loaded in some instances
  • Added new PROXY server definitions
  • Miscellaneous interface tweaks
  • Verified compatibility with WordPress v6.3

Version v2.50

  • WordPress integration tweaks for MAC-based systems
  • Added new proxy server detection definitions
  • Improved some interface layout elements
  • New Geo Location definition additions
  • Added new GEO data for timezones
  • Improved cookieless tracking features
  • Various tracking engine improvements
  • Verified compatibility with WordPress v6.2

Version 2.49

  • Improved visitor tracker loading speed
  • Modified visitor tracker code to speed up website loading performance
  • Increased console page loading speed
  • Added new bots/crawler filter definitions
  • Optimized proxy detection
  • Corrected and added new timezone definitions
  • Added new GeoIP territories definitions
  • Performed minor WordPress plugin user interface modifications

Version 2.48

  • NEW visitor location GEO tracking module
  • Interface tweaks to improve web browser compatibility
  • Resolved an issue with visitor ISP/Organization blocking
  • Improved visitor tracking engine processing speed
  • New proxy detection engine definitions
  • Updated referrer spamming definitions
  • Server-side updates for WordPress plugin integration
  • New basic HTML tracking code version to continue tracking full URL landing pages. If you use an HTML type code that has not been updated since August of 2022, please generate and use a new visitor tracker code
  • Minor plugin interface modification

Version 2.47

  • Maintenance release
  • Optimized a visitor tracker code parameter
  • Updated list of proxy servers
  • Minor updates to the user interface

Version 2.46

  • GEO data update on country, state, and city level
  • Interface tweaks for individual device layouts
  • Update of proxy servers’ data
  • Tracking engine speed optimizations
  • Minor documentation revisions

Version 2.45

  • Updated GDPR country allocation list
  • Minor interface adjustments
  • Provisional update to fix a bug where some WP installations failed to load the tracker code
  • Update for documentation

Version 2.44

  • Version update
  • Minor text changes

Version 2.43

  • Improvements to the user interface
  • Visitor tracking engine optimization
  • WP Plugin user information update
  • Search engine and spam referrer definitions update
  • Provisional interface update for v2.42

Version 2.42

  • An update for WordPress multisite installation
  • Enhancements for the user interface
  • IP tracking engine improvements for premium-level subscriptions
  • Referrer anti-spam definitions update

Version 2.41

  • Visitor IP parsing update
  • Proxy servers database update
  • Referrer spam engine improvements
  • Provisionary WordPress plugin update
  • User interface tweaks
  • Visitor List report renders speed optimizations

Version 2.40

  • Provisionary plugin update

Version 2.39

  • Improved performance of real-time report updating for “My Projects” summary page
  • Optimized and decreased memory consumption for real-time reporting
  • Added minor graphic enhancement for the user interface
  • Revised for compatibility with WordPress 5.9

Version 2.38

  • Fixed an issue with some hosted WordPress installations not properly utilizing the visitor tracker code
  • Improved the performance of the visitor tracking routine for premium accounts
  • Updated Computer ID detection algorithms
  • Enhanced the notification timing for visitor email notifications
  • Updated bot spamming database to prevent excessive log usage by bots
  • Applied minor interface optimizations

Version 2.37

  • Enhanced visitor email alerts combo notifications
  • Improved GEO reporting speeds for large data blocks
  • Added new bots definitions for detecting and blocking
  • Corrected a minor issue with an undefined variable
  • Minor interface improvements

Version 2.36

  • New feature! Enhanced visitor email alerts
  • Added new sounds to instant visitor alerts
  • Implemented computer IDs exporting to a batch file
  • Enhanced Computer IDs tracking
  • Various interface improvements
  • Improved spam traffic filtering
  • Added new definitions to user agents and bots
  • Added new definitions to regional account settings
  • Implemented page and link tracker optimizations

Version 2.33

  • Improved the loading speed of the project summary report page
  • New feature: project order and grouping for My Projects report page
  • Implemented instant search for multi-projects summary report
  • Added last visitor IP and Country to the project summary report
  • Improved IP tracking engine performance for 20+ countries for premium accounts
  • Updated spam referrer filters
  • Added interface layout modifications
  • Fixed an issue with the navigation menu not responding in outdated browsers

Version 2.32

  • Reliability updates
  • Improvements for WordPress visitor tracker code performance
  • Updates for website and blog Geo location services
  • Various tracking engine improvements

Version 2.31

  • Provisional compatibility update # 0701200421
  • Improved console loading speeds
  • Improved GEO location algorithms for premiums subscriptions
  • Improved Computer ID resolution accuracy

Version 2.30

  • Revisional vulnerability update # 0522200758

Version 2.29

  • Addressed plugin vulnerability routines

Version 2.28

  • Updated GEO tracking engine
  • Improved visitor control redirect-to function
  • Updated definitions for BOTs filtering
  • Improved interface loading speed
  • Verified security and vulnerability routines

Version 2.27

  • Improved WP plugin interface responsiveness
  • Updated BOTS definition
  • Added new GEO location IP data
  • Added new GDPR compliance options
  • Various interface tweaks

Version 2.26

  • Improved the flow of the visitor tracker plugin setup
  • Added new features and shortcuts to the WordPress plugin menu
  • Added IPv4 & IPv6 status to the WordPress plugin menu
  • Updated referrer spam definitions
  • Upgraded all TraceMyIP servers to the latest hardware for increased performance
  • Upgraded hardware network interfaces to reduce the latency
  • Improved Visitor Tracker DNS resolution performance
  • Improved IP address resolution accuracy
  • Various user interface optimizations

Version 2.25

  • Implemented password visibility toggle for authorized user management
  • Added new [campaigns] drill down for visitor list
  • Fixed an issue where some campaign visitors had an incorrect data aggregation
  • Added new spam referrer definitions
  • Logic improvements to the visitor tracker engine
  • Minor interface adjustments for browser compatibility
  • Updated proxy detection algorithms
  • Updated WEB SPIDER definitions
  • Added TraceMyIP menu items for the WordPress admin panel
  • Minor bug correction over v2.24

Version 2.24

  • Implemented password visibility toggle for authorized user management
  • Added new [campaigns] drill down for visitor list
  • Fixed an issue where some campaign visitors had an incorrect data aggregation
  • Added new spam referrer definitions
  • Logic improvements to the visitor tracker engine
  • Minor interface adjustments for browser compatibility
  • Updated proxy detection algorithms
  • Updated WEB SPIDER definitions
  • Added TraceMyIP menu items for the WordPress admin panel

Version 2.23

  • Improved the precision of tracking for premium-level subscribers
  • Added new search engine definitions and improved SE detection
  • Improved spam referrer log filter algorithms
  • Corrected an issue with the deletion of some IP tracking tags
  • Implemented new methods of tracking changes in IP addresses
  • Updated bots and spam referrers definitions
  • Improved instant visitor Ip address redirect module

Version 2.22

  • Implemented exporting tagged IPs via address book
  • Updated proxy detection algorithms
  • Added new definitions for bots blocking filters
  • Improved bot detection and blocking
  • Updated referrer spam filters definitions
  • Improved GEO Tracking resolution for premium accounts
  • Fixed an intermittent issue with Visitor Redirect Control Tokens

Version 2.21

  • Improved WordPress plugin user interface
  • Updated BOT definitions
  • Improved speed of visitor tracker resolution

Version 2.20

  • Implemented a new set of EU GDPR compliance tools
  • Improved user interface graphical and responsiveness
  • Added new OS and browser configuration detection algorithms
  • Improved accuracy of visitor avatars data on GEO maps
  • Added ability to search the range of IP addresses by replacing the last digit of an IP with 0.
  • Corrected an issue with reports generated in Excel when some columns were not assigned values
  • Improved the RAW Log export layout for .CSV format

Version 2.19

  • PHP maintenance provisions
  • Updated BOT definitions
  • Improved layout/appearance in specific browsers

Version 2.18

  • Minor revisions
  • Cumulative GEO tracking engine update

Version 2.17

  • Resolved an issue with an interface that prevented timely page updates within the WordPress dashboard
  • Updated website visitor tracker IP spam referrer blocker list

Version 2.16

  • Improved accuracy of referrer keywords detection
  • Updated list of spam IPs for auto filtering
  • Fixed a bug that occasionally caused Page Tracker editing issues

Version 2.15

  • Improved visitor tracker loading speed
  • Optimized reverse DNS host queries performance
  • Improved TraceMyIP user interface loading times

Version 2.14

  • Provisional update to comply with WordPress version 4.7
  • Updated IP tracing engine
  • Improved account accessibility performance

Version 2.13

  • Updated visitor IP tracking engine
  • Improved analytics reports rendering speeds

Version 2.12

  • Interface facelift rev 9.11
  • Corrected issue with TraceMyIP not loading reports properly on SSL-enabled WordPress dashboards

Version 2.11

  • Minor reporting interface revisions

Version 2.10

  • Verified compatibility with the current WordPress version

Version .09

  • Verified compatibility with the current WordPress version
  • Updated spam referrer blacklist
  • Added new user agent detection definitions
  • Conformed to TraceMyIP v9.01

Version 2.08

  • Verified compatibility with the current WordPress version
  • Conformed to TraceMyIP v9.00

Version 2.07

  • Improved performance of Link & Page trackers for redirecting visitors based on a new set of rules.
  • Improved GEO targeting precision
  • Improved bots/spider detection and filtering
  • Conformed to TraceMyIP v8.98

Version 2.06

  • Minor interface markup editing

Version 2.05

  • Finalized 2.04 to stable

Version 2.04

  • Improved browser scaling in embedded reporting

Version 2.03

  • Fixed visitor tracker input field bug that affected older Apple Safari browsers

Version 2.02

  • Improved browser response time for downloading reports

Version 2.01

  • Added SSL auto code compilation
  • Improved precision of tracking devices that do not support JavaScript
  • Conformed to TraceMyIP v8.94

Version 1.00

  • Initial stable release.